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The future princess, 3 :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 16 2
Mature content
11: Kayra the finisher :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 13 23
Luna's revenge
Luna watched the humongous bicep of her armwrestling opponent in despair. She looked back at her own upper arm and thought: “Oh my God… my arm looks like a noodle compared to Fiona’s. I will never be able to beat her!” Luna’s eyes widened as Fiona’s bicep slowly grew even bigger. A girl’s bicep couldn’t be that big, couldn’t it?
Fiona smirked. “Oh, little lunatic… Did you really think I needed to strain to withstand your weak pushing against my hand?”
Luna hated it when they called her ‘lunatic’. The anger gave her new power and she pushed against Fiona’s hand with all the strength in her little body. Luna groaned, her head turned red and sweat streamed down her face.
Fiona wasn’t impressed in the least. She yawned. “I guess that is all you can do. I can hardly feel your pathetic efforts. Even if there were five of you and you would all together be pushing against my single hand, I wou
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 32 24
Tales from Mussel High: Liesbeth by ElsieGuen Tales from Mussel High: Liesbeth :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 215 35
Mature content
Roleplay :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 40 16
Mature content
10: Kayra the traveler :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 14 15
Mature content
The future princess, 2 :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 26 18
Mature content
9: Kayra the movie star :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 19 9
Not a little girl anymore
Nik was watching a female bodybuilding contest on television. He looked down at his own skinny body. “Damn, these women are all so much bigger than me; they are simply huge! Imagine what they can do to you with all those muscles,” he said to himself.
Then, his girlfriend Nelli burst through the door. She was angry, Nik could tell. He turned off the sound of the television. “What’s the matter, honey?”
Nelli rolled her brown eyes. “Argh! It’s my parents again!” He remembered she would visit them.
“They still think I’m their little girl.” She kicked her shoes in a corner and landed on the couch next to Nik. She put her feet in his lap and Nik started to massage them. He thought about making a joke, and tell her that with her 1.57 m, she wasn’t really a tall girl. He doubted she would think it funny, so he asked: “What happened?”
“The same as always: they tell me I’m too young to live with you,
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 104 37
Mature content
Join2Grow 1 (growth drive) :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 16 34
The happy few 1: A one-sided fight
It all started that morning when we sneaked into Fuland and ran into an incredibly strong and muscular girl half our age who trashed the seven of us single-handedly.
Of course, we shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. We all knew it was forbidden for us, Mannies. I didn’t want to go, but Dwayne, Jalesha and M’Peri insisted. And let’s face it: there isn’t much to do in Mannyland. That is, if you don’t like using Tranq, betting on dog fights or watching another ‘ball game.
It was the night before one of our few days off and Dwayne told us that one of his older brothers had found a hole in the wall around Fuland. ‘Us’ are Jalesha, M’Peri, Munny, Conchita, Doog and me, Amira. We are between 20 and 23 years old, and we have known each other for all of our lives, because we all live on the 253th floor of the Kennedy 6 Tower.
Early the next morning, Dwayne led us to the hole. I didn’t like it. It looked like the hole ha
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 24 24
Mature content
8: Kayra the one woman army :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 22 18
Moira Outmuscled by ElsieGuen Moira Outmuscled :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 238 49
Yulya in Amsterdam
Yulya woke up. She yawned and opened her green eyes. Her long hair was spread out on her pillow. For a moment, she didn’t know where she was. Then she remembered: she was in the Amsterdam for a couple of days.
She went to the bathroom and put on her make-up, paying special attention to her eyes, to make them look even bigger. She put on her favorite lipstick and checked her image in the mirror. Yulya had a beautiful face and she wanted to look perfect, every hour of the day. She put her hair into two pig tails, which made her look young and innocent.
After breakfast she went to a gym nearby for a workout. A lot of people stared at her when she entered the gym. Because Yulya was far from an ordinary girl. She was a Russian powerlifting champion, and years of hard training had resulted in a muscle-packed, powerful body. She liked calling herself ‘Muscle Barbie’.
She started her training with some light weights, warming up her legs and arms. After a while, she switched t
:iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 18 6
Mature content
The future princess, 1 :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 42 8
Mature content
7: Kayra the player :iconelsieguen:ElsieGuen 19 18


Commissions are OPEN!
Commissions are open!!
You can commission me through my website at…
Or simply e-mail me at about an interest, price quote, or inquiry.
I'd also like to remind you all that I'm open to doing more than the examples below. If you have an idea for a commission, and unsure where it would fall under the prices below, just ask, and I will work with you on the price.
Also, I've begun a podcast with a friend, and we're trying to release them weekly. Listen to the podcast here:
Commission Examples:
Head busts: $20
:iconphil-cho:phil-cho 14 19
Sketch commission prices by Jebriodo Sketch commission prices :iconjebriodo:Jebriodo 45 15 I am Back! by fabio018
Mature content
I am Back! :iconfabio018:fabio018 27 4
Commission information
Wen I agree to do the commission, send payment via PayPal to fybarra23[at]
B&W Half Body/ B&W Portrait: USD 7.00
Half-body black & white drawing of any character. Price is per subject.
Send me a note to request a comission, here on DA or on FA:
Wen I agree to do the commission, send payment via PayPal to fybarra23[at]
Half body color / Color Portrait Price: USD 17.00
Half-body color drawing of any character. Price is per subject.
B&W Full Body: USD 12.00
Full-body black & white drawing of any character.
Price is per subject.
:iconslugfestylus:Slugfestylus 1 12
Hulk Yoga 4 by arkbishop Hulk Yoga 4 :iconarkbishop:arkbishop 52 12
Commissions Temporarily Closed.
Hola Amigos!
Starting this next week and throughout April I will be concentrated on final projects and papers for college, so I'll close commissions for now and come back around May or June. To the people who already got a slot, I will finished your commissions as soon as I can.
Thank you all who commissioned me so far, I really appreciate it a lot :D 
1. billybob1244 - In-Progress
2. Private - Finished
3. Blacklight - Preview Stage
4. Private- Preview Stage
5. LustMonster - Preview Stage
6. Blahadon - Preview Stage
7. quantummechonis - Preview Stage
Welcome to my commission price list! Please make sure to read all the steps and rules if you're interested in one!

Bullet; Blue  INKED ONLY - USD 10.00 | 1250 POINTS Bullet; Blue 

:iconpandatarius:Pandatarius 1 8
Kara bear hugs Erin around a big tree! by zig567 Kara bear hugs Erin around a big tree! :iconzig567:zig567 60 19 COMMISSIONS OPEN by NeroScottKennedy COMMISSIONS OPEN :iconneroscottkennedy:NeroScottKennedy 24 0 commission thingy by cerebropodrido commission thingy :iconcerebropodrido:cerebropodrido 16 3 Inheritance - Fun (Alternate) by TrentHarlow
Mature content
Inheritance - Fun (Alternate) :icontrentharlow:TrentHarlow 29 6
Commissions Guidelines and Prices!
Hi to all, I know it's soon, but in order to continue doing things I need some dirty money in exchange, so if you like my work, here is a list:
Price list
Sketch (no background, 1 character)
15 USD for a drawing in 3/4 
17 USD full body drawing
Cleaned ink (no background, 1 character)
20 USD 3/4
22 USD full body
+20 USD for Full Color (More detail, Soft shading, more effects/lighting), optional plain color background.

General Extras
+5 USD for Flat Color or B/W
+10 USD for Simple Background
+20 USD for Character Design (If you only have written references) 
+10 USD each additional character
Special requests
Sequence (Up to 4 stages)/1 Page Comic (3-5 panels) (no background, 1 character, you need to tell me, really clear, what do you like to happen in every stage
:iconhkami:Hkami 7 2
Commissions Open by lufidelis Commissions Open :iconlufidelis:lufidelis 164 0 Commissions (updated) by NeroScottKennedy Commissions (updated) :iconneroscottkennedy:NeroScottKennedy 12 8
Commissions - Paiplez
40$ for a half body (head-thigh)
- Simple/No background discount 10$ 
- To add another character +15$
60$ for a full body
- Simple/No background discount 10$ 
- To add another character +25$
 Maximum 2 characters per a picture. No rush work. For best qualiy artwork, I would take about a week. Note me or PM Twitch - USD payment via Paypal only. Nowadays I don't take Chibi and NSFW for any character under age of 18.
To order and Process

- Note me what you want. [Also some references and character's mood] 
- Compose sketch, I will stock a few rough sketch and let you choose it. 
- Rough painting and editing what's wrong. If you not mind, You can pay me a up-front payment here.
- Full painting and retouching.
:iconpaiplez:Paiplez 2 2
Commision Info

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red]
  If you are interested to commision me 
you can send me :
 Note  a private message/note 
Email  an e-mail to :
Send me a note/E-mail titled "Deviantart Commission"
with info/details about your commission.
I'll reply as soon as possible.
[Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red][Bullet; Red]:bulletr
:iconmoonarc:Moonarc 20 5
Aki Kimuri was born the most astonishing human to ever exist, her potential IQ a staggering 500 points. She learned to read at six months, mastered a dozen languages by 9 months, and had read her family's entirely personal library by the time she was one year old. She'd finished all the local libraries by the time she was 3. At four she attended one day of public school before being passed up through all the grades in a week. Soon she was passing college courses in an afternoon, racking up every degree she thought might be useful.
At five years old she tampered with her own genome, ensuring her future majesty by setting her height to towering levels and completely removing any miostatin limits on her future muscle mass. She worked out hard, far harder than anyone else could, shattering records for her age group and soon for all time. The work paid off and at ten years old she shamed the entries to the world's stronman competitions by lifting more weight than they could hope to move up
:iconfemalefuture:FemaleFuture 29 8


Apr 30, 2017
8:43 pm
Apr 30, 2017
6:18 pm
Apr 30, 2017
6:09 pm
Apr 30, 2017
5:45 pm
Apr 30, 2017
5:41 pm

Which of my heroines do you like the best? 

12 deviants said Kayra (The many faces of Kayra)
10 deviants said Moira (My friend Moira)
10 deviants said Trisha (Trisha's high school muscle growth)
10 deviants said Hyper Girl
7 deviants said Yolena (The billionaire's wife)
7 deviants said Becca (Muscle mommy)
1 deviant said other (please specify in the comments)



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We had agreed on a dress code for the party: a prince or a princess outfit. But what should Krstl wear? We all agreed that the hoodie wasn’t princess-like. And that the chains were a little kinky. Krstl said that we couldn’t tell her what to do because she was a powerful princess, and lifted us into the air with one hand. Then Mel told her about the Dress Me App: Princess Edition. So I installed the app on my phone and gave it to Krstl. She liked it. She started tapping and swiping. Some minutes later, Josh joined us. He couldn’t stop laughing. Krstl had just sent the invitation to use that app to all of my contacts. Great.

She swiped through many outfits, and finally settled for something which came the closest to a ceremonial princess outfit in her own time. To me it looked like some kind of asymmetrical bikini, with a purple top and a green bottom. Mel took her measurements, and filled them in the app on my phone.

The next day, I got a call. “Good morning sir, I am Steph and I am calling on behalf of Dress Me App. Our computers have put a red flag at your order, so I would like to check it with you. Do you have a minute? That’s wonderful! Sir, we think that something may have gone wrong with the measurements. Upper arms: 43 inches. Thighs: 65 inches. Chest: 95 inches. These aren’t correct, aren’t they?”

“Oh no. These measurements are perfect. Thank you for calling!”

“Are you sure sir? You are aware that these princess costumes are made to measure and we don’t refund when your cloths don’t fit?”

“Yes, I am aware of that. Thank you.”

“I see. Well, thank you for your time sir. I am sure you’ll look wonderful in that outfit. Thank you for choosing Dress Me App, and have a nice day!”

The outfit arrived on the day of the party. Krstl tried it on and complained it was a little bit tight across her legs and chest.

“You haven’t grown in the past three days, haven’t you?” I joked. “But it is too late to order something else.”

“You look stunning!” Mel said when she arrived. She was right about that. The costume covered only a small part of Krstl, so there was enough to gape at.

Mel changed into her Snow White dress, which was a little tight around her shoulders, but it looked good on her. The two muscular princesses stood in front of me and asked me where my costume was. I told them it was in the army hangar already, but I had still a lot to do.

“Do you want us to help? I am sure that Krstl and I can lift some stuff for you,” Mel offered.

I accepted, but I made it clear that Krstl had to disappear as soon as the first guests showed up.

We arrived early and only Josh was present at the base. His uncle had just handed him the keys. The two of us waited outside for the stuff to arrive, while the two princesses waited inside and changed to their usual outfits. The beverages arrived, as well as the sound equipment, the crush barriers and the lockers.

When the trucks had disappeared out of sight, we told Mel and Krstl it was safe to come out. They looked at the large pile of stuff. “Wow, do we have to move all this? Didn’t they give us a transport cart or something?” Mel asked.

We all started laughing and I realized that she had only seen Krstl’s muscle size, and had never seen what those muscles were capable of.

I bowed for Krstl. “Please, princess. Would you be so kind to lend us a hand?” She blandly agreed and we told her where we wanted everything to go. Krstl carelessly picked up the wall of lockers and Mel’s mouth fell open as Krstl ran off at incredible speed.

“She is quite something, isn’t she?” I asked her.

“I never realized she was super strong,” she stammered.

I lifted two barriers and asked her to pick up the other sides. I knew it was completely useless, because Krstl could probably lift the whole array of crush barriers with one hand, but I wanted to be alone with Melanie for some moments.

“Do you like her?” she asked me, as we walked into the direction of the hangar.

I had to think for a minute. “Of course I do! But at the same time, she behaves very much like a princess; she is someone you can only admire from a distance. And that may be nice for some time, but I suppose it gets annoying after a while.” I stopped talking as Krstl passed us, carrying the whole pile of barriers above her head.

“Do you want me to carry those too? It seems to be a little heavy for you. I could carry the two of you as well, it’s almost no extra weight for me.” But we refused and she moved on.

When we arrived at the hangar, Krstl had passed us again, carrying all the pallets with beverages. “Do you want me to get the sound equipment, or do you want to do that?” she asked. But she didn’t wait for an answer and rushed back.

“Show off,” Mel muttered, as she ran her hand through her hair, giving me a good view at her thick triceps. I always liked it when she did that, but now I had seen a triceps that was many times bigger than Mel’s.

With Krstl’s help, we were ready in just over half an hour. Krstl and Mel hid again when the caterer arrived, and the decorator. Kev arrived, as well as the other boys from the frat committee. They were amazed how much work we had done already. I flexed my tiny bicep and grinned.

At eight, everything was ready, while we expected the first guest around nine. So we drank a beer and put on our costumes. Kev had dressed up like Cinderella, while the rest of us has opted for a tuxedo.

Josh and me went to the entrance. Even though the party was supposed to start at nine, and usually they showed up much later, there were some guys already waiting. I gave Josh a high five and we opened the gate. Josh sold the tickets, while I told everybody to leave their stuff, and especially their phones, in the lockers. “Sorry,” I had to say many times. “Security reasons. You’ll understand when the night is over.”

Some started arguing, some just did as I told them. Some told me they were excited. There had been some rumors we had invited a European princess, which of course, we hadn’t denied. It was striking that contrary to most of our parties, the guys really had taken time to dress up. There were lots of tuxedo’s and suits, but also more prince-like outfits and even some princess outfits. One was dressed entirely in purple.

At ten, we had sold more than 150 tickets and I estimated almost everybody had arrived already. So I asked Tony, from the frat committee, to take our place at the entrance. We urged him to let nobody enter with a phone.

I don’t remember everything about that night. Because of the alcohol, of course; because of the stress; and because of the things that happened the next morning. But others have told me it was a great party, with lots of drinking, good food and great music.

And there are some things that I do remember very well. Around midnight, Kev grabbed the microphone and asked the DJ to stop the music. “Hi everybody! It’s great to have you all here. All these fine young men… And we all know what we are, right?”

“Tell us, Cindy!” someone yelled.

Kev grinned, looking down at his Cinderella dress. “We are…” He waited until the whistling was over. “We are the strong sex. We are the next generation of this great country. The future captains of industry. The future athletes.” He winked at a big guy. Albert, our rising football star. He turned red as everybody looked at him. “We are the princes! The masters of the universe!” Everybody cheered.

“He’s good,” Josh said to me. I nodded.

“But…” Kev continued. “But I have some bad news for you.” He paused for a moment. “I am sorry to tell you this, but it won’t be long before our time is over. We will be replaced by another group. They are much smarter than we are. Better looking. Much stronger.”

“What?” “Who?” the audience shouted.

“You know who I am talking about. We all know. It are… the women!”

Kev just smiled and nodded while everybody shouted and booed. “I know. It is hard to accept, but one day, they will be superior to us in every way. Tonight, we will show you some of our future princesses, who will demonstrate to you what is going to happen. There is nothing we can do about it. So face it. Accept it. And most of all: enjoy it! Give it up for… Melanie DeWinter!” He left the stage and the lights went out. Trance music started and a spotlight aimed at the stage. It swept across the stage until it caught Snow White.

Mel walked up to front stage, waved and slowly removed her costume. It dropped to the ground. Underneath she was wearing nothing but a white posing bikini. She hit a double biceps pose, immediately making clear she was more muscular than most of the guys in the room. Most of the students knew Mel, because she had been my girlfriend for so long. But some didn’t, and they were amazed by the way she looked.

I was too, a little. She apparently had grown even bigger since we had broken up. She still stirred something inside me, even though I had seen much bigger muscles in the past days. While Mel put on her show, I turned around and headed for the bar and got me a double whiskey.

As I emptied my second glass, I could tell by the cheers of the audience that Mel had finished. “Thank you guys!” she yelled through the microphone. “I am glad you appreciated this. And if you thought that I look strong and muscular… Would you believe that I look tiny next to our main guest? No? You wouldn’t believe me, right? Well, you better start believing. Because after the break Krstl, the future princess, will be on stage. But first, get yourself a drink, you will need it! We will be back in half an hour.”

Everyone moved to the bar, but I went the other way. Mel was in a corner of the stage, toweling herself off. “Ian? Can you do my back please?”

I hesitated for a moment, but then I took the towel. She was still sweating from her routine. “What did you think?” she asked.

“You were great up there,” I lied, because I had only seen the first five seconds. “Everyone went wild for you.” I dried her back. I carefully patted the ridges between her back muscles dry. Even though there was the towel between her skin and mine, there was electricity between us. Seeing her back again, from so close… I moved the towel to her lower back, and hesitated. Would I go even lower, or…

“Sorry?” I asked, as I realized she had been asking me something.

“I wonder how they will react on Krstl. What do you think?”

I pulled myself away from her back to face her. “They will go crazy, probably. Most of them are already rather drunk anyway.” I felt a bit dizzy. I had to try hard to keep looking her in the eyes and not let my gaze go down to her broad shoulders, her striated pecs, her abs, her…

She giggled. Damn, I had done it anyway. “Do you like what you see, Ian? Even if I look like a little girl next to Krstl?” She put her hand on my arm. “Shall I put my costume back on, or do you want to look for some minutes more?”

I could only stammer.

“It is hard, right? Just looking, no touching? But you know…” She leaned over to me, her breasts almost touching me. I could smell her perfume, her sweat. She whispered in my ear: “I am not a princess. You can touch me, if you like. I know I like you to touch me!” She took my hand and guided it to her stomach. It was a familiar feeling: the hard muscles under her warm skin, which moved as she twisted her hips a little. I started to breath harder. She hummed in my ear. “Hmm. Do you like what you feel, Ian? Do you like feeling my big, hard muscles? Would you like to feel some more?” She moved my hand down a bit, and stopped. Up a bit.

I pulled back my hand, confused. “Stop it, Mel!” I turned around and stumbled away, and went to the bar for another drink. Or two.

I returned to the stage when everybody else gathered there. Mel took the microphone, dressed up as Snow White again. “Well guys, I hope you are all ready for our very special guest. All the way from 13225… Here is… the future princess… Krstl!” Mel left the stage and left it empty and dark for half a minute. The tension built up.

The first thing I saw where Krstl’s tattoos; they seemed to light up in the dark. And then, the spotlight found Krstl. She didn’t have to do anything, just her being there was enough to get astounded cries from the crowd. “What the fuck?” “Look at her!” “She is huge!” “She can’t be real!”

Then she started posing, and it was perfectly clear that she was very real after all, although some still believed we had put something in their drinks.

Krstl surpassed herself with her routine, a whirl of muscles of unbelievable proportions, supported by pumping music. I thought I had grown a bit used to her extreme size, and still she surprised me several times, as she flexed her muscles bigger than I had ever seen before. I looked around and I saw that all eyes were glued to Krstl’s super muscles, so I shuffled to the side and put my hand in my pants.

At the end of her routine, Mel joined Krstl. “Whoa, that was hot! I hope you all liked it as much as I did. And face it, guys: this is what women will look like in the future! They will be much more muscular than you and easily dominate you. So you better treat us good!”

Melanie rolled up her sleeve and flexed her bicep. Very slowly, Krstl did the same. There were astounded cries from the crowd. It was a hallucinating sight. Two muscular women, flexing their biceps. And still, they looked completely different. It wasn’t like the difference between a figure competitor and a female bodybuilder. The gap was much wider than that. And on Krstl, the huge muscles looked like they were meant to be there. It was as if we were looking at a different species. Homo musculus, or something like that.

Mel put her hand on Krstl’s humongous bicep and smiled. “You know, Krstl isn’t just extremely muscular. She is even stronger than she looks!”

Krstl picked up a coil of heavy rope and jumped off the stage. Everybody stepped aside as she passed. She unwound the coil, until she had just the end of the rope in her hands. She was standing somewhere halfway the hangar, and casually flexed her muscles once more. She was brimming with power.

“To show you her superiority, Krstl challenges you to a tug of war. It doesn’t matter how many of you will stand up to her; she will defeat you anyway! So, who wants to give it a try?”

I gasped. “Can she beat 150 young men? She can’t possibly be that strong!” I said to Josh, who had moved over to me.

“Impressive, isn’t she? But it won’t be 150,” he said, as he surveyed the scene. “There isn’t enough rope. And besides, some of them are already so drunk that they can hardly stand on their feet. And some are busy with other things.” He pointed at Kev, who had his arm around Albert, the football player.

“Oh. Okay. But still…”

Some guys rushed to the rope, others hesitated.

“Come on!” Mel teased. “You are all young and healthy and strong! How hard will it be for you fine young men to beat one woman?”

Others joined, until there was no more room at the rope. I made a quick estimation.

“60 against 1. This is insane!” I told Josh.


Mel counted down from 3 to 1 and everybody started pulling. I stared at Krstl. Her already huge arm muscles ballooned out further, making them incredibly big. She flexed her legs to keep her balance, and her thighs and calves exploded as well.

“Damn…” Josh whispered. “Has she always been this big?”

I didn’t answer, as the match had my full attention. Nobody seemed to move. There was some pulling here and there, but all legs stayed in the same place. I looked at Krstl. She had a little smile on her face and I wondered if she was even straining.

After a minute, one of the guys who wasn’t pulling the rope realized that it was a chaos at the boys’ side, so he started running along the line, shouting “Pull! Pull!” After a while, the whole line of boys was shouting with him, and pulling in unison.

Krstl’s smile had disappeared. She had a concentrated look on her face, and she was trembling a bit. Her arms and legs seemed to be even bigger from the exertion. She even had to make a few small steps forward, but then she held her ground. After a while, the shouting and pulling from the boys got weaker, and that was when Krstl got her chance. My mouth fell open as all her muscles grew even more. I heard ripping sounds, and her costume showed some tears. Then, she started walking backwards. Very slowly at first, but then some boys gave up and stepped out of the line, exhausted. As it became easier for her, Krstl could walk faster and faster, until she had reached the end of the hangar.

She dropped the rope and hit a most muscular pose. Her top ripped completely in half, so her upper body was just covered by her traditional chains. She didn’t even seem to notice, as she roared and turned her body from left to right, so everybody could see her insanely big muscles. “Listen, you weak, pathetic worms!” she growled. “You are no match for my superior muscles. I am so much stronger than you! Even if all of you had been pulling that rope, I would have defeated you. So get down on your knees for your princess! NOW!”

Some of the guys had passed out during Krstl’s display of strength, all the others hurried to obey her. Nobody moved but Krstl. She calmly strutted back to the stage, her head high, her half-naked breasts pushed forward, her muscles dancing underneath her skin as she walked. She had a proud look on her face. She had every right to be, because she was single-handedly dominating a group of more than 100 young men!

She stopped in front of me and started posing, while humming a Celine Dion song. I moaned and shivered. She gave me a knowing smile and continued her victory walk. Just before she jumped on stage, she took the end of the rope.

“You can get up now,” she said softly. Because everyone was quiet, we could hear her voice through the whole army hangar. We gathered around the stage, still a bit shaken by what had just happened, the ease with which she had overpowered us. Krstl asked Mel, Josh and me to help her. She spread out her legs and held her arms straight from her body. We had to wrap the rope around her, as tight as we could.

I had trouble concentrating on my task. Krstl was still sweating a bit, and the tiny drops on her bulging muscles made her look even more sexy. Her body mesmerized me.

“Ian!” Mel hissed. “Keep working!”

I looked down at my hands, which were just holding the rope. I continued wrapping it around her upper arm. I pulled as hard as I could, as I knew there was no way I could hurt Krstl. She smiled at me and looked completely relaxed.

When we were finished, Krstl looked a bit like a mummy, with the thick rope tight around her whole body. And somehow, it looked very exciting too. The three of us backed up and for some moments, Krstl just stood there.

“Do you think she has trouble breaking free?” I whispered.

Mel smirked. “Of course not! Watch!”

Krstl started to move. She brought up her forearms, very slowly. The rope became tight around her upper arms, which continued growing. First, the rope around her right arm gave in to Krstl’s unstoppable bicep and soon after that, the left one followed. The rope around her arms snapped and dropped to the ground. Then, she turned around and broadened her back. She wasn’t even halfway flaring out her lats when the rope gave in.

She flexed her thighs very quickly, and the ropes exploded away from her body, some pieces flying halfway the room.

“That was nothing,” she boasted. “Those little strings were no match for my super body!” So she went to pick up a crush barrier and showed us how easy it was for her to bend it around her body. I instantly came, and I don’t think I was the only one. She was bending steel like it was chewing gum!

After that display of strength, she looked a little bored. “Time to eat,” she declared, and marched over to one of the food stands. Everybody made room for her and that amazed me. I had often seen how some of these guys would deliberately stand in the way of a woman, so she would bump into them. But of course, they had seen this woman show off her strength and even though they were all more or less drunk, they knew they shouldn’t mess with her.

She swallowed huge amounts of food, not paying attention to everybody around her staring at her. When there was no food left, she went to one of the private rooms backstage. Mel followed her.

To everyone, it was clear that the best part of the party was over, so some started to leave. Others stayed to drink and talk about what they had just witnessed. Some argued that it was all a trick, but they were a minority.

The rest of the night has become a blur. I drank way too much, and I can only remember fragments.

At 4 in the morning, Josh and I carried the last guest outside. Josh babbled about looking for a powerful weapon. Because after all, we were at an army base.

We found Melanie and Krstl backstage, talking. Mel had done some makeshift repairs to Krstl’s top. We couldn’t find Kev. There was a message from him on my phone. And there were other messages, but I had trouble reading those, so I put away my phone.

I don’t know how we got to that other hangar or how long it took it to get there. But I do remember that it was closed with a heavy steel chain. Krstl tore it apart like taffy and pushed the big doors open.

The light didn’t work, but the sun was about to rise, so in the dim light through the open door we could see the silhouette of something big.

“Is that a tank?” Josh stammered. “Did we just find a tank?”

Krstl examined the machine. “So this is a very powerful weapon?”

Josh rambled something about “rust” and “obsolete” and “probably not working” and “not armed.”

I stumbled to a corner to throw up.

When I returned, feeling a little better, Krstl had disappeared. Suddenly, the tank moved.

“Is… Is she…”

Yes, she was doing that. She was lifting a fucking battle tank on her outstretched arms. I fell down and I think I came again. Or maybe I threw up. Or both.

The next thing I remember was crawling out of a car to throw up once more. I think I babbled about lifting a tank…

… Strong arms carried me upstairs and put me on a bed…

… I immediately woke up because someone was pushing me.

“Wake up, Ian!” Melanie said. “Something’s wrong!”

“What time is it?” I could only whisper. And opening my eyes caused a giant headache.

“Nine. IAN! WAKE UP! There is picture of Krstl on social media!”

That helped. I opened my eyes again and ignored the hammering in my head. I stumbled out of bed and almost lost my balance, but Mel’s muscular arm supported me. She sat me down at the kitchen table, poured me a huge cup of coffee and gave me some Advils. I looked at my phone and it almost immediately popped up: a picture of Krstl and Mel backstage, sitting next to each other. The picture wasn’t very sharp, but despite that, it was completely clear that Krstl was huge, much bigger than any other human.

I scanned through the reactions. Some said it was manipulated, but many boys acknowledged they were there, last night, that they had seen the enormous muscle woman, who was ridiculously strong.

I groaned and put my head in my hands. “Who did this? And what is going to happen now?”

“It was originally posted by Frank,” Mel said. At the same time, Krstl said: “Now they are going to find me.” I looked up. For the first time, she seemed to be worried.

“What? Who?” I asked. Then I got a call. Kev. “Hey Kev, what…”

“Where is Krstl?” I heard loud noise in the background. Explosions?

“She’s right next to me. Why…”

“Fuck! Then there’s another one here. She’s…” Another loud noise and I lost connection.

“Kev? Kev?” I tried to call him back, but the signal was dead.

Suddenly, my and Mel’s phone started beeping and buzzing. Josh came down the stairs, his phone in his hand, a bewildered look in his eyes. “It’s… It’s…” he stammered.

Mel and I quickly looked at our phones. I couldn’t believe what I saw. Several people had posted the same kind of movies. Huge objects were flying through the air. Smoke, fire and dust were everywhere. And in the middle of this inferno was another woman with huge muscles. Her hair was orange red, her outfit some kind of metallic blue. She calmly picked up two cars, one in each hand, and sent them flying through the air. Then she crouched down, sank her arms deep into the tarmac and ripped the whole street apart. “What the…?”

“Oh my God, she’s slaughtering them,” Mel whispered, who was looking at another video.

Krstl disconnected herself from her electric appliance and came over to us. She looked at our phones and turned pale. “Lx,” she stammered. And then she said some words we didn’t understand. But she quickly regained herself. “We have to go. Now!”

“But…” I said.

“I’ll get dressed,” Josh said.

“There’s no time!” Krstl shouted. She picked up the three of us and carried us outside. She tore off a door of Mel’s car and pushed as all inside. Josh and me on the back seat, Mel and herself in front. “Go!” she shouted.

Mel started the engine. “Go where?” She was almost panicking.

“Just get driving, we’ll figure it out,” Josh said. He tried to stay calm as he looked at his phone. “Ian. You cover the local news websites. We need all the information about the situation we can get.” He was quiet for some seconds. “Mel. Take us to the university district!”

“Faster!” Krstl shouted. Which didn’t really help.

“The university? Why?” Mel asked, as she floored the car.

“It’s hard to tell, but I think I recognized one of the buildings. And besides, Frank has a room there.”

“What has Frank got to do with this?”

I interrupted them: “You are right. Several websites have picked up the news. It seems to be happening near 42nd and Roosevelt.”

“Got it,” Mel said. She turned around a corner, unbothered by the traffic light. She skillfully evaded some other cars.

“Krstl? Do you know this woman?” I noticed she was trembling, something I had never seen her do before.

“Yes. It is Lx, the strongest of my time. She’s the one who killed my older sister. And now she is coming after me. She will not rest until she has destroyed me. She will ruin this whole city, if necessary.”

“Oh,” I whispered, as I watched a live stream from a helicopter and my heart grew cold. “She has already destroyed quite an area.” I also saw several bodies, lying on the ground. “Fuck!”

Josh said: “Okay. This is what we got: Frank posted that pic while he was at home. And about the same time this woman appeared, close to his place. So she must have tracked down the time and place when and where the pic was posted, and transported herself then and there.”

Despite my headache, I thought of something: “Josh? Where does Albert live? Near Frank’s place?”

He had to think for a minute. “I think so. Why?”

I told them about the phone call I got from Kev. “So he is probably very near to that woman.”

“Faster!” Krstl shouted once more, as she punched her fist through the dashboard.

“I can’t!” Mel yelled. She squeezed the wheel with all her strength, her arm muscles clearly standing out.

I looked back at my phone. “The police has arrived, but they don’t stand a chance against her.”

Krstl snorted. “Of course not. They need a powerful weapon to stop her.”

The traffic was getting heavy. “It looks like everybody wants to get out of there,” Josh said.

“Who’d blame them?” I said. “We are just four idiots who are going in.”

Two minutes later, we got stuck. In front of us, several cars had collided and blocked the whole road. Behind them, it was chaos. Hundreds of cars, mostly left behind by their owners.

Krstl pushed the other door out of the car and got out. We followed her, hiding behind her broad back. It looked like she was wading through a field of grass, instead of through a traffic chaos. She put her hands on cars and shoved them aside like they were child’s toys, her arms bulging. When there were too many cars in her way, she would sink her hands deep into the metal, lift the cars off the ground as if they weighed nothing and toss them away. Despite the severe situation, I found myself growing very excited. I loved it when she unleashed her power! But in the distance, I could see more cars and other large objects flying through the air. It once again showed we could be in serious danger very soon.

Some minutes later, we encountered a group of policemen. They immediately started shooting at Krstl. It only resulted in some tattered clothes. The three of us were behind her, and she caught all the bullets for us.

“Stop!” Mel yelled. “She’s on our side!”

The shooting ceased, and Mel peaked around Krstl’s back. “It’s okay. We are here to help.”

As Melanie was talking to the police, Krstl just walked on into the direction of the other future princess, pushing away a car wreck. Josh poked me, and pulled Mel away.

“What?” I asked.

“A friend of mine is living up there.” He pointed at an apartment building, a bit further away. “On the tenth floor. We’ll have a good view over there.”

We hurried to the building, while we kept checking the live streams on our phones. I saw Krstl jump over a barricade. She probably shouted, because Lx, the other woman, turned around. For a second, no one moved. Then, they both turned into flashes. It was hard to see what was happening, as they were moving incredibly fast. Car wrecks were flying through the air, were deflected, just like slabs of concrete. Trees were uprooted and used as giant swords. But the two muscle women used too much force, because the trees snapped like twigs after the first blows.

Josh got us in and we took the elevator to the top floor. He had already called his friend, so we could rush into his apartment and look at the titanic fight below with our own eyes. Josh’ friend had turned on the television. He gave us a pair of binoculars and we took turns. But the speed of the muscle women made it hard to follow them.

A few times, we were able to see them. At those occasions, they had wrapped their arms around each other, pulling and squeezing with their giant muscles. One time, Krstl managed to lift Lx overhead and toss her into a building. The building, which had suffered a lot from their fight, collapsed. Debris rained down on Krstl, who was panting heavily. Sweat streamed down her body, washing away the dust a bit. She looked incredibly sexy. This is what she was born to do: to take part in an epic fight against an opponent with matching strength. Lx rose out of the debris, and their fight continued.

“I thought she had told us that the other woman was stronger,” Josh said, while he kept looking through the binoculars.

Mel switched between TV screen, her phone and the fight below us. “I don’t see much difference,” she agreed.

Then, we saw Krstl fall down. Lx lifted a car high above her head and smashed it down on her opponent. Mel cried, and I had to take off my eyes off the screen.

“Oh no!” Josh moaned and I looked back at the television. Lx had grabbed a van and used it to hammer down on the car. After half a minute, she tossed away what was left of the van and flexed her biceps in a triumphant pose. I watched her enormous muscles with a combination of awe and grief. Mel wrapped her arms around me. We both cried.

“What the…?”

We looked up. While Lx was stomping around and showing off her giant muscles, the ruined car moved. Two hands appeared, which ripped the car in half. We all cheered as Krstl stood up, half naked, but seemingly unharmed. But she looked very, very angry. She kicked Lx with her foot and sent her flying across the whole block. She ran after her opponent and slammed a tree down on her.

It didn’t seem to stop Lx and both women became flashes again. We noticed they were moving into the direction of our apartment building. “Do we have to go?” I asked.

Josh looked down through the binoculars. “Too late. They are much faster than we are. We can only hope that they will not harm this building.”

That didn’t reassure me at all. Then, I saw something move in the distance. I took the binoculars from Josh. “Hey!”

I ignored him and focused the binoculars. “Wow,” I whispered. “Powerful weapons!” The army was moving in. I saw at least four tanks. Three army helicopters hovered above those. Because of the chaos, the tanks didn’t move very fast. At the same time, they weren’t careful. I saw them crush several cars and lamp posts.

I told the others what I saw. “They’ll be here in about five minutes,” I estimated.

“Krstl won’t be able to withstand those,” Mel said. “She has to get out of here!”

But how? Approaching them was way too dangerous. “Where have they gone?” I asked.

On the TV we could see that they were approaching our building. I leaned over the balcony to see them, but the view on television was much better, so I went back inside. Lx punched Krstl and she crushed into the building. We could feel it shaking. Krstl ripped a wall out of the building and tossed it at Lx. But the other princess simply shattered it with one powerful punch. I looked out of the window. The tanks were much closer now. One of them fired, and the grenade impacted several hundred meters away from us.

“Fuck! Are they shooting at our building? We are trapped in here!” Josh’ friend shouted. But maybe they had realized their mistake, because no more rounds were fired after that. Still, the tanks and choppers kept closing in.

I watched the TV. Lx and Krstl were still fighting near our building. “How will this end?” I asked to nobody in particular. Krstl was in danger, but so were we. The tanks were very close now, about three hundred meters away.

Krstl noticed a bunch of electricity cables in the crater that was made by the tank grenade. She dodged a punch and ran towards the cables. She yanked at them and they broke, sending a shower of electric sparks around. She wrapped her arm around the bundle. Lx charged for Krstl and Krstl aimed the ends of the cables towards Lx.

“They are going to run them over!” Mel yelled. One of the tanks was approaching them at high speed.

Then there was a bright flash and the cameras temporarily blacked out. When they were showing images again, the two future princesses were gone.


All this happened five months ago.

The first month after that, the four of us were kept in isolation and interrogated for hours at a time. By all the agencies you can name, and several more which officially don’t even exist. After that month, they loosened up a bit and we had sessions together. They showed us all the images and videos they had collected, much more than you could ever imagine. They wanted us to explain every detail of everything that had happened in those eleven days with Krstl.

During all these months, we were kept away from internet and television, so I started pumping iron. There was nothing else for me to do, so I made rapid gains, which stimulated me to work even harder.

After three months, we were free to go, and we tried to go back to our normal lives. That is hard at times. Things are different. Mel and me are back together, and it feels familiar at times, but it is also weird. Of course, she is still more muscular and stronger than me, which is great. Although I tell her I will catch up some day, but she only laughs. We both love it when I caress her big muscles and tell her how great she is. But of course, we are both aware that we keeping thinking about Krstl’s much bigger muscles.

And we keep talking about Krstl. Often, Kev and Josh join us. Of course, we follow all the speculations about what exactly has happened. We laugh about the conspiracy theories, because the four of us know that Krstl was real. Is real. Will be real. Whatever.

One thing we hadn’t realized when she was with us, was that she had become much stronger during those few days in our time. She had told us she had come here to find a weapon to defeat Lx, because Lx was much stronger. But during their fight, they were well matched.

Was it the food? The air? The sun? The electricity? Or something completely different? It is something we discuss over and over, without ever finding an answer.

But the most interesting are our discussions about time travel paradoxes. Many people have pointed out that it doesn’t make sense: Lx arrived at the exact place and time where and when the first social media update about Krstl was posted. But if they could track that in the year 13225, then they must have known how it all would end. If they had sent Lx a couple of days earlier, she would have been able to easily kill Krstl.

So the big question is: what was Krstl doing here? Was she really looking for a weapon, or was she on a secret mission? And if so, did she succeed? We tend to believe she did.

Because during our month in isolation, Kev overheard a discussion. One agent told another that our house contained the DNA of six different persons: that’s me, Josh, Kev and Mel, of course. And traces of Leo. But there was also DNA from an unknown person. And the strange thing was, that the unknown DNA had striking similarities with the DNA of two other persons in that house…

So, for what it is worth: Mel and me have promised ourselves to stay together. To work hard to get the most muscular bodies possible. And to stimulate our sons and daughters – especially our daughters! – to become even stronger and more muscular. Because we have seen what the result could be, one day.
The future princess, 3
The third (and final) part of the story about Ian and Krstl. Krstl is an incredibly strong and muscular princess from the year 13225, who has travelled back to our time to find a weapon. Here are the other parts: The future princess, 1
The highway was dark and deserted and I was feeling gloomy. That weekend I had visited my parents with several bits of bad news. I was falling behind in my business studies and I was seriously considering changing to another course, maybe even at another college. Also, Melanie and I had broken up.
Of course, my parents weren’t happy with both issues. My mother showed her compassion with our break-up, but my father was annoyed because Mel is the oldest daughter of Tim DeWinter, the richest man in our town. I have always suspected my father of being a little bit of a snob. He threatened to stop paying my expenses.
With the music playing softly, I let my mind wander about Melanie, my study course and the fraternity theme party I had promised to organize. There were only ten days left, everybody had been invited, but I still had no idea what to do with it.
I saw a flash in the distance ahead of me. I didn’t remember weather forecasts about thunderstorms, but I slowed down a bit
   The future princess, 2
The next day, I had to get more groceries. It seemed that Krstl could eat endless amounts of food. She had completely emptied the fridge and told me to get more. “Bring me ten bags of those smoked ham crisps!”
When I came home I found her in my room, flipping through some magazines she had found under my bed.
“Hey! You can’t just walk into my room!”
“I can do whatever I want,” she arrogantly replied. “Like this.” She lifted my bed with one hand. “Maybe you should lock your door next time, than I can have some fun reducing it to splinters.” She put the bed back on the floor, upside down.
I tried to snatch the magazines from her hand, but she lifted me into the air with one arm, sat down on the bed and leafed through a magazine with her other hand. “Why do you hide these girls under your bed? Do you like girls with few clothes on?”
I clawed at her arm. “Those are the most muscular female bodybuilders in t

I am happy this series is finished too. Two more to go!

Illustration by :iconatariboy2600: You can find the original illustration here:  Krstl - Crowdfunded Pic No2. by Atariboy2600

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Fifteen minutes later, Josh returns and enters the car. “Well?” Kayra asks. “What did you find out?”

“I couldn’t get in,” Josh tells her. “It looks like a fortress. No windows, just a thick metal door with a doorbell. No sign of HumEnh whatsoever. When I rang, two guards came out. They were huge! I am sure they were enhanced, their muscles were very big. I told them I wanted to go inside and talk about some enhancements. They said I needed to give them 25,000 dollars cash as a deposit. They would return it to me when I left.

And then they looked at each other and laughed, as they could tell I didn’t have so much money. They went back inside and locked the door.”

“So they have enhanced muscles. Bigger than mine?”

“Of course not. You are the biggest.” He caresses her upper arm.

“Good. Do you think they are super strong?”

“I don’t think so. It doesn’t make sense to enhance someone with super strength and then give him such a simple job.”

“You may be right. I am going to find out,” Kayra says. “You and Rose stay here. Don’t follow me, whatever may happen.”

“Okay,” Josh says. “Be careful!”

But Kayra isn’t careful at all. She just marches towards the thick door. She hesitates for a moment, as she considers walking straight through the door. But then she rings the bell. The two men come out, and they are huge indeed. They have broad chests and thick muscles. Both are at least 7 feet tall, so they are towering over Kayra. She is not in the least impressed by their physiques. She knows her muscles are bigger and much stronger.

“Let me in!” she demands. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

The two men look down at her and laugh.

Kayra walks past them, pulls back her fist and slams her arm deep into the steel door. The men immediately stop laughing. She pulls her arm back out and flexes her bicep. The men swallow hard as they watch her giant muscle.

She puts her hands on the sides of the hole she has just created and spreads her arms apart, splitting the door in two with a very loud noise.

She turns around to the two men, who are shaking. “As you can see, this is child’s play to me. You are no match for me,” Kayra tells them. “I’ll give you a choice: either you go away from here, and I will leave you alone. Or…” She reaches behind her and grabs a handful of metal. She squeezes it in her fist, as easy as if it is foam. “… you try to stop me and I will wrap this metal door around your puny bodies.”

One of the men turns around and runs away. The other hesitates for a moment, but as he looks at the glowing hot metal that is dripping from Kayra’s hand, he also leaves.

Satisfied, Kayra turns to the door once more. She makes the opening wider and steps through it. She finds out the opening isn’t wide enough for her shoulders, but she simply pushes forward, making the opening broader.

Inside, it looks like an expensive jewelry shop. Scattered across the floor, there are numerous displays with small boxes and bottles. On the walls are posters with stylish pictures of enhanced men and women. Kayra examines several of the displays, but there is no explanation.

“Can I help you?” a sensual voice asks.

Kayra quickly turns around. Next to her stands a woman who has clearly been enhanced. She is tall, her beautiful face is perfect, her hair is long. Her curves are ultra-feminine: she has huge breasts, at least an E cup, a tiny waist, and broad hips.

“Oh,” she says. “You are Kayra, aren’t you?”

“Yes. How do you know?”

“We’ve met. I am Imana. About three or four years ago, I think. Don’t you remember? We were at a grand party because one of the HumEnh founders retired.”

“I am sorry, but HumEnh did something with my brain, so I don’t remember much.”

“Really? Poor girl!” Imana puts her perfectly manicured hand on Kayra’s muscle-packed arm. “I remember it very well. You showed us that you were much stronger than a tank, and you had sex with us, all night long.” She licks her lips. “It was the best night of my life!”

Kayra sighs. “I really don’t remember. Sorry.”

“I know that some of us said that you didn’t look happy. If I was super strong and muscular like you, I’d be happy to show off anytime! But you seemed to be indifferent to everything you did. Still, many of us informed afterwards if we could get your enhancements too. We were told that your super strength was some kind of accident, that they didn’t know how to reproduce it. They were experimenting, and as soon as they had the formula, they would let us know. But as I said: that was four years ago…”

“Interesting,” says Kayra. “But I’m no longer indifferent. I love my strength and my big muscles, and I enjoy sex very much!”

“Really?” Imana sighs. Lust is in her eyes. She steps forward and presses her breasts against Kayra’s chest. “Can you please…”

Kayra looks down at their touching breasts. Imana’s are compressed much more. She gives Imana a little smile. “I’d love to, but I am here to gather information. I have to know where I can find the HumEnh headquarters. This here looks just like a show room. Or are there offices below or above?”

“This is all,” says Imana. “But I have the information you want. I will give it to you if you give me a show. Like you did at that party.”

“I’d love to! Is there anything heavy in here? Something that would be heavy for you, I mean. I don’t expect there’s anything that can really challenge my super muscles.”

Imana smiles. “I love it when you talk like that!” She thinks for a minute. “Yes, of course! There’s the vault in which we keep the real stuff. The pills and powders and tinctures. Those come out only if the customer has enough cash to pay us. It’s over there.” She leads Kayra to a big steel cube in the middle of the room. It is about six feet wide and deep, and eight feet high. It looks incredibly heavy.

“Perfect!” Kayra says. Slowly, she takes off her clothes. “I don’t want these to get ruined.”

Imana stares at Kayra as she reveals her powerful body. Her muscles ripple as she moves.

“Are you ready?” Kayra moves to the front of the vault.

“Y-yes!” Imana pushes her body against Kayra’s. Her big breasts press against Kayra’s back. She puts one hand on Kayra’s upper arm, her other hand on her shoulder. “You are so big!” she exclaims.

Kayra smiles and reaches out her hands. “I can’t reach both sides of the vault. But of course, that is no problem for me!” She takes a step to the right and grabs the side of the vault with one hand. She takes a step back, her hand still on the side and the thick metal crumples up like it is tin foil.

“You are a super woman!” Imana whispers. “It is so great to feel your muscles at work while you are doing things that are completely impossible for me.”

“Metal means nothing to me,” Kayra tells her, while she reaches out with her left hand to grab the other side of the vault. “My fingers can deform metal with complete ease.” Her fingers sink deep into the thick steel as she proves her point. She moves her hands towards each other, making the metal buckle.

Imana rubs her breasts and crotch against Kayra’s hard body. “Seeing you use your strength is so exciting!” she breaths, as she kisses Kayra’s muscled back.

“This was nothing. Watch this!” Kayra pushes her chest forward and then takes a step back to show Imana the round indentations she has made in the metal.

The smaller girl almost passes out as she sees this demonstration of Kayra’s immense strength. “Oh my God!” she says. “Did you do that with your super tits? Doesn’t that hurt?”

Kayra laughs. “On the contrary. I can hardly feel the resistance of that flimsy metal!” She wraps her arms around the vault and lifts it. The bottom of the vault is connected to the floor with thick metal beams, but the muscle woman doesn’t even notice the extra resistance. She lifts the vault high above her head and then balances it on one hand. She slowly flexes her free arm and her bicep turns into a huge ball of power.

Imana stares at her. “Wow… You… Please Kayra! Fuck me with your super body! Watching you do all these things makes me so hot!”

“Sure! I’ll be with you in a sec.” Kayra quickly removes her hand and the vault crashes down on her with a horrible sound.

“KAYRA!” Imana yells. She is almost in tears.

But then, the metal moves and two hands appear. The hands tear the metal apart as if it is cotton candy and Kayra steps out, completely unharmed. Pills and bottles spill out around her. “That was fun!” she says. “And now… we will have more fun!” She lifts Imana into the air with one hand and uses her strong tongue to lick the smaller girl’s body. Imana screams with delight and wraps her long legs around Kayra. She squeezes her legs together with all her strength, but Kayra doesn’t even notice, and this excites Imana even more. Her whole body shudders for several minutes as she experiences the best feeling she ever had in her life.

It takes Imana some time to recover. Kayra crouches down next to her. “Okay. That was my part of the deal. Now it’s your turn: where can I find the HumEnh headquarters?”

Imana sits up. She is still panting heavily. After a minute she quiets down and recovers herself. “I am not supposed to know, but one of the engineers gave me his navigation system one day to have it updated. I browsed through the destinations and that is how I found out. It’s somewhere up in the mountains, about 300 miles from here, in a completely deserted area. I’ll give you the coordinates.” She slowly stands up. “Give me one more minute to recover…”

Then, Kayra hears a sound behind her. She quickly spins around, ready to jump into action. A little head disappears behind the ruined vault. In a fraction of a second, Kayra has crossed the distance. Again, she lifts the vault, to discover the two persons that were hiding behind it. “Rose? Josh??”

“Hi. We were worried because you were gone for so long, so we decided to come and have a look…” Josh turns red.

Kayra becomes angry. “I told you to keep away! Everything is under control!”

“Is it? Well, then we are safe here, aren’t we? No reason to be upset.”

Kayra gives him a furious look and squeezes the vault between her hands, applying unbelievable pressure. The metal oozes out like tooth paste. Rose looks at her with wide eyes, and Kayra calms down a bit.

“Yes, okay.” She takes a deep breath. “Maybe you are right. But what if HumEnh had captured me? You wouldn’t stand a chance against them! And you brought Rose with you!”

Josh looks at his feet. “Yeah, well…”

Imana returns, with a piece of paper in her hand. She hesitates and looks from Kayra to Josh and Rose, and back to Kayra. “Here are the coordinates. Everything okay here?”

Kayra drops the vault and takes the paper from Imana. “Yes. Yes, everything is fine now. Thank you!” She breathes out strongly, making Josh’ hair flutter. “Okay. Now you all will have to leave, because I am going to annihilate this place.” She gives Josh a sharp look. “I am serious. Make sure you are at least two blocks away. I don’t want you to get wounded.”

Josh raises his hands. “Okay Kayra. We will do as you tell us. I am sorry, I didn’t… I was just worried about you.”

“It’s okay. But you have to go now. Can you please take this paper and my clothes with you?” She looks at Imana. “You have to go too. I am sorry, I hope you can find a new job. I think that HumEnh will be out of business very soon.”

“No problem. I am sorry for what they have done to you. And please visit me when you are here!”

Kayra smiles at her. “I will.”

The three leave. Kayra waits a couple of minutes and then she turns to the vault. With her hands she creates a hole into the metal structure, big enough for herself to fit in. Then she lies down in the hole and covers herself with more metal. She reaches down and starts stimulating herself. Very soon, the temperature starts rising. The metal melts around her, but all she feels is a comfortable warmth. There is nothing left from the vault but a pool of boiling hot metal when she reaches her climax. She doesn’t hold back and screams on top of her lungs, while her hips smash down on the ground. The building can’t withstand her and completely collapses.

Her body keeps spasming for several minutes, sending huge blocks of concrete into the air. She grabs bricks and metal beams and pulverizes and mangles those against her body as her climax continues.

Finally, the naked super woman stands up and pushes away the debris. She hears sirens in the distances and quickly runs to the parking lot where Josh and Rose are waiting for her. They drive to a motel where Kayra showers and puts on her clothes.

They leave early the next morning. Josh has tried to find out more about the place they are going to, but he can’t find even a snippet of information. It is just like it doesn’t exist.

When they have driven 250 miles, Kayra says: “Maybe I should get out of the car and run the remaining distance? I have no idea how dangerous it will be for the two of you.”

But Josh says: “Oh no! You are not going there by yourself!”

“Me and Josh will protect you,” says a little voice from the back seat.

Kayra turns around and smiles at Rose. She sighs. “That’s sweet. Okay, let’s go together. But sometimes I wish you had just a fraction of my strength, that would make me feel better.”

They are silent the next hour, as they are driving into the mountains and the landscape becomes more and more desolate. Finally, they arrive at a gate in a high fence which appears to surround a mountain. They get out of the car.

“It looks like some kind of natural fortress,” Josh says.

Kayra shrugs. “Nothing there can withstand my strength.”

Josh glances at her. “I think you are right, but you better be careful. Something seems to be wrong here. Why is there nobody to guard this gate? I don’t even see any cameras.”

“Maybe this place is so deserted that no strangers ever come here? We haven’t seen any other traffic during the last 100 miles.”

“Yes, but still… Be careful Kayra. It might be a trap.”

“There are no traps that can stop me.” She looks at Josh. “You wait here. No matter what happens: don’t follow me! Josh? Do you hear me?”

“Yes Kayra,” Josh mumbles.

Kayra turns around, flexes her leg muscles and easily jumps over the fence. She disappears in a flash. She runs over the road very fast, while looking out for enemies at the same time. The road stops at the mountain side. There is a huge gate, that seems to be carved out of the rocks. It is big enough for a large truck, and it is closed. Kayra jumps up very high. She examines the mountain at the sides of the road. She cannot find any other openings, the gate seems to be the only access to the HumEnh headquarters.

The super muscular girl hesitates for a moment. Then, she marches towards the gate. She moans a little as her breasts touch the rock. She spreads out her arms to the sides and walks straight through the solid rock. It cannot stop her, even though the gate is very thick. When she comes out on the other side, she looks over her shoulder. She smiles, because she has left a hole in the shape of her perfect figure: broad shoulders, narrow waist, wide hips, big arms and legs.

Then, she looks around her. In the light that is coming from the high ceiling, she can see several parked cars and trucks, but she doesn’t see any people. “Hello?” she shouts, but the only thing she hears are the echoes of her own voice. She walks down the road and it narrows down to a corridor. On both sides are doors. Those are locked, so she simply yanks the doors off their hinges. It are offices, all empty.

“Where is everybody?” she asks herself. Because the place doesn’t look deserted. It is as if the HumEnh employees can show up every minute.

She continues searching, finding some laboratories and warehouses besides the office rooms. But still, no people. She smashes holes in the walls and the floors, but finds nothing but solid rock.

Kayra doesn’t know how long she has been wandering around. “Haven’t I been here before?” she thinks. She turns around as she hears a sound behind her, but no one is there.

She finds a staircase and goes down, but on the lower level there are just more deserted hallways.

When she has been walking around for a long time without meeting anybody, she grows frustrated. She passes a steel door and grabs the metal with her hands. She pulls the door against her body, deforming the metal like it is clay. “If there is nobody here, I might as well tear this whole place down!” she shouts. She is twisting the steel between her hands when a door opens, further down the corridor.

A woman peaks around the corner and looks at Kayra’s feat of strength. “Very impressive, Kayra. Won’t you come over here, so we can talk?”

Kayra enters the room and examines it, the ball of steel still in her hands. The room looks like a room in a hospital, with a bed and medical equipment. The woman is in the middle of the room. She is between 40 and 50, and she looks strong, with broad shoulders and muscular arms and legs. She isn’t as muscular as Kayra, but has the looks of a lightweight female bodybuilder.

“Yes,” she says. “I’ve been enhanced too. Part of the job. I’m Sarah, head of security of HumEnh. I’m even stronger than I look like, but my strength is nothing compared to yours, so you don’t have to worry.” She carelessly reaches out with one hand and lifts the heavy hospital bed.

“What do you want from me? Where is everybody?” asks Kayra.

But Sarah doesn’t answer her questions. She puts the bed down again. “Do you know that this is a very special room? It is the room where you were born. The room where your mother spent many months of her pregnancy.”

“What happened to her? Where is she now?”

Again, Sarah doesn’t answer the questions. She just continues her story. “She was the daughter of a celebrity. Beautiful. Rich. Just turned 18. She wanted to become very strong and muscular, so her father turned to us. We gave her our premium muscle enhancement treatment. It should have given her really big muscles, like those of a female bodybuilder.

But when she came back for a check-up two weeks later, she looked just the same. So our doctors gave her a double dose.

Another two weeks later, her father called to tell us that he had found out she was pregnant. He was furious, but she didn’t want to tell her who the father was. We immediately brought her here for a thorough investigation. She still didn’t look muscular at all. Our medical staff found out that she was just five weeks pregnant. And that the embryo had absorbed the three doses of muscle enhancement tincture.

We didn’t know what to do. Something like that had never happened before. We don’t work with children, and unborn children are totally off-limits.

We decided to keep her here. Which was unusual, because if customers come here, they always leave the same day. So we had this room adapted for a longer stay. Everything seemed to be going well. Our regular tests showed that both the mother and the child were healthy. Maybe too healthy.

In the eleventh week of gestation, the fetus was about two inches tall. We found that it was probably just as strong as the mother. So there was a serious danger that the child would rip up the mother from within at some time. We proposed abortion, but her father was a very religious man. Abortion was completely out of the question, even though we had made the dangers perfectly clear.

We gave the mother heavy tranquillizers, which kept her in an artificial coma for the rest of her pregnancy. At the moment that was possible, we got the child out by a C-section. But there were complications, and we couldn’t save the mother.”

Kayra sucks in her breath. “I killed her!” Tears are running over her face. She reduces the metal ball in her hand to a glowing pool of steel on the ground.

Sarah looks at her. “That’s not how you should look at it. You were an innocent child. You couldn’t help it.”

While Kayra sobs, Sarah continues her story: “So you had no mother and we didn’t know your father. Your grandfather was completely at a loss after the death of his daughter and didn’t want any contact with you. So you stayed here. Besides, it would have been very dangerous to let the a super strong baby grow up in the world outside. Even when you were just born, you could already bend thick metal poles. You could have killed others by accident.

We had found that because of the tranquillizers, you were very calm and obedient. We thought it to be the safest to keep you that way, so we continued giving you those. After a while, we developed something more effective, so you only had to take a pill twice a day.

“My medicine,” Kayra whispers.

“Yes. So you grew up here. We trained you, made you even more muscular and incredibly powerful. Until you were eighteen, when we sent you out into the world, together with one of our best representatives. So we could recover your costs.

All went well until we lost contact with mister Lorezzi and you, a couple of weeks ago. We couldn’t track you down. We were a bit worried, but we were sure that you would show up again sooner or later.” She smiles at Kayra. “And here you are!”

Sarah takes a little box out of her pocket and presses a button. She talks into a small microphone on her shirt. “Okay. She is back under our control. […] Yes.”

She looks at Kayra again. “Welcome back, Kayra! We had of course taken our precautions in case something like this would happen. Don’t worry. We’ll start again with your medicine and very soon everything will be just like it used to be.”

“Yes Sarah,” Kayra says in a toneless voice.

“First, we…” Sarah stops talking, to listen to the small device in her ear. “Understood. Let me handle it.”

“Well, Kayra,” she says. “It seems there is an unexpected visitor here. He is right outside this room, in the corridor.” She points with her finger. “Get him!”

Kayra immediately bursts through the wall, sending big pieces of rock everywhere. She returns a second later, holding Josh by his neck. He is dangling from her outstretched arm and struggling to break free, but that is useless. “Kayra,” he manages to say. “It’s me, Josh. Let me go!”

“Well done Kayra,” says Sarah. She turns to Josh. “She won’t listen to you. She is under my command now.”

“Can you see me?” Josh asks.

Sarah looks puzzled. “Of course I can. Why do you ask?”

Josh ignores her. “Kayra! It’s me! Let me go!”

Kayra blinks, but she keeps holding Josh. “Yes. Josh. I know you. Sarah told me to get you. I won’t let you go. You can’t resist me, you are too weak. My muscles are very big and strong.”

“Are there more?” Sarah asks.

Josh doesn’t answer. “There is a little girl,” Kayra replies. She frowns. “I told them to wait outside the fence.”

“Right,” says Sarah. “We’ll bother about the girl later. First we have to get rid of this one. He knows too much.”

“What?” shouts Josh. “No! Let me go! Please Kayra, you can’t do that!”

“We have invested half a billion in Kayra,” says Sarah in a cold voice. “But you… you are nothing.” She doesn’t pay attention to Josh’ cries. “Toss him through that wall,” she commands.

Kayra hesitates for a moment, the look in her eyes changes a bit. But then, she bends her arm and launches Josh with high speed. He hits the wall with enormous force, creating a hole. His limp body collapses on the ground, covered by pieces of rock.

“Well done,” Sarah says. “It’s good to see that you are still in excellent shape.”

Kayra looks away from the lifeless body. “Yes Sarah,” she says. “I am super strong. I love being strong. No one is stronger than I am.”

Then, there is a sound above them. They look up, and see that the ceiling caves in. A small fist appears and a moment later something small falls down. As soon as it touches the ground, it jumps up and clings to Sarah’s hand. The woman cries out as her hand is crushed with the small device in it. She faints.

Kayra blinks. “Rose?” she stammers. And indeed, it is the little girl. But she looks different. Her small body is now covered with big muscles. Her upper arms have torn the sleeves.

“Kayra!” Rose yells. She wraps her arms around Kayra’s legs and lifts her in the air. “Look! I am super strong now! And I’ve saved you!”

“Careful! You are hurting my legs!”

Rose puts Kayra down again. “I saw that the bad woman was telling you what to do with that box in her hand, so I stopped her. It was easy. I crushed the bad box with my hands.”

“What? How? Wait. Where is Josh?”

Rose giggles. “We can’t see him. He is invisible!”

“Rose! What are you talking about? Wait… No!” Kayra turns to the hole in the wall. “JOSH!” She drops to her knees. “Oh no! I killed him!” She starts pounding on the floor, shaking the whole room.

Rose runs over to her brother’s body. She quickly removes the bigger and smaller pieces of rock that are covering him. Some pieces explode in her hand. She carries his body back to Kayra. “I can see him,” Rose says. “And he has no blood.”

Kayra’s tears drop on Josh’ lifeless body. “Josh… But… but I tossed him through the wall. I didn’t want to, but that woman made me do it. There should be nothing left of him! What happened?”

Josh opens his eyes. “Hey, Kayra… What happened?” he says slowly.

“You’re alive!” Kayra shouts. Her tears keep falling. “How is that possible?”

Josh sits up straight. “I remember. I took those pills, and I thought I would become invisible!”


“Yes. We took pills from that safe you ruined in the HumEnh shop. The bottle said “INV” and some numbers. I guessed it would make me invisible.”

“But what…”

“Josh! Look! I am Super Rose!” They turn their heads and see that Rose is lifting the hospital bed above her head with one head. Her muscles are bulging. “This bed is very heavy, but it is very easy for me to lift it!”

Josh can just stare at her for a minute. Rose smiles at him and flexes her free arm, showing a bicep that is much bigger than his. Her smile grows even bigger. “And I have super muscles, too!”

“What… What happened to you?”

“You were away so long, so I took some pills too. And then I grew big muscles and I could break the fence, so I knew I was super strong! I walked into the mountain and then I saw Kayra below me and I rescued her from the bad woman.”

“Didn’t I tell you to stay there?” Kayra says.

“I have big muscles too now, so you can’t tell me what to do!” Rose says.

Josh hardly manages to hide his smile.

“I still don’t get it,” says Kayra. “I used all my strength to throw you through that wall. The wall broke, but you don’t have a scratch. How is that possible? Are you invulnerable?”

“Invulnerable! That’s it! INV doesn’t mean ‘invisible’, it means ‘invulnerable’!”

They turn around as Sarah moans behind them. She is sitting back up, holding her crushed hand. “You shouldn’t take all those pills at random,” she says. “We don’t know what the effect will be. Especially not on children, we have never tested them on subjects under 18.”

“Whatever,” Kayra says in a cold voice. “Tell your people to get out of here. You have fifteen minutes and then we will start destroying this place.”

“Y-Yes.” She talks in her microphone for a minute. “The evacuation has started.”

“Good,” says Josh. “Now go. And don’t ever bother us again, because if you do, we will hunt you down and we will not be as nice as we are now. Got it?”

“Yes,” says Sarah.

“You have fifteen minutes.”

The woman runs away.

“Maybe I should go outside too,” says Josh.

“You can stay, if you want. After all, you can’t be hurt.”

“I know, but my strength hasn’t increased. So if a big rock falls on me, I won’t be hurt, no. But I won’t be able to get away either.”

“Just stay with us, we’ll make sure nothing happens to you.”

“Thanks, but I think I’d rather be safe than sorry. Take care of Rose, will you?”

Kayra smiles. “I will. But I’m sure she’ll be alright!” She looks at the small girl, who is now folding the bed in half. Josh leaves.

After a while, Rose has reduced the bed to a tiny ball of metal in her hands. She is giggling the whole time.

“Is there a clock somewhere? I don’t know if the fifteen minutes are over,” Kayra says. “I’d like to start, but not if anyone is still around here.”

Rose turns her head. “They are all in their cars now, and driving on the road.” She moves her head a little to the left. “And Josh is waiting near our car.”

“What?” Kayra stares at the little girl.

“Can’t you see?”

“Do you mean you can? Can you see through rock?”

Rose beams. “Yes!”

“X-ray vision,” Kayra mumbles. “Okay, let’s tear down this place! We are going to have lots of fun!”

“Yes!!” Rose yells.

They run straight through walls and jump through ceilings, creating numerous holes in the complex. Kayra is amazed to see how easy it is for Rose to break solid rock. Kayra sinks her arms deep into the rock and pulls a boulder out. When Rose tries to do the same, the rock disintegrates as soon as she touches it. “Either you have to get used to your increased strength, or you are a lot stronger than me,” Kayra says.

Rose’s eyes widen. “Do you really think I am stronger than you?” She flexes a bicep, and stares at the huge muscle.

“You could be,” says Kayra, and she hands the boulder to Rose. “Try tossing this to the moon.”

Rose balances the boulder on one hand. It is much bigger than her, but it looks like she is holding a big beach ball. “I can hardly feel it!” she says. She quickly moves her hand up and the boulder flies through the ceiling with enormous speed. Smaller pieces of rock come falling down, but the two super girls don’t notice.

Kayra looks up through the hole and sees that the rock has passed through several floors, to finally fly up into the sky. “Wow, you have become very strong indeed!” The little muscle girl giggles.

Kayra walks into the wall. To her, it feels like she is walking through water; the solid rock offers her some resistance, but not much. She walks in a circle with a diameter of about fifteen feet. When she steps back into the room, she immediately goes back into the tunnel she has just created with her super strong body. She presses her body against the rock, her arms outstretched. Then, she starts pushing. Slowly, the huge rock is moving forward, as Kayra uses her incredible strength. Some moments later, the rock is in the room. Kayra smiles at Rose. “Can you lift this rock? Maybe it is too heavy for you.”

She is a bit astounded when Rose picks it up with one hand. “This weighs just a little bit more than the other rock you gave me. What do you want me to do with it?”

“Toss it through the mountain, but watch out for Josh!”

“Okay!” There is a very loud noise, the ceiling is completely ruined and big pieces of rock rain down. “It has landed in a forest,” Rose says, a minute later.

Kayra stares at her. “H-How far from here?”

Rose shrugs her shoulders. “Dunno. What shall I toss now?”

Kayra thinks for a moment. “Maybe you can toss me?”

Rose balances Kayra on her hand and then throws her through a wall.

“Aaah!” Kayra yells, as she passes through several rooms, before she is embedded in many feet of solid rock.

In a flash, Rose is standing next to her. “Are you hurt?”

Kayra laughs. “No, it was big fun! Now it’s my turn!” She picks up Rose and throws her away with all her strength.

They take turns for the next minutes, creating lots of holes. Some rooms completely collapse. Kayra has the idea that Rose is throwing her further away than she can throw Rose. She also has the impression that Rose is not using all her strength. “How strong has this little girl become?” she asks herself.

After a while, they have destroyed a big part of the HumEnh headquarters. They are standing in the middle of piles of rubble.

Kayra picks up a big piece of rock and sinks her arms deep into it. “Take my legs and spin me around real fast,” she says to Rose. “And then walk around as fast as you can. We will crush this whole floor!”

Rose obeys, and she becomes a blur. They act like some kind of human wrecking ball, but much more powerful than a normal one. Kayra is spinning around incredibly fast, demolishing many walls. The ceiling first caves in and then collapses, as it is not supported anymore. This cannot stop Rose. She keeps on spinning, until Kayra has to tell her to stop because she is becoming a bit dizzy.

“Nothing left here for us to crush,” Kayra says. “Do you where Josh is at?”

Rose spins around and then points. “He’s over there.”

“You are so amazing!” Kayra says. They smash their way out of the debris and soon stand next to Josh.

“Wow,” he says. “The ground was shaking all the time, and I could see the whole mountain move. You did a great job there!”

“It was fun!” says Rose. “I threw big rocks. And crushed them between my hands!”

“She is probably stronger than I am,” says Rose.

“Really?” Josh stares at his little sister. Then he looks back up at Kayra. “You know, I have been thinking. I have become invulnerable, so that means I can withstand extreme heat too, don’t you think?”

“I suppose so,” Kayra says. “Why do you ask?”

“Well… You know… I could never come near you when… when you were pleasuring yourself. Because you became too hot. But I think I can handle that now.”

Kayra’s eyes lit up. “You are right! That’s awesome! You want to try?”

“Of course! Rose, can you stay here for a minute? There are some nice big rocks here you can play with.”

“Where are you going?”

Kayra and Josh look at each other for a moment. Then Kayra says: “We want to try something. You just stay here and watch what is going to happen to that mountain!”

Kayra creates a tunnel, Josh follows her. When they are deep in the mountain, Kayra makes room for them. Then, she removes the remains of her clothes and lies down on the rocky ground. She beckons Josh.

“Oh my God,” he says. “Your muscles are so sexy!” He kneels down between her legs and caresses her huge thighs. Kayra moans. “I love it when you worship my body!”

Josh moves his hand up, to her abs, her breasts, her shoulders. She flexes her biceps and smiles at him. He moans too.

“Do it!” Kayra breathes. He slides inside of her and starts moving. He is apparently too slow for Kayra, as she grabs his sides and starts pumping him, faster and faster. “Oh yes!” she groans. As her excitement is rising, so does the temperature. The rock beneath her becomes glowing hot and starts to boil. The other walls of their improvised room are turning red hot. Super hot liquid is streaming down. As this liquid touches Kayra’s body, it vaporizes.

Kayra is moving Josh so fast that he is a blur. She is shouting so loud that pieces of rock fall down. The temperature rises even further, melting everything in an ever wider area around them. Then she reaches a climax she has never experienced before. She is hotter than a nuclear power plant and everything around them instantly vaporizes. They are in the center of a huge explosion, which tears the complete mountain apart.

Kayra keeps making uncontrolled movements, tossing huge slabs of rock in all directions. It takes more than ten minutes before she calms down a bit.

“Wow,” stammers Josh. “That was… rough!”

“It was unbelievable,” says Kayra. “Do you want to do it again?”

“Now?? I may be invulnerable, but I don’t know if I would survive that. Another time, okay?”

Kayra kisses him. After a while, they feel a low rumbling. The rocks move apart and the daylight streams in. They can see Rose, who is lifting impossibly big rocks, one in each hand. She tosses them away like tennis balls and picks up other rocks.

“The whole mountain exploded so I came to help you get out. I love lifting rocks!” She continues throwing the huge rocks over the mountains, and Josh and Kayra quickly go to the car to put on their clothes. Kayra scoops Josh up in her arms and in two big jumps takes him to the top of the ruined mountain.

They watch the small figure of Rose playing with rocks much bigger than her, and the completely destroyed HumEnh headquarters. In several places, the mountain is still smoking or burning.

Josh turns to Kayra and tries to wrap his arm around her shoulder, and fails. So he leans against her powerful body “What’s next? I have the feeling we can do anything we want.”

Kayra smiles at him. “I think you are right, Josh. The world is ours now. No one can stop us!”
11: Kayra the finisher
The final chapter of this series about Kayra. It ends one of my oldest stories, one of my very first attempts to write in English. My oldest version is dated July 2013 and contained the first four chapters, so I must have started thinking about Kayra more than four years ago! Which means we have come a long way, Kayra and me (and Josh, and Rose). But now, after 11 chapters and more than 32,000 words, the time has come to say goodbye.
Even though the stories in this series never got many faves, I have found that quite a lot of my readers have come to like Kayra. So maybe you will be a little bit sad, just like me Waaaah! 

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Luna watched the humongous bicep of her armwrestling opponent in despair. She looked back at her own upper arm and thought: “Oh my God… my arm looks like a noodle compared to Fiona’s. I will never be able to beat her!” Luna’s eyes widened as Fiona’s bicep slowly grew even bigger. A girl’s bicep couldn’t be that big, couldn’t it?

Fiona smirked. “Oh, little lunatic… Did you really think I needed to strain to withstand your weak pushing against my hand?”

Luna hated it when they called her ‘lunatic’. The anger gave her new power and she pushed against Fiona’s hand with all the strength in her little body. Luna groaned, her head turned red and sweat streamed down her face.

Fiona wasn’t impressed in the least. She yawned. “I guess that is all you can do. I can hardly feel your pathetic efforts. Even if there were five of you and you would all together be pushing against my single hand, I would still be able to beat you… But luckily for us, there’s just one of you.” Fiona grinned and casually pushed her hand down, and there was nothing Luna could do to stop her. She might as well try to stop a train with her bare hands.

Fiona stood up, towering over Luna, and hit a double biceps pose that made some of the people around them gasp. “You are no match for me, little loony. My muscles are so much bigger than yours, it is no comparison,” Fiona boasted, as she looked down at the younger girl in disdain. “Well. You know what to do,” she demanded, as she triumphantly turned her upper body around, and smiled at the sight of her own bulging biceps.

Luna sighed and dropped to her knees, which gave her a good view of Fiona’s tree trunk legs. “Oh mighty and strong Fiona, I…”

“You forgot ‘powerful’,” Fiona said, merciless. Some people around them snorted.

Luna took a deep breath. “Oh mighty, strong and powerful Fiona, I acknowledge your superior strength and therefore I will hand you all my lunch money this week.”

“Well done, lunatic, well done,” Fiona purred. “It is good to know that all my long hours in the gym are paying off. And... I’ll give you a new chance next week. Who knows? Maybe you will beat me next time…” She put her bare foot on Luna’s flat chest and pushed, making the smaller girl fall on her back. “… but probably not!” Luna just laid there, completely defeated and humiliated, as she heard them laugh and saw their legs move into the direction of the school parking lot.

After a while, she stood back up and dusted off her dress. She slowly moved to the doors and sighed. Four more days until it was weekend. Four more days she had to endure all this. Well, at least she had survived this day.

But this Monday wasn’t over yet. When Luna was on her bicycle and heading for the street, suddenly a car stopped just a few centimeters in front of her.

Trevor got out of his car, as always carrying his baseball bat. “Hey! Watch out, loony! You almost damaged my car!”

Luna had learned the best way to get through this, was to remain silent, do nothing to provoke them. The others from Fiona’s gang stepped out of their cars too and they surrounded her.

“It’s going to be full moon tonight, so our little lunatic here is probably distracted by that,” someone said.

“Does she turn into a monster tonight?”

“Well, she cannot possibly become any uglier!” They all laughed. Luna kept her head down.

“She is a danger to herself and others on that silly bike.”

“Maybe I should carry her home.” Fiona stepped forward and grabbed the bike by its frame. With a little grunt, she lifted it into the air, with Luna still on it. Fiona’s muscles were bulging. Luna held on to the handlebars with all her strength and closed her eyes, scared to fall down.

“Oh my God, Fiona. You are so strong! I wish I had your strength and muscles!” one of the other girls exclaimed.

“I know. Everybody does!” Fiona smiled and pumped Luna and her bike a few times. She even held it into the air with just one outstretched arm for some moments, while she flexed her other arm, to demonstrate her awesome strength even more. Then, she used both hands to put Luna back down on the ground.

“We need to make this world a safer place,” Trevor said as he swung his bat around, a crazy look in his eyes.

BANG! The bat missed Luna’s face by a few centimeters, while it slammed her front tire, which immediately exploded. The hub dented and several spokes bent. Luna jumped back, dropping her bike. “Are you crazy?” she yelled, forgetting her intention to remain quiet.

“Oh no,” Trevor said slowly, with a grin. “I am not the lunatic here.” His bat landed a couple more times on her bicycle, turning it into a heap of mangled metal.

Then, Fiona’s SUV pulled up and drove over the remains of the bike. She drove back and forth several times, until there was not much left of Luna’s bicycle.

All the others got into their cars too, and drove away, still laughing. Slowly, the crowd that had gathered around them, scattered, leaving just Luna and her bicycle. She considered carrying the remains to her home, but found it was too heavy for her. Which didn’t matter, because it was clearly beyond repair. She just left it there, wiped the tears from her face and started her long walk home.

She was surprised to see Fiona’s SUV waiting on the street. Fiona motioned with her muscular arm. Luna quickened her pace, but when she had almost reached the car, Fiona pulled up and stopped some hundred meters away, laughing. Again, she waved with her hand. This time, Luna didn’t react. So after a while, Fiona drove off, shouting: “See you, loony! We’ll have more fun tomorrow!”

It was a five kilometers’ walk to her house. Luna was on the same train of thought she had been numerous times before. Why did they pick on her? What had she done to deserve this?

She knew when it all started: two years ago. Luna had admired Fiona from a distance for quite some time. Fiona was two years older. She was the mayor’s daughter and she was beautiful, popular, tall, busty, and most of all: very muscular. In other words: Fiona was everything that Luna wasn’t.

Probably, everything would have been fine if Luna had kept her invisibility. If she hadn’t made a fool of herself.

One day, she had decided to start working out too, hoping to one day be as strong as Fiona. So she entered the school’s gym. She wore her usual dress and stared at Fiona as the muscular girl did alternating bicep curls, dressed in just a sports bra and a bikini bottom. The exercise made her arm muscles swell. When Fiona moved on to the next exercise, Luna picked up one of the dumbbells that Fiona had used. She immediately dropped it, as it was much heavier than she had expected. It missed her foot by just a centimeter and landed on the floor with a loud bang.

As she struggled to lift the weight with both her hands, to put it back on the rack, she heard someone say: “Let me help you with that.” Luna turned red when she saw Fiona standing next to her. She picked up the weight with one hand and lifted it effortlessly. Fiona saw her stare and shrugged her broad shoulders. “Well, these muscles aren’t just for show, you know?” She looked at Luna. “What’s your name?”

Luna mumbled her name.

“What? Loony?” Fiona laughed. “What a weird name.” She took a step back and observed the smaller girl. “Well, it kind of fits you. But what are you doing here? Are you waiting for your big sister? You look you are 10 or 11 or something.”

“No, I am in this school. I am 14,” Luna squeaked, and ran off.

It had gotten worse from that day on. Fiona and her friends had made fun of her name, inventing all kinds of supposedly funny variations.

Not for the first time, Luna cursed her parents, who had given her the name she had come to hate. She sighed, as she kicked against a pebble that happened to be lying on the sidewalk. Of course she knew why they had called her Luna.

Her parents were both space scientists, specialized in the moon. So they had called their only daughter after the celestial body they loved the most. Which was kind of sweet, of course. And maybe she should be happy they didn’t study Pluto.

She tried running for a while but she had to stop after 50 meters because she was out of breath.

When she finally arrived home, more than an hour later, the house was empty. As usual. Her parents worked long days. There were days Luna didn’t see them at all. So she was quite sure that she had the house for herself for the next couple of hours. “Good,” she whispered.

She sneaked into her parents’ study and opened the showcase with the moonstone. She wasn’t allowed to, of course, but the moonstone had attracted her since she was very young. She took it out and held it in her hands. As always, touching the stone immediately made her feel better. She took it upstairs, to her bedroom. She curled up on her bed and fell asleep, still holding the stone.

When she woke up, it had turned dark. She got out of bed and walked over to her window. It was a bright night, the full moon rising in the east. With the moonstone still in her hands, she looked at the moon and forgot all her sorrows. For the first time that day, she was completely relaxed.

Then, suddenly, there was a bright flash that shone right into her eyes. Instinctively she covered her eyes with her hands. The moonstone fell to the floor and broke.

“Oh no!” Luna dropped to her knees and picked up the two halves. Was this one of those days that everything went wrong? How was she going to explain this to her parents?

She found that the good feeling that the stone had always given her was gone. At the same time, she felt some kind of magnetic feeling. She put the two moonstones on her bed and closed her eyes. The strange feeling pulled her towards her cupboard. When she reached underneath, she could feel something small lying on the ground. She picked it up and examined it. What was that? It wasn’t something that had been in her room before. Had it come out of the moonstone?

She held it close to her eyes. It resembled a small sculpture, about two centimeters high. It looked like some primitive female figure, with two bulges on the front. She didn’t know why, but her index finger moved towards those bulges and touched them.

She had the feeling the room was spinning around her, and several things happened at the same time. She felt a kind of spark in her head. She also heard some kind of voice say a word in her head. Even though it wasn’t exactly a voice, and it wasn’t exactly a word; but she was almost sure it meant something like ‘finally!’ And the temperature of her body rose quickly, as if she was on fire.

Luna screamed in pain as she had the feeling that her body was melting. But that only lasted for half a second. After that, she experienced the best feeling she had ever had in her life. It was as if a thick, warm liquid spread through her whole body.

But there was something strange with her body. She could feel the liquid spreading to places where she never had a body before. At the same time, she didn’t have the idea that the liquid was pouring out of her body. So there was probably more of her; she was taking up more room now. And it felt like the liquid kept on moving to occupy even more room. It moved into all directions. In front of her, behind her, to her sides, above her.

She felt a bit dizzy and she blinked. When she opened her eyes, she didn’t know what she saw, but her brain quickly adjusted.

“Holy fuck!” She saw her room, but she saw it in extreme detail, like she could see every atom around her. At the same time, she also saw herself, like she had a 360-degree awareness that allowed her to see from all perspectives at the same time. It was hard to describe and at the same time it felt completely natural to her, as if this was how vision had always been meant to be.

What she really was amazed about, was what she looked like now. She wasn’t a short, average girl with drab hair anymore. Oh no. Not at all! Luna’s face was angelic now, with full lips, high cheekbones and big, blue eyes which seemed to radiate inner light, adorned with long eyelashes. Her hair was longer than before, thick and shiny. Her body had changed completely. She was taller, at least twenty centimeters. And she was very, very muscular. She could see big bulges everywhere. She brought up her arm and a huge ball of muscle popped up on her upper arm.

“Whoa!” She somehow felt the small arm inside. Her new arm was easily three times bigger. Quickly, the feeling changed until her arm felt comfortable. She looked down. Even though she had grown several sizes, she still fitted into her dress, as if it had adapted to her new body. She raised the rim of her dress to examine her legs. They had become just as full as her arms. She twisted her legs a bit, enjoying the sight of the big muscles dancing beneath her silky skin. She ran her hands over her thighs.

“I feel so strong, like I could lift a mountain!” Instinctively she knew she could without breaking a sweat. She also knew there were many other, great things she could do now. She was thrilled. “Let’s find out what I can do with this wonderful new body!”

She opened her window and jumped out, clearing the far hillside in one leap, laughing as she touched down with her left leg and pushed off clearing the upper atmosphere without coming back down. She wasn’t very much surprised that she could fly.

“Weehee!” She rocketed through the sky, whole continents passing beneath her in a flash. At the same time, she could see every detail, every grain of sand on the ground. And without any bit of concentration, she was counting the atomic particles along an entire beach.

After a while, she landed on a sea, near an iceberg. The water was cold, but she didn’t notice it on the bottom of her bare feet. She dove beneath the surface and lifted the whole iceberg out of the water with one hand, a broad smile on her face. The object was towering hundreds of meters above her, but it felt lighter than a cotton ball.

She flexed her free arm and watched it expand to cartoonish proportions. The ridiculous size made her laugh, while at the same time she enjoyed the feeling of the immense power it contained. Then, she made it grow even more. The pile of muscle shot up, drilling through the ice like it was made of suds. When it was more than halfway into the iceberg, she confidently let go with her other hand and giggled. She was supporting an iceberg with her huge bicep!

Luna quickly increased her body temperature. The inside of the iceberg immediately vaporized. As the steam had no place to go, the iceberg exploded. Bigger and smaller pieces of ice, tons in total mass, rained down on her harmlessly.

She dove again, until she had almost reached the bottom, two kilometers below. She cooled down her body and the water around her immediately turned into ice. Within seconds, she had created an iceberg which was five times bigger than the one she had just destroyed. It floated to the surface with her still in it.

She teleported herself outside and dove down once more. She swam thousands of kilometers under water in just a second. It was pitch dark, but she could still see as if it was a bright day. She saw a huge ship on the bottom of the sea. She remembered it from the movie she had seen numerous times.

She lifted it, but found that it had weakened after a century under water. She couldn’t lift it in one piece. So she made her body grow, until she was big enough to scoop the whole ship up in one hand. She took a few big steps and carefully put it down on the shore of Greenland. Luna shrunk back to her more human size. She felt excited after all those things she had done.

“Is there nothing that I can’t do?” she wondered, as she looked up at the full moon. She jumped up, cratering the coast of Greenland and closed the distance to the moon in a single leap. She carefully scanned every square centimeter of the surface, as she quickly turned loops around it. She repeated it while she also looked under the surface. She didn’t find anything.

She landed on the surface of the moon to think. She was pretty sure that she had transformed because of the small artifact that had been hidden in the moonstone. It had probably been waiting for her on the surface of the moon for eons. How high were the chances that this particular moonstone was picked up to be brought to the earth? And that she would discover the power within?

Virtually zero. Which meant that there was a Purpose here. The artifact was destined to end up in her hands and transform her into... a god? Was that was she was? She had the impression that all the incredible things she had done in the past minutes were just child’s play compared to the things she would be capable of if she unleashed the full potential of her powers.

She pondered the idea for a moment, walking by the moon landing, her steps quaking the entire hemisphere. “Oops!” she giggled. She picked up a random rock and crushed it into a moon diamond before flicking it to shatter a comet far outside of the solar system. A comet that she knew would otherwise have crashed into the earth, 17,919 years later.

“Maybe I should go somewhere else to experiment with my powers,” she said to herself. “I don’t want to extinguish the sun by accident.” Experimentally, she turned her eyes toward the sky. She laughed as she instantly scanned millions of systems, finding the universe teeming with life of all sizes to the molecular level.

In a fraction of a second, she had found what she was looking for: an uninhabited solar system, more than 2 million light years from the sun. In a flash, she transported herself to one of the barren planets that circled that faraway star.

She placed her hand on the surface of the planet and gently pushed, cracking the surface and sending the planet drifting through space.

“Wow! Such power!” She flexed proudly, her muscles ballooning to unreal size. Luna pinched the fingers of one hand together and extinguished a random star thousands of light years away, while simultaneously spinning a nearby gas giant faster and faster just by twirling a finger of her other hand. She giggled as she found it was ridiculously easy for her to do so.

She jumped into space and lifted a red giant with her bare hands. She made her muscles grow until they dwarfed the star. “There is nothing that I cannot do!” she boasted. She strongly exhaled, sending a complete spiral galaxy into a black hole. It took her just a drop of energy, infinitely small compared to the ocean of power within her.

“Okay,” she said to no one in particular. “I got it. I have the powers of a god, and I have to use them. But if you don’t mind, I would like to change a few things.” She floated up into the sky.

“First: my dress.” It turned into a moon white superhero costume. It was basically a swimsuit which left her impressive arms and legs bare, as well as most of her wide back. She added a cap which covered the upper half of her head, including her eyes. She thought about a cape for a moment. No cape, she decided.

“Second: more muscles. I want to be much more muscular than anyone else.” Immediately, her muscles doubled in size.

“And third…” Her breasts inflated, until they looked like two large, perfectly round globes. She looked down into her deep cleavage with satisfaction. “Just what I always wanted!” When she looked at her body from all angles, she found herself to be a little unbalanced. So she made her buttocks grow too. She added some crescents to her costume around her breasts and buttocks to emphasize her fantastic curves. “Perfect,” she said. “Just perfect. That is what I am.”

She flashed back to her own solar system and stopped somewhere halfway the moon and the earth. She turned around. “Now it is time to leave my signature, to show those powerless worms that I have arrived. I’ll make sure that it will not go unnoticed.”

Immeasurably powerful beams of energy shot from her eyes, carving a valley into the surface of the moon. It was several kilometers wide and just as deep. She was still a bit amazed about the power her new body contained. She knew for sure that it would be just as easy for her to cut the whole moon in two with just her eyes.

She quickly moved her eyes, writing a perfect “L” on the whole visible side of the moon. She smiled when she looked at her creation, and she smiled even more when she heard the astounded reactions from the earth, a few seconds later. “Their tiny minds just can’t comprehend my greatness,” she said.

“This is how it is, Luna,” she told herself. “You are incredibly strong now, and that little planet is incredibly weak compared to you. So you have to be careful!” She thought about this for a millisecond and she nodded.

She flew back to the planet and started running very fast. She grinned as she remembered herself growing tired, just a few hours earlier. So much had changed since then! “I love my new body!” she yelled. “Let’s see how far I can take this!”

Luna accelerated and discovered that was just as easy for her. So she kept increasing her speed until she was running laps around the planet at light speed. It still didn’t feel very difficult, so she varied a bit. One lap she would run on water, another lap she would run on the bottom of the ocean, the third lap she leaped across the Himalaya, the next one straight through the mountains of the Himalaya. Nothing could slow her down a bit.

Two minutes later, after a thousand laps, she stopped. She wasn’t tired. She wasn’t sweating. She was perfect as always.

Luna looked around. She was in a country where a war had been raging for many years, where many parties thought against each other and many cities had been destroyed.

She reached out with her mind and contacted every screen in the world. On every television, computer and telephone she overruled the software and broadcasted an image of her breathtaking body.

“Hello,” she said in a warm and pleasant voice. She made sure that everybody could understand her in their own language. “I am Luna. I guess you have seen by now what I have done with your moon. That was just a little demonstration of what I can do with this amazing body. Now I’ll show you some other things!”

She moved to one of the many battlefields in the country and started posing. As bullets flew past her and grenades exploded, she gave the whole world a view on her unearthly muscles. She made them grow to proportions no one on the planet had ever seen, or even thought possible. Traps that rose higher than her ears, biceps that grew way over her head, pecs that made her already enormous breasts double in size, veins thicker than a garden hose, shoulders bigger than a space hopper, a back several meters wide, abs that popped out more than ten centimeters and were clearly visible under her costume, thighs bigger than a sequoia tree.

“Of course I could have manipulated these images,” she told her audience of billions. “But with muscles like mine, there is absolutely no need to do that. In fact, I have been holding back. I could make my muscles thousand times bigger as well, but I suppose that would be too much for you to contain.

I hope you all love my muscles as much as I do! And now I’ll demonstrate to you that these big, bulging muscles aren’t just for show.” She moved a bit until she was standing in a line of fire. “You may think that nothing is happening. But watch this! I’ll give you a little insight into the way I look at the world.”

The camera switched to super slomo and zoomed in on an approaching bullet. It spun around through the air and flew into the direction of the massive super woman. When it touched her, it could clearly be seen that her skin didn’t dimple even a fraction of a millimeter. The bullet flattened, exploded and dropped to the ground without doing her any harm whatsoever.

“As I speak, more than a hundred bullets and grenades are hitting me every second. That is something I know, because my brain is so powerful. It is not because I can feel any of those bullets. They are completely useless against me. I wonder how long it will take until the soldiers realize this.” She showed some more images of ammunition harmlessly bouncing off her huge muscles. A whole pile was building up around her. She even followed a bullet that hit her eye and dropped into her deep cleavage.

After a minute, the shooting ceased. In the relative silence, the sound of approaching vehicles could be heard. Luna calmly walked into the direction of the sound. She turned around a corner and faced a line of three battle tanks. They immediately starting shooting their 120mm rounds at her. Their ammunition was powerful enough to bring a whole building down, but Luna simply caught them with her hands, while she kept on walking towards the tanks.

Even when she was close to the first tank, she didn’t stop. She kept on walking, her body slicing through the vehicle like it wasn’t even there. “You might think these are powerful weapons, but they are just toys to me. As you can see: these flimsy tanks cannot stop me,” she told her dumbfounded audience. She encountered the tank crew and tossed them out. “In fact, there is nothing in the universe that can stop me.”

She walked out through the side of the tank and then turned around. She raised her index finger and a small spark appeared on its top. She pointed at the tank, the spark flew towards the vehicle and in a flash, it turned into a big moonfish, which graciously floated off into the sky.

Luna jumped onto the second tank and tore the turret off. She crushed it against her invulnerable body while at the same time, she pulled the soldiers out with her mind power. They floated through the air and softly landed hundred meters away, astonished by what had just happened to them.

Luna brought her foot down and stamped the whole vehicle hundreds of meters into the ground. She jumped out of the hole and turned to the third tank. The crew of that tank had already understood their weapons were powerless against the super girl, so they had fled. Luna picked up the tank with one hand, spun it around on her little finger and threw it into the sun.

“I am sure you are getting the point,” she said to her audience worldwide. “There is nothing that can hurt me. There is nothing that can stop me. There is nothing that I cannot do. All of you, the whole population of this planet combined, together with all your puny weapons: you are totally powerless against my incredible might. I can do with you whatever I want.”

She switched to super speed and collected all the weapons within a hundred kilometer radius. Not just the tanks and armored vehicles, but also artillery, ammunition and bigger and smaller hand weapons. She piled it all up and half a minute later she had created a small mountain of metal, hundreds of meters high.

“Now that I have arrived, you will no longer have to use little weapons like these,” she said. “So I will destroy them for you.” She walked to the metal mountain and spread out her arms. Even with her super wide back, her arms were way too short to get them around the whole pile, but that was no problem for her. She made her arms hundreds of meters long and wrapped them around the mountain. She squeezed and the metal gave in to her superior strength. Within seconds, she had reduced the huge pile to a tiny ball about ten centimeters in diameter. She rolled it over her breasts to make it even smaller and then dropped it into her cleavage.

“The weapons industry will probably be not very happy with me around. I will deal with them later.” She was satisfied when she felt the panic in board rooms all around the world and noticed stock prices plummeting immediately.

“But there is something more important for me to do right now.” She re-appeared on the other side of the world, in the center of an area that suffered from a major flood. At that point, the water was three meters high. She dove and laid down on the muddy ground. She opened her mouth.

The camera was still running, and the whole world population watched in awe as the water level quickly dropped. “I am making sure that only free water molecules are entering my mouth,” Luna’s voice said. After seeing her do all those impossible things, no one was really surprised that she could speak even when she was under water and drinking ridiculous amounts of water.

It took her just one minute and then, the whole flood had disappeared. She stood up. “I needed that. Travelling through the universe makes you really thirsty!” she said with a dazzling smile. She patted her perfect stomach. There was no way one could tell that it now contained billions of liters of water.

“I am sorry, but I have to go. But I’ll make sure you’ll soon tune in to my channel again. I am Luna and I hope you all behave well!” She winked, flexed her bicep and closed the connection, leaving the whole world population perplexed.

She flew back to her home town. She scanned the earth beneath her and quickly caught thousands of murderers, thieves, drugs dealers and other criminals and turned them in to the police. She also stopped a train with her little finger, just because she could.

She flew through her window and landed softly on the floor. It was only an hour ago since she had left. She looked through the floor and saw that her parents were watching the television, discussing the unbelievable events they had just seen. Luna softly giggled.

She picked up the two half moonstones and put the artifact back into it. She carefully placed the two halves against each other and repaired the trillions of connections between the two halves. “As good as new!” she said. She was sure she wouldn’t need the artifact anymore, as the power of the stone was now within her body.

With a little sigh, she transformed her body back to the small, average Luna. “Well, at least I can now step through a doorway without having to worry that my broad back won’t fit through,” she said to herself. She went downstairs, quietly put the moonstone back in its showcase and entered the living room. She told her parents she had fallen asleep and innocently asked if something had happened in the meantime.

She spent the rest of the evening with her parents, who told her about all these wonderful feats that super woman had performed. And they listened to the – often ridiculous – commentary that was coming in from all over the world.

“I just can’t believe what she did to the moon,” her mother said. “Her powers scare me.”

“But you just told me she used them for good things. She disarmed soldiers, stopped a flood, caught criminals. That’s a good thing, right?” Luna argued.

“Still. I don’t think it is healthy for one person to possess so much power.”

“I think it would be pretty cool to be so powerful,” said Luna.

Her parents didn’t want to go to bed. They hoped that the super girl would show up once more. So Luna said goodnight and went to her bedroom.

Her superior body didn’t need sleep anymore. But still, it felt kind of comfortable to behave like a schoolgirl for some time. So she went to bed, and put herself to sleep, while the full moon shone down on her.

She woke herself up the next morning. For the first time in years, she enjoyed the thought of going to school. She ate breakfast alone. Her parents had left much earlier to go and study the moon.

She had forgotten her bike was total loss. She considered flying to school, but she decided to act like a normal schoolgirl for a little longer, so she walked. In the meantime, she scanned all the articles about her in the newspapers and on websites all over the world. There were lots of speculations about her. And she noticed there were very popular groups on social media where Luna fans gathered. The most common sentence in those groups was that she was ‘a very hot super chick’. She smiled to herself.

She created profiles for her alter ego and added her to the social media. In the time it took her to walk to the school, she already gathered millions of followers and she answered over a million questions. Luna giggled. This was fun!

She arrived at school just in time, but something was going on. The lessons should be about to begin, but it seemed that everyone had gathered in the great hall. So she used her super senses to discover what was going on. She found out that Fiona and her friends were on the stage and Fiona was talking.

“We were about to go to bed when Luna suddenly materialized in our living room. We were all a bit scared but she told us we didn’t need to, she just wanted to talk to the mayor – as you all know, that’s my father – but we could stay too, if we wished. She told us that she had just caught a couple of thieves and put them into jail.

She was really nice and she complimented me with my physique. I am sure she will visit us again soon and that we will become best friends.”

Luna became very angry and accidentally set a tree on fire. She quickly extinguished it and calmed down. She sensed that most students in the hall didn’t quite believe Fiona’s story. But some did.

“Time to put things right!” Luna said to herself and she walked inside, into the direction of the stage.

“… and she has a really nice name. Luna. That means ‘moon’, did you know that? It is my favorite name and I really wished my parents had called me that. So we… What are you doing here??”

Luna had climbed on the stage and was soon surrounded by Fiona’s friends. They tried to stop her. But Luna simply pushed them away and walked on. When she was facing the bigger girl, she said: “I am here to stop your lies.” Even though she wasn’t using a microphone, everybody in the hall could hear her loud and clear.

“Wh… What? I am not lying! Luna did visit our house yesterday! What do you know about it?”

“Well…” said Luna and she smiled. She slowly transformed into her super form. The first time, it had been painful. But now, it was just a great feeling. Her body expanding, her muscles growing, the power flowing through her veins. While she was enjoying the feeling, she also noticed astounded cries from the other students. She quickly disabled the camera function of all telephones in the hall. She also made her body glow, and added some music.

Fiona stumbled backwards, her eyes almost popping out of her head. The others on stage could only stare.

When she had taken the form that already felt so familiar, Luna took off her cap. She shook her head, making her thick hair stream down her back. She created a little wind around her, to make her hair flutter.

“Well,” Luna said, giving Fiona a cold look. “So I have visited you last night, right? And you really like my name? Maybe there is something wrong with your memory? Because I remember you making fun of my name for the last two years!”

Fiona could just stammer and sob, and Luna shut her up with a simple hand motion. “Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter anymore. I just want one, final, armwrestling match with you.” She flexed her upper arm. It was easily as big as a barrel, with veins as big as a normal wrist. Fiona dropped to her knees seeing Luna’s humongous muscles, and several younger students in the audience fainted.

An armwrestling table materialized in the center of the stage. Luna took her place and patiently waited for Fiona, who had trouble walking. Of course Luna noticed Trevor, who swung his bat behind her, but she didn’t care about his silly action. He hit her straight in the back. The bat got stuck in a deep ridge between two muscles. He tried to pull the bat back, and found he couldn’t. Luna used her perfect muscle control to crush the top of the bat and pull the rest of it towards her, bit by bit. To Trevor, it looked like her back was eating his bat and he ran away in terror. Luna reached out with her mind and made him slowly float towards the ceiling.

Fiona had finally arrived at the other side of the table. Trembling, she took Luna’s hand. “Don’t be afraid, I will be careful with you,” Luna said. “Are you ready? One, two, three!” She smiled at the girl at the other side of the table. The girl she had admired for quite some time. The girl she had been scared of. But now, she was the one in total control. She enjoyed the sight of Fiona pushing against her hand with all her strength, her bicep bulging. It was all so insignificant!

“I guess that is all you can do. I can’t feel your pathetic efforts at all. Even if there were a hundred of you and you would all together be pushing against my single hand, I would still be able to beat you!” Luna said, and suddenly there were hundred Fiona’s on the stage. They all struggled to grab the original Fiona’s hand and help her. When there was no place left, the remaining Fiona’s just pushed against the arm of one of the others. Luna grinned when she saw the bewilderment in the eyes of the original Fiona.

“Maybe you were a bit reckless, trying to beat a super girl who can curl black holes for reps,” Luna said and she slammed her hand down. All the Fiona’s flew through the air and disappeared when they touched the ground. Except for one, who laid down in a heap on the stage, holding her hand, sobbing.

Luna walked towards her and towered over Fiona. She hit an insane double biceps pose that made everyone gasp. “You are inferior to me in every way. I am taller, stronger, more popular, more beautiful. I can eclipse you with just one of my breasts. And my muscles are so much bigger than yours, it is no comparison,” Luna boasted, as she looked down at the smaller girl in disdain. “Well. You know what to do,” she demanded.

Fiona wiped the tears from her face and raised to her knees. “Oh mighty, strong and powerful Luna, I…”

“You forgot ‘omnipotent’,” Luna said. “And a whole lot more, but you can leave that out.”

Fiona took a deep breath. “Oh omnipotent, mighty, strong and powerful Luna, I acknowledge your far superior strength and therefore I will hand you all my lunch money this week.”

“Well done, little girl, well done,” Luna purred. “Would you like a new chance next week? No? I am a bit disappointed, but it is just what I expected. But don’t think we are finished now. There is one more thing we have to do. You just wait. Don’t move, because first I’ll deal with your shitty friends here.”

She turned around and faced the other boys and girls she had come to fear in the past years. She smiled at them. “Would you like to experience how powerful my body is? I can crack your skulls with just my eyelashes. I can toss you into the sun. I can turn you into jellyfish. I can bury you alive on Mars. And there is nothing you can do to stop me.”

Several girls dropped to the ground and begged Luna to forgive them. She took a few steps towards them, which made the whole building shake. “Yes. I will show mercy with you. I’ll just flex my legs for you.”

Her thighs started growing, and kept on growing. The others had to back up to make room for Luna’s ever expanding quadriceps. They gathered in two corners and tried to push Luna’s growing muscles back, but of course they didn’t stand a chance. Luna increased the sensitivity of her skin, so she could feel them claw and squirm as they were being pushed against the walls, fifteen meters away from where her feet were standing. When they were about to pass out, Luna stopped the growth and transformed her upper legs back to their usual form. Using her mind power, she forced them to stand up, even though some were hardly capable of doing so.

“Okay. One last thing!” she cheered. Suddenly, Luna, Fiona, Trevor and the other bullies were on the school parking lot. Luna pouted her full lips and sucked in her breath. The cars of her bullies all started moving towards her, while the other cars kept in place. Luna inhaled a bit stronger, and the cars pressed themselves into her mouth. She chewed a few times and swallowed. “Hmm, nothing tastier than steel and gasoline,” she said.

She looked around her. “That was all. You all behave, or face the consequences.” The tarmac under their feet turned into a pool of mud and they all sank into the dirt up until their waists. Luna just floated a centimeter above the ground and giggled. “It was fun playing with you, but now I have to go. There are several world problems I have to solve in the next ten minutes. Goodbye!”

Luna turned around, giving them an excellent view of her muscled ass, and took off. She never looked back.
Luna's revenge
This story is requested by :iconjnw550:, who asked for a story about "a high school girl who can transform into a being nearly as powerful as Hyper Girl. She is teased for being comely and awkward but through the discovery of an artifact she become immensely powerful." He didn't just request the story, but also suggested a lot of additions (you'll probably recognize those: without a doubt the best sentences in this story), which makes this more than just an ordinary request.
Tales from Mussel High: Liesbeth
Scholarly Muscle. This is my contribution to the monthly theme of :iconfemalemuscle:.

A commission by :iconpaiplez:. Liesbeth is one of the main characters in an upcoming story, which is a bit more realistic than most of my stories. The story is part of a series about a high school full of muscular girls.

Paiplez did a great job, and after seeing his painting I really wanted to write Liesbeth's story. But I promised myself to finish existing stories first before starting new ones. So I am afraid it will take some time before I can post her story here, but in the meantime I wanted to share this painting with you. Enjoy!

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135lb: Hi, how are you?
RedheadAleesha: I’m fine, and you?
135lb: Me too. 39 yo man here, from the USA. Are you a woman?
RedheadAleesha: I am. 21, from the Netherlands
135lb: Cool. I like Amsterdam
RedheadAleesha: LOL. That’s what most people say
135lb: Are you a muscle girl?
RedheadAleesha: No. I don’t work out at all
135lb: What brings you here?
RedheadAleesha: Hey, you’re still here! 75% stops chatting with me after I’ve said I don’t have muscles
135lb: LOL
RedheadAleesha: I like muscular girls. Like everyone else here, I suppose

Arthur was glad he had saved the text on his phone, as he re-read it for the millionth time. It was their very first chat, about eight months ago. He looked out of the window and saw land down below.

Once more, his doubts took over. He had spent hundreds of dollars, and travelled more than 12 hours crossing the ocean. Was it all worth it? Was she worth it? A woman he only knew from a chat room on the internet?

Elsa had acted a bit strange, sometimes. She refused to use FaceTime and Skype, so he only knew her from their chats. And she had sent him pictures of herself. He flipped through her album.

135lb: I yawn and rub my eyes

He could never sleep on airplanes and was completely worn out.

Going through customs on Schiphol Airport seemed to last for hours. As he switched off airplane mode, he received a message. “Hi! I’m waiting for you, hope2 see you soon!” Her message made him a bit nervous. They were going to meet in real life! What would he think of her? What would she think of him? Would talking to her feel the same as their conversations in the MuscularGirls chatroom?

They soon had discovered they both loved roleplaying. He mostly played himself, a 6’4” skinny man. But she enjoyed playing a 5’4” heavyweight female bodybuilder. Which was perfect, because Arthur had always fantasized about being dominated by a shorter, but much stronger muscular girl.

As he was waiting in the queue, he looked up one of his favorite chat sessions.

135lb: I try to push you back, but I can’t. It feels like I am pushing against a solid brick wall
RedheadAleesha: I keep on walking. I can hardly feel your pathetic efforts to stop me. You are so weak!
135lb: I just can’t believe what is happening. I am a foot taller than you are, but you are completely overpowering me
RedheadAleesha: That is because you are just skin and bones, while I have the strongest female muscles on this planet!
135lb: You wrap your muscular arms around my waist and lift me up. I struggle to break free, but it is all in vain
RedheadAleesha: You are so light. 135 pounds means nothing to me. I can lift much more than that.
135lb: I reach for your bulging biceps and find that my hands are much too small to cover them. They are very big and very hard
RedheadAleesha: Ha! Do you really think they are big? I am hardly flexing them
135lb: You have reached the wall. Your muscular body is pushing me against the wall. I am completely helpless
RedheadAleesha: I have to be careful not to push too hard. I could crush your puny body without even trying. I am so much stronger than you are
135lb: Using your strength against me excites you. You start rubbing your breasts against me, which excites me too
RedheadAleesha: You are helpless in my grip. I can do anything I want
135lb: Yes Aleesha, I am completely overpowered by your strong and muscular body
RedheadAleesha: I am getting really excited now. Oooh! My strength turns me on!

Arthur held his bag in front of his crotch for a moment, and adjusted the growing penis in his pants. Even though he had read this text many times before, it still turned him on. He put away his phone as he finally got to customs. And of course, he was picked out again. He sighed. As always, they didn’t find anything on him so he could finally go to the Meeting Point.

And there she was: Elsa. She was holding the Muscle & Fitness Hers, but he recognized her from the pictures too. The fluffy red hair, freckles, her skin a bit paler than he had in mind, her small frame. It was strange, seeing her in person.

She started smiling as she saw him approach.

“Hi Elsa!”

“Hey Arthur.” She hugged him.

He bent down and kissed her on her hair. “She’s really small,” he thought. He lowered his head a little bit more so he could whisper in her ear. “I am very happy as I wrap my arms around your wonderful body.”

She quickly stepped back. “Please,” she said. “Not now!”

“Oh no,” he thought. “I screwed up the very first minute! Why did I do that? I should have given us time to get used to each other!” Instead, he had started talking like they did on the chat.

As they headed for the exit, she didn’t say anything. She looked nervous and chewed her lip.

When they were in her car, they still hadn’t said anything. “I am sorry,” he said. “I…”

“It’s not your fault,” she interrupted him. “It is just that… I am sorry. You must think I’m crazy.”

“Oh no,” he said, but that was exactly what he had thought. She was behaving weird. What had he gotten himself into?

During the 90-minute drive to the town where Elsa lived they talked a bit about the weather, the things that they saw around them. Not that there was much to see outside, but Arthur was happy he could do something to break the silence.

They stopped for dinner. Arthur almost gave up. There were awkward silences, and Elsa’s eyes were everywhere except on him. “She must be nervous too”, he thought. He finished his meal as fast as he could. As he took his last bite, Elsa put her napkin on her plate. She had hardly touched her food. “Finished? Let’s go,” she said and turned around before she could see his raised eyebrows.

They were silent during the ten minutes it took her to drive to her small house in a suburb. She immediately led him upstairs. “Here’s your room,” Elsa said. “I suppose you are tired from the journey, and want to rest.” It wasn’t a question. She had closed the door behind her before Arthur could reply.

He sat down on the bed, put his head in his hands and sighed. “Well,” he said to himself, “I had reckoned this could end up in a disaster. But I hadn’t expected this.” They had hardly talked and he didn’t recognize the woman he had always loved to chat with. But she was right: he was tired. So he undressed and went to bed.

He took his phone to check for the first possibility to return to the USA. A message came in:
RedheadAleesha: You can’t take your eyes off me as I approach you

“What the f…?” he muttered. He considered putting away his phone and going to sleep, but the familiar excitement overtook him and he started typing:
135lb: You look magnificent as ever, and I let my eager eyes roam your body
RedheadAleesha: I blush as I see the admiration in your eyes
135lb: Your shoulders are big as bowling balls, your upper arms are just a bit smaller and crisscrossed with thick veins.
RedheadAleesha: I slowly raise my right arm
135lb: Oh my God. Your arm explodes as you flex your huge bicep. I can’t believe how big that muscle is!
RedheadAleesha: I smile, as I clench my fist harder, making my bicep grow even further
135lb: My legs get weak as I watch your awesome muscle display. I am a foot taller than you are, but you make me look small
RedheadAleesha: I take another step forward and flex my pecs
135lb: Huge slabs of striated muscle erupt as you do this. You are the summit of sexiness!
RedheadAleesha: I slowly move my finger from my mouth, down to my neck, between my pecs, to my abs
135lb: I almost drool as I follow your finger with my eyes. Your abs look rock-hard
RedheadAleesha: One more step towards you. I love the look in your eyes. My fantastic body needs to be admired!

Arthur smiled. This was the way they used to talk. The awkward past hours were no more than a faint memory now.

135lb: Your curvy hips sway as you walk. Your thighs are incredibly thick, filled with layers and layers of muscle. Bulging calves complete the perfect picture
RedheadAleesha: I have almost reached you. I turn around and flare out my lats
135lb: Your back is easily twice as wide as mine, looking very strong
RedheadAleesha: I’m here

Arthur looked up from his phone as he heard the knock on the door. He pulled his hand out of his pants and put the blankets over his legs. “Yes?”

Slowly, the door opened. Elsa entered. Arthurs jaw dropped. “Wha… What??”

Elsa wasn’t a tiny woman anymore. She looked exactly as he had described her just a minute ago. She had turned into a power babe, covered with huge muscles. She wore a tiny bikini, giving him an excellent view of her muscle-packed body. Her skin had a nice tan. He noticed that her face had changed too. She was radiant, her green eyes shining. Her hair was now curly and shiny, partly covering her shoulders and pecs.

Elsa stepped to the middle of the room and started posing, showing off her enormous muscles. Arthur could only goggle at her, his head spinning. She ended her routine with a glorious double biceps pose. “Well, Arthur. What do you think of me now?” Her voice was sexier too.

“You… You are gorgeous. But how is this possible?”

She sat down on the corner of his bed and smiled at him. “I have no idea. The only thing I know, is that this happens every time I chat with you. The first time, I panicked. It took me two weeks before I dared to return to the chat room.”

“Yes, I remember that.”

“And then it happened again. It wears off after a few hours. And it… oh Arthur, it feels so wonderful! I got addicted to having this muscular and powerful body, and I was disappointed on the days you weren’t there. I sometimes stayed up all night, waiting for you, longing for this strength.” Once more, she flexed her bicep and looked at it with a big smile. Her muscle was much bigger than any bicep he had ever seen on the MuscularGirls website. She rubbed it with her other hand.

“And I desperately wanted you to come and see this, because I didn’t know how I could ever tell you about it. I was so happy that you agreed, and then I had to wait. And today… I totally choked. I was so nervous! I was scared it wouldn’t work when you were here, and you would think I was crazy. Or that I would start growing the moment you spoke to me, where everybody could see me. Or that I would frighten you.”

Arthur sighed, relieved. “No, of course not. You don’t frighten me, you look great! Perfect! But I still can’t believe it!”

She gave him a mischievous smile. “Do you want to feel if my muscles are real?” She stood up and stood right in front of his face. Her legs were twin pillars of strength, crisscrossed with veins. Even though her legs were a bit spread, her inner thighs still touched.

He reached out his hand and touched her thigh. He sucked in his breath. “It’s like touching granite,” he told her. “I can’t dent your muscle even a little bit.”

She smiled at him, triumphantly. “That’s because you are a weak man and I have the strongest muscles in the world,” she said, using a line she often used in their chats.

He added his other hand and tried to squeeze again. “I have often fantasized about touching huge female muscles and now I am actually doing it. I just can’t believe it. I’m so lucky!”

“I know. It’s weird. But at the same time, it feels so good. And now you are here with me. I’ve never been happier in my whole life!” She bent over, removed the blankets and scooped him up.

“Hey! What are you doing?”

“I am carrying you to my bedroom. You have told me so many times you liked it when I cradled you and now I can really do it.”

Arthur felt embarrassed because the top of his penis was clearly visible, sticking out of his boxers. He couldn’t help it, he had never felt more excited. He tried to cover himself with his hands. “Elsa, please… Put me down!” he begged.

“No,” she said, smiling. “I know you love this. And besides: you can’t tell me what to do. You possess just a fraction of my strength. I can do anything with you that I want. But don’t be afraid, because I know exactly what you want and what you like!” She added: “And I can see you are enjoying this tremendously.” She pointed at this raging erection.

“Wait,” he said. “Are you carrying me with just one arm?”

She giggled. “Come on Arthur! You weigh just 135lb. My big muscles are capable of lifting much more than that! And don’t change the subject! You don’t have to be ashamed. I am super excited too, but it isn’t so obvious because I’m a woman.”

Arthur turned his head a little and noticed her nipples poking through her bikini top. She opened a door. Her bedroom was dominated by a king size bed, covered with pillows and dark blue blankets. She tossed him on the bed and kneeled down on top of him, her mighty thighs easily as big as his chest. She pushed her breasts forward and flexed her biceps. She looked at her bulging muscles with pride. “I am so glad with these babies. And it is all because of you. Now I can share them with you.” She grabbed the neckline of his T-shirt with two hands and effortlessly ripped it apart. She reached behind her back and untied her bikini top. It fluttered onto the bed.

Elsa bent over and put her hands on the sides of his head. It was an incredible view. He could see her enormous muscles up close. Every striation, every vein was clearly visible. She started talking. Arthur smiled and joined.

RedheadAleesha: With my gigantic body so close to yours, your senses are about to overload
135lb: While my eyes are feasting on your perfect body, one of my hands grabs your shoulder, while my other reaches for your abs
RedheadAleesha: I am doing push-ups on top of you, lowering myself until my superior pecs touch your scrawny chest
135lb: I feel your muscles move and I can feel the power underneath your skin
RedheadAleesha: Your hands touching me in real life excite me more than I can say
135lb: I never thought I would be so close to a musclewoman. I carefully lift one leg and rub it against your crotch
RedheadAleesha: I don’t think I can contain myself much longer. I reach down with one hand and guide your throbbing manhood towards me

Then they stopped talking.

When Arthur opened his eyes again, it was still dark. He could hear Elsa breathing softly beside him. In the dim light, he saw that she was in her normal shape again. He thought back about last night. They had been so hungry for each other, they had done it three times in a row. Elsa’s superior body was ready for more rounds, but he had been completely exhausted. So why was he awake now?

“Jetlag”, he thought. He rested his head on his arm and watched the small woman next to him. “She is so beautiful,” he thought. “Even without the muscles.” Her red hair was spread out on her pillow, one arm rested on the blankets.

135lb: As I am looking at your thin arm, something happens. It looks like someone is inflating your arm, as it starts to grow. Slowly at first, almost unnoticeable. I can see something move underneath your skin, as muscle fibers are growing and multiplying at an increasing faster rate.

“It’s working!” he thought, as he could clearly see her arm grow. “I can do this just by talking, we don’t need phones or a chat room.”

135lb: Veins appear, becoming thicker and thicker. I can see blood coursing through them. With each heartbeat, your arm becomes thicker, stronger, more muscular. Your bicep pushes upward, while your triceps expands into the opposite direction. Every second, the muscles in your arm grow, becoming more defined. Your arm has more than doubled in size, and continues growing. A vein as thick as a pencil courses over your bicep. The muscle is big, even in its relaxed state. The vein continues to your beefy forearm. When the growth finally stops, your arm has become at least three times as big.

“Amazing,” Arthur whispered. He put his own arm next to hers. He was completely dwarfed. With a smile on his face, he fell back asleep.

When he opened his eyes again, it was light. Elsa was sitting up, watching him, smiling. She wore an oversized T-shirt. “Hey,” she whispered. “You are so beautiful. And it is strange how familiar this feels, you lying in my bed.”

“Yes,” he murmured, not quite awake yet.

“Do you want breakfast?” she asked. “Or do you want something else first?”

Now he was awake. “What?” He saw that she had a naughty look in her eyes.

“I woke up in the middle of the night with a huge left arm. Maybe you know what happened?”

He grinned. “I have no idea!”

“It felt so strong and powerful, I think I could have lifted a car with just that single arm!” She licked her lips. “Do you want to try something?”


She bent towards him. “Make me bigger,” she whispered in his ear. “Make me bigger than ever before. I want to be so big that Aleesha and Natalia look like weak little girls next to me. I want to be gargantuan. I want to be… humongous!”

Arthur swallowed. “Yes, yes, sure. I would love that too. Let me think for a minute…Okay.” He sat op straight and started talking.

135lb: I am looking at you. Most of your body is hidden by an oversized T-shirt. I can just see your head, hands, calves and feet. I watch your beautiful face. I can’t get enough of you. Then, I notice that something is happening: your neck is becoming thicker. I look down and see that something is moving underneath your shirt
RedheadAleesha: Once more, I feel the power surge through my body as you make all my muscles expand. It feels as great as it felt the very first time
135lb: The T-shirt, that was loose at first, is now filling rapidly as your body is growing into all directions. As I look further down, I can see your calves which are now very noticeable
RedheadAleesha: My calves are already bigger than my thighs were just a minute ago. And they are growing bigger every second
135lb: I look back up to see that the T-shirt is now straining to contain your hulking mass. I can see your defined abdominal muscles straight through the cloth. I hear a ripping sound: your neckline is about to burst, and your back is now so wide that it no longer fits in the shirt
RedheadAleesha: I can see your excitement grow as my super body is about to burst out of that flimsy T-shirt
135lb: Your muscular body is packed into that incredibly tight shirt. I have never witnessed something so erotic. You raise your arms and flex your biceps. The sleeves instantly give in to your exploding muscles, and are completely torn apart. Then, you put your fists on your hips. Your back is already very wide, but you have just started flaring out your lats. I hear more ripping sounds as the back of your shirt also surrenders to your growing muscles. There are multiple holes in the shirt now. It won’t be able to last much longer
RedheadAleesha: With one mighty flex, I reduce the shirt to shreds. I remove the remains and look down at my body. I see with satisfaction that I am now bigger than Aleesha Young, the female bodybuilder I admire the most
135lb: I can’t believe my eyes as I see your completely naked, muscle-packed body in front of me. Every single muscle is bigger than anything I have ever seen in my life. And your body continues growing!
RedheadAleesha: Yes! I feel incredibly powerful right now! But still, I want more! More strength! More muscles! Give me more!
135lb: I can hardly believe that there is room on your body for more muscles, and still you keep on growing. Your body is occupying more and more space, as it grows. And grows. Muscles grow on top of muscles
RedheadAleesha: I flex my bicep and find that I can bend my arm only to a 90 degree angle. My bicep is so thick that I can’t bend my arm any further. I can almost touch the top of the bicep with my hand
135lb: My eyes nearly pop out of my head as I watch you flex. Your bicep is as big as your head! And as you keep pumping the muscle, I can see that it is growing even bigger. But your bicep is not the only thing that is growing. Everywhere I look, I can see your muscles expand: your forearms, your shoulders, your pecs, your glutes, your thighs, your calves
RedheadAleesha: My bed groans as kilos of solid muscle are added to my body every second. I stand up and find that my body doesn’t feel heavy at all
135lb: Your head looks ridiculously small between all those mountains of muscle. You are still 5’4”, as your height is the only thing that has not increased. You must weigh more than 300 pounds now. You weigh more than twice as much as me, while you are one foot shorter!
RedheadAleesha: It is hard to watch myself grow, as I have trouble looking over my pecs. They have turned into huge, solid plates of muscle, which move away from my body, blocking my view on my abs and legs
135lb: You turn to the side, showing me a ridiculously curvy silhouette. You walk to the corner of your room, where you pick up a dumbbell. I can see that it weighs 25 pounds. You return to me and stand right in front of me. I don’t know where to look. There are enormous, striated and vascular muscles everywhere
RedheadAleesha: I put my hands on the sides of the plates and start pushing
135lb: Your upper arms explode to incredible proportions. They must be over 40 inches, and still growing! With veins that look as big as a garden hose
RedheadAleesha: I use all my strength, but the dumbbell resists. I need more! Help me, Arthur!
135lb: Your enormous muscles expand even further, becoming stronger by the second. I hear the floor creak under your weight as more and more mass is added to your body. Slowly, your hands start moving inward
RedheadAleesha: YES! It is happening! I am bending solid steel with my bare hands! With every second, it is becoming easier for me to deform the metal
135lb: The metal whines as it is deformed. It doesn’t stand a chance against your super muscles
RedheadAleesha: I dig my fingers deep into the metal. It feels like molten cheese to me. I move my hands apart effortlessly, ripping the dumbbell into pieces
135lb: You play with the metal as if it is butter. I can see that your body is still growing
RedheadAleesha: I hit a most muscular pose
135lb: I instantly come as your head is almost buried in the biggest, sexiest muscles on the planet. You are the perfect super woman!

Elsa walked towards the bed. She took careful steps, as with each step, the floor groaned and creaked under her immense weight. “Now,” she said, with a seductive smile. “It is time for you to explore my body. I will be very careful with you.”
Arthur and Elsa have met in a chatroom, where she plays a heavyweight female bodybuilder. Now they are about to meet in real life. Arthur doesn't know what to expect.

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The next morning, everybody in the small village wakes up very late. Well, almost everybody. Kayra is walking around. She is as beautiful and fit and fresh as ever. She sees that Josh is playing with his little sister. He looks a bit tired.

When Rose sees Kayra she turns her back to her brother and rushes to the muscle woman. “Kayra!”

“Rose!” Kayra picks up the little girl and tosses her high into the air.

Rose screams with pleasure. “Again! Again!” Kayra is happy to obey.

Ten minutes later, Kayra puts Rose down. Rose starts running around the trailer, screaming all the time. Kayra watches her and laughs. “She is such a nice little girl.”

“She is,” says Josh. “But she gives me headaches too, sometimes.”

“I can imagine. Did you sleep well?” Kayra asks.

“I slept well, but not long enough. You completely exhausted us last night.” He smiles as he thinks back of all the things they did. “So Rose woke me up a little too early.

But it gave me time to take a closer look at the DVD. The video itself contains just a telephone number, which will not help us. But there were some papers in the envelope and one contains a company number which I used to retrieve their address.”

“Good work!” Kayra says, as she kisses him on the cheek. “So where can we find HumEnh?”

“It is in a town in the west, about a thousand miles from here.”

“Good. I will go there and totally destroy them,” Kayra says. “That’s what they deserve for keeping me as a sex slave for all these years!”

“But… Don’t you think that can be dangerous? After all, HumEnh kind of manufactured you. And despite all your strength, they managed to keep you obedient for many years. I can imagine they will be prepared for you.”

Kayra thinks about this for a minute. “You may be right. I have to be careful.”

“I have been thinking. What if I come with you? They don’t expect me, so I can go there and ask some questions for you.”

Kayra smiles. “That would be wonderful! But what about little Rose?”

Josh looks at his sister, who is still running in circles. “She has to come with us, of course. I can’t leave her alone. I am the only family she has got.”

“But won’t that be dangerous?”

“We’ll make sure she never comes near those HumEnh people. She can stay in the car when I visit their office. And you are there to protect her, of course.”

“Great! When do we leave?”

“Now? We just have to pack some clothes for a couple of days. And we can send a message to the others to explain.”

Kayra shakes her head. “Wow. This is going fast. But you are right, there is no reason to wait. Let’s go!”

Josh calls his little sister and they gather some stuff. The three of them jump in the car and leave.

“Thousand miles, so it will take us about fifteen hours to get there, if… Can you drive?”

Kayra shakes her head. “Mister Lorezzi always drove me. But I don’t need to know how to drive, because I can run much faster than a car. Do you want me to carry your car? We would arrive much faster then.”

Josh smiles. “I’d love to, but we would attract much attention.”

Kayra claps her hands. “I love attention!”

“Yes, I know. But HumEnh would probably be alarmed if they hear that a woman is on the highway, carrying a car and outrunning all the other traffic. That’s something we don’t want.” He thinks about it. “We will have stop to rest and eat and sleep, so I think we will arrive tomorrow afternoon.”

“Fine. No hurry. Let’s go slow,” Kayra says and she yawns.

When they are in the hills, Josh has to concentrate on the road. But once they reach the highway, he can relax a bit. He glances to his side, to the huge muscle woman sitting on the passenger seat. Just looking at her excites him. He reaches out his hand and puts it on her thigh. He gasps. He puts his hand on his own thigh. His hand has just gone down at least six inches! He moves back to Kayra’s thigh and tries to squeeze her. “You are so big,” he whispers.

She bends over and kisses him on the cheek. “That’s nothing,” she whispers in his ear. Then, he feels that his hand starts rising. And rising. “Now I am really big,” she tells him. Josh has difficulty looking at the other traffic. Part of him wants to stop by the roadside and explore every square inch of Kayra’s fantastic body.

Kayra moans. When he looks at her for a second, he sees that she is touching her breasts, squeezing the huge mounds. Her large nipples are now clearly visible through the cloth. He stares at her for too long, as a car passes him and honks. He steers back to his own lane.

“Hey!” Kayra yells at the other driver. “What’s wrong with you?” She leans forward and presses her breast against the front window. They completely occupy her half of the window.

Josh puts a hand on her shoulder and tries to pull her back. “Please Kayra. You might crush the window. We don’t want to attract attention, remember?”

Kayra leans back again, panting. “Yes. You are right. I shouldn’t run after that car, tear it in two and hang that asshole in a tree.” When she sees a side road that leads into a forest, she asks Josh to leave the highway. One mile further, when they are surrounded by trees, she tells him to stop. She leaves the car. “I’ll be back in ten minutes.” She runs away into the forest.

“Kayra can run really fast,” Rose says from the back seat. Josh had almost forgotten her.

“Yes, she is very good at everything she does,” he sighs. “She is so amazing! I remember when I first saw her. She completely destroyed our village, with her bare hands. It was frightening, but at the same time very exciting.”

“She saved me!” Rose says.

“Yes, and I jumped on her back to make her do so.” He shakes his head. “It was a ridiculous action, she could have crushed me like a bug. But yes, it worked.”

“What is Kayra doing now?”

“Uh… She thought she saw a deer.”

“Oh! I want to see that deer too!”

“Sorry. You can’t, because you can’t run as fast as Kayra can.”

Rose looks a bit disappointed and presses her face against the window. “Maybe I will see the deer too!”

Then they hear a loud noise and the ground is shaking a little. “What was that?”

“An earthquake, I think,” Josh says.

Soon, Kayra returns, her eyes shining.

“Did you find the deer?” Rose asks her.


“Yes, you know: that deer you told me about. You ran after it, into the forest,” Josh says.

“Oh. Of course! That deer! Yes, I found it and I played with it for some time. It told me to say hi to you.”

Rose beams. “The next time, I want to go with you!”

“We will see, Rose.”

Josh turns the cars and returns to the highway.

“I want to sit on Kayra’s lap!” Rose demands.

Josh turns his head around. “We have talked about this, Rose. Little girls can’t sit in the front.”

“Oh come on Josh, just this once? She will be safe with me,” Kayra pleads.

“YEESS!” Rose screams when Josh agrees. She squirms through the front seats and climbs on Kayra’s lap. She looks from Kayra to Josh. “Your muscles are very big,” she says.

Kayra smiles. “Yes. I need big muscles, so I can toss you high up in the air.” She flexes her arms a bit..

“Can you toss me higher than a house? Higher than a tree?”

Kayra nods. “I could probably toss you to the moon.”

Rose is quiet for a minute. “I want to have big muscles too. So I can toss you to the moon.”

“But when I’m on the moon, I can’t play with you anymore.”

“Then I’ll toss myself to the moon too, so we can play there together. And then I’ll toss us back.”

“That sounds like big fun!” Kayra says.

They talk some more, until Rose falls asleep in Kayra’s strong arms. She puts the little girl back on the back seat.

As it is getting hot, Kayra opens her window and hangs her arm out. Whenever Josh passes another car, she brings up her arm and flexes her mighty bicep, shocking the other drivers. Kayra giggles. Josh tells her to stop doing that when one of the drivers almost causes an accident.

“Okay, okay,” Kayra mutters as she closes the window. One minute later she says: “It is so hot in here! Do you mind if I rip off the roof, so we can have some fresh air?”

“Yes! I do mind!” Josh shouts.

“Hey, don’t get upset. I was just joking. But it would be so nice to punch holes in that flimsy steel. And to rip it to shreds.” Kayra sighs. “I haven’t used my strength for more than four hours now! Is there some metal here that I can play with?”

Josh doesn’t react.

“Hey, Josh, can we leave the highway again? I really need to… you know…”

He rolls his eyes. “Again?? Oh well. I can use a break too.”

They have driven 700 miles when they stop for the night at a motel. Josh rents two rooms. Rose begs to sleep in Kayra’s room, but Josh wants her in his own room.

The next morning, Kayra wakes them up. “Did you sleep well?”

“I did,” Josh said. “But I woke up twice because I heard thunder, I think.”

“There hasn’t been thunder this night,” Kayra says with an innocent smile. Josh just looks at her.

When they are back on the road, Josh says: “We will arrive at about 2. Are you anxious?”

“Anxious? No. I am angry, in the first place. HumEnh has stolen my youth. All those things on that DVD? I don’t remember anything. The things that I do remember are more recent, and there are some really nasty things. No, I didn’t kill anyone, but I wounded several people, I stole, I destroyed… It was HumEnh that made me do it. They didn’t just steal my youth, they also stole my free will. They made me do things I would never do by myself.

And I have questions. Who are my parents? There was nothing about that on the DVD. Do I have other relatives? And why me? Why did they choose to turn me into a super woman? That is probably the only thing I am happy about, because I love my body and my strength.”

One hour before they arrive at HumEnh, Kayra asks Josh once more to leave the highway. He takes a small road into the mountains and stops near a river. As Kayra jumps over the river and runs off, Josh and Rose walk around and play with a ball.

Suddenly, two cars appear. They stop at the front and the rear of Josh’ car, so his car can’t move. Four big men get out of the two cars. They all wear rifles. Josh steps in front of his little sister.

The biggest man nods to Josh’ car. “Nice car you have there.”

Josh keeps quiet. In the distance, there is the sound of some kind explosion. The men look around, but then return their attention to Josh.

“Are there any other valuables you have? Wallet? Phone?”

Josh hands him his phone. “My wallet is in the car.”

“Good. I suppose there are also some papers which tell us where you live. So don’t bother warning the police, okay? You don’t want that little girl to get hurt.”

Rose steps from behind Josh’ back. “I am not little!”

The men all laugh at her.

“Josh, what are they doing? Why are they taking your phone?”

“Ssh, Rose.”

“Josh’ phone is ours now. And we take his car too.”

“Are you stealing our car?” Rose is getting really angry. “Wait until Kayra returns. She will be mad at you and she will toss you to the moon! And then you will be sorry!”

The men laugh even louder.

“And who is Kayra? She sounds like a very special girl. Maybe we should wait for her?”

“Kayra is super strong and she has very big muscles. Much bigger than yours!”

“Yeah, right.”

Rose’ eyes brighten up. “Kayra!”

The four men turn around, their weapons ready to fire. Behind them stands Kayra, lifting one of their cars overhead, her muscles flexed to the max. She looks very powerful. And very, very angry. “What the fuck are you doing with my friends?” she demands. When they don’t answer, she tosses the car high up into the air. It sails away over the mountains. She steps towards the men. With every step, the earth shakes a little. They all start shooting at her.

Her clothes are soon nothing but tatters, but Kayra just walks on. When she is only a couple of feet away from them, she stops and starts posing. As her muscles explode before their eyes, they stop firing.

Kayra snatches the rifles from their hands. She wraps her hands around the four weapons and squeezes. The rifles buckle and deform like they are made of paper. The muscle woman removes the remains of her dress from her impressive chest and places the rifles between her breasts. She flexes her pecs, making the metal groan. She takes the flattened remains of their weapons and shows them what her breasts have done to their puny weapons. She notices that there are only three men left, and she spins around.

The fourth man has entered the other car and starts the engine. “Oh no!” she yells. In a flash, Kayra is at the back of his car and lifts its rear with one hand. As the wheels are spinning uselessly, she lifts the end of the car even higher. With her other hand, she starts tearing sheets of metal off the car.

After a while, she turns the car, so its front is facing the river. Then she lets go of the rear, and the car rushes into the river, where it comes to a stop.

Kayra shifts her attention to the three remaining men, who are all trembling after seeing what the super muscular young woman is capable of. She is still furious. She crouches down and sinks her arms deep into the rocky ground. She slowly stands back up, tearing a huge slab of rock out of the ground. The earth shakes as she is performing her feat of strength, and the men have trouble keeping to their feet. The rock is as big as a school bus and she lifts it above her head with absolute ease.

“I could crush you like ants,” she tells them in a cold voice. “That wouldn’t be hard for me at all. It is just what you deserve for threatening an innocent little girl. You are scum, you don’t deserve to live!”

One of the men faints. Another one starts crying and drops to his knees. The third one is shaking uncontrollably.

“You are so pathetic,” Kayra says, as she watches them with disgust. She presses her hands together, breaking the huge rock in two. The two halves fall to the ground with a thundering blow. One misses one of the men by a couple of inches.

She doesn’t pay attention to them anymore. She goes down to the river and rips the engine out of the car and crushes it against her naked upper body. “Let’s go,” she says to Josh and Rose as she returns. They step into the car and drive off.

“I shouldn’t have left you alone,” Kayra says, her teeth clenched.

“You can’t always be there to protect us,” Josh says. He is still shaking a bit.

Kayra sighs. “I know! This is so frustrating!”

She puts on new clothes while they are driving. With some difficulty, because she is so big that there isn’t much room left to move. She dents the roof accidentally. One hour later, Josh parks the car on a parking lot, two blocks away from the HumEnh headquarter. Kayra and Rose remain in the car, while he takes a look at HumEnh. They are quiet. Kayra bites her lip and looks at the dashboard clock every minute.

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The next day, I had to get more groceries. It seemed that Krstl could eat endless amounts of food. She had completely emptied the fridge and told me to get more. “Bring me ten bags of those smoked ham crisps!”

When I came home I found her in my room, flipping through some magazines she had found under my bed.

“Hey! You can’t just walk into my room!”

“I can do whatever I want,” she arrogantly replied. “Like this.” She lifted my bed with one hand. “Maybe you should lock your door next time, than I can have some fun reducing it to splinters.” She put the bed back on the floor, upside down.

I tried to snatch the magazines from her hand, but she lifted me into the air with one arm, sat down on the bed and leafed through a magazine with her other hand. “Why do you hide these girls under your bed? Do you like girls with few clothes on?”

I clawed at her arm. “Those are the most muscular female bodybuilders in the world. Give it back!”

She giggled. I hadn’t hear her giggle before; it was a pleasant sound. She brought the magazine closer to her face. “Really? I can hardly see their muscles. These girls are so tiny. I know eight-year-old girls who have bigger muscles!”

I think she didn’t even notice I was struggling to break free. She kept looking at the pictures. It was strange for me. I was looking down past a huge arm, to pictures of women I had once considered to be the most muscular, most sexy women on the planet.

“Why are these little girls standing in such strange ways?”

“It is called posing. It makes their muscles look bigger.”

She nodded. “I see. Otherwise they would be completely invisible.” She stood up and put me back on the ground. She was thinking.

“When we have a new Supreme Princess, she is part of several ceremonies. One of those we call ‘the Fountains of Seed’. The men gather and she shows them how big her breasts and muscles are. She also shows them how strong she is. My grandmother, for example, uprooted a small tree.

Next, the men worship her. The Supreme Princess strides around and she may pick one man to mate. Sometimes she picks someone she already knows; in other cases she selects the best specimen, looking for big muscles, a big penis and his production of seed.”

“Seed? Do you mean…?”

“Yes, of course! They masturbate for her. Which isn’t hard, because she has the biggest muscles and often she has very big breasts. Much bigger than mine.” She looked at me. “Why else would we call it the Fountains of Seed?”

“But… fountains? Isn’t that an exaggeration?”

Krstl frowned. “No, why? Maybe a fountain is something different in this primitive age? What do you call it when a liquid squirts three or four meters into the air?”

I swallowed. “No, that is a fountain all right. But how do they do that?”

She laughed. “What? You mean you can’t do that? Maybe that’s because you are an immature little boy? Maybe you can when you are older and you have grown a bit?”

“I don’t grow anymore.”

“Really? Poor little boy! You boys are so different from the men I know. Their muscles aren’t very big when compared to women’s muscles, but they are much bigger than yours. They are taller too. An adult man is probably one or two heads taller than you are. So it is only natural that their penises are much bigger than yours also.”

“How big are they?” I wasn’t sure if it would be good for my self-confidence to ask this question.

Krstl held her hands apart. “Something like this?” I swallowed. “They are much bigger when they are excited, of course.”

I could only goggle. I imagined myself standing between giants with enormous muscles and dicks, producing buckets full of cum. I started to understand why Krstl treated us as if we were little boys.

And it made sense. When a huge woman and a huge man get a child, the chances are high that their child will be just as huge, and sometimes even bigger. Selecting partners by those criteria would eventually, after thousands of years, result in people who look like Krstl. Natural selection 101.

I was happy she changed the subject. “Maybe I should learn this posing. It’s a good thing when my muscles look even bigger. The men will like that.” She looked at the magazines again, then looked at me. “Teach me how to pose!” she demanded.

“I… I don’t know how to do that,” I admitted.

She sighed. “Why not? Are you sure you were educated? O wait. I understand: you don’t have muscles, so it is no use for you to pose. What do we do now? Do you have schools where they teach how to pose to those people who have some tiny muscles?”

I took her down to the living room and switched on the television. After switching some channels, I found a sports network which broadcasted a male bodybuilding show.

“Well, at least their muscles are a bit bigger than the muscles of those small girls under your bed. But still rather tiny.”

“All I know is that there are some standard poses. Like that one, that is the side chest pose.”

Krstl looked at the screen and tried to imitate it. “Like this?”

“Can you take those clothes off? Otherwise it is a little hard to tell.”

“You like it when women take off their clothes, don’t you?” But she didn’t seem to mind. So one minute later, she stood before the television wearing just her chains. I turned to the tv.

“That’s the rear lat spread.”

“Right.” She turned her back to me, put her hands on her hips and spread her lats. I realized I had not yet seen her back. At least not so close. I also realized she had hardly flexed before. Because her back, which already looked like a landscape with mountains and ridges, started moving: big bulges became even bigger, looking very defined. It seemed like her muscles never stopped growing, until she let out a sigh, relaxed and turned around. “How did that look?”

I could hardly speak after what I had just witnessed.

“Ah. Was it worth a fountain of seed? Or in your case, a drop?” She grinned. “Good! Any other poses?”

So we went through the side chest, the side triceps, abs and thighs, and other poses. She ended with a front double biceps. She looked at me triumphantly as I had to sit down, completely overwhelmed by the sheer size of her arm muscles. “Well, that was interesting. I am glad I learned this!”

The rest of the day, we spent some time with each other. She told me a bit about her world, I talked about mine. She ate a lot and enjoyed watching television, especially romcoms and sports channels. I could just sit next to her for hours. But instead of watching the television, I was watching her.

When Josh and Kev came home, we had dinner. Krstl ate five times more than the three of us together. After that, the four of us got together and thought about stealing a weapon that was powerful enough to kill (or severely hurt) the strongest women in her world. We decided it should be something like artillery or a tank, but how on earth were we going to steal that?

The next day, Krstl complained that she was getting bored with hiding inside our house. So after I had made sure the neighbors were out, she spent several hours in the backyard. She loved sitting in the sun; because of many volcanic eruptions, that had not been possible for many years in her own time. She also chopped some wood for us. Of course, she did it her way. She just tore apart the smaller wood with her hands. For the bigger pieces, she used the axe to split it with one mighty blow. Or she would wrap her big arms around it and apply pressure until it splintered.

I also tried to get her to do some household chores, but she looked at me with disgust. “A princess doesn’t work! She has servants to do this simple work. A princess is only asked to work when her superior strength is required.”

I told her I needed her to lift the furniture, so I could clean underneath. We never do that, of course. But I loved watching her as she had absolutely no trouble lifting our couch and refrigerator. She waited patiently, one hand on her hip, as I took my time to clean the floor, while I admired her muscles and strength from the corner of my eye.

When I told her to unplug the dishwasher before lifting it, she squeezed the plug a little too hard, and it broke. My vacuum cleaner stopped immediately and Krstl let out a sigh. “That felt good! I want more!”

It took me some time to realize she referred to the electric shock she got. After resetting the fuses, I had to try hard to stop her from breaking other plugs. I promised her we would find a solution that would give her permanent electric shocks without blowing the fuses.

So I talked to Kev and with some advice from a friend and the internet, he made a small box with two wires which ended in alligator clips. We plugged it in and connected the clips to Krstl’s fingers. “This is even better than your food!” she declared.

Despite Kev’s warnings, Josh wanted to try it too. The moment he held the clips in his hands, he started screaming and Kev turned it off. Krstl smiled as she took the clips from him. “Was that too much for your weak little body?” she said. “I don’t understand how you can not like this.”

Later that evening, as we were watching a cooking channel, Krstl was sitting on a chair, while electric current was flowing through her body. Suddenly, she took off her hoodie and connected the clips to her nipples. She closed her eyes, her nipples grew even bigger and she had an ecstatic look on her face. While little blue sparks played around her breasts, she started moaning very loudly. She was so loud that we couldn’t hear the television anymore. We didn’t dare to say something about that. The program was boring anyway and it was more exciting watching Krstl, who was half naked and clearly enjoying herself very much.

After a while, she announced she was going to bed and would take the little box with her. I had trouble falling asleep as her loud moans and cries kept going on for a long time.

Two days later, she insisted she wanted to go outside. Even though we argued it was too dangerous, the risk that she was discovered was too high, she still wanted it. “You boys are much too weak to stop me,” she told us. She was right, of course, so we thought about the safest way to get her to see something of the city.

The clothes were really a problem, as nothing was big enough to fit her. She was still walking around in the same clothes she had put on that first day. So we mapped a walk through the city where the chances of meeting anyone were the lowest.

The sun was almost setting that evening when we took her through back roads to the park. Just as we hoped, it was almost deserted. And it was easy to avoid the occasional visitor. Krstl enjoyed the walk and gaped at almost everything we passed. “I am walking through history,” she said.

But after a while she was getting bored and started to play around. When she lifted a pickup truck with one hand, we told her to put it down. Annoyed, she reached out her other hand, picked up Josh and Kev and tossed them into the cargo area. I tried to run away, but even while she was carrying a car, she was much faster than me, so I ended up besides the other boys. She tossed the car into the air a couple of times before putting it down again. “That was fun,” she said. We gave her a weak smile, and I wondered what the owner would think when he found back his truck, several streets from where he had parked it.

When we were in the park, Krstl went wild. She started running and jumping. She was like a dog that has been kept inside for a week at its first time outside.

“Wow, look at her,” Josh said. “She could easily win a dozen Olympic medals!”

It was true. She was running extremely fast, and her jumps were gigantic. She easily crossed a pond; I estimated it was 30 yards wide.

After a while she settled down a bit. “That was good,” she said, without showing a bit of fatigue. “I want to do this more often.”

“Well, we can, although…” Josh started, but Kev interrupted him.

“Get back! Someone is coming this way!”

We quickly left the path and hid behind some bushes. Just in time. A jogger ran by. I watched her as she vanished in the distance. She had strong legs, firm buttocks, a narrow waist and broad shoulders. Wait. Was it…

“Was that Mel?” Kev asked.

“Who is Mel?”

“O. Just someone I used to know,” I said after a moment. “Let’s go home, shall we?”

As we walked back to our house, making sure nobody saw us, I kept thinking.

Mel and me grew up together. I have seen her evolve from an athletic tomboy into a muscle-clad beauty. We became a couple when we were 15, we went to the same college. Sex with Melanie was like a dream come true. At least it was in the beginning. Even when things went clearly out of hand, it took me a long time to break up with her, as I could hardly stand the thought of not being with her anymore.

I didn’t sleep much that night. When I went down to the kitchen around 4, I saw that Krstl was still watching television, eating a steak and enjoying the electric current running through her. “Shouldn’t you cook that?”

She looked at the steak. “No, why?”

I shrugged. “Can’t sleep?”

“I don’t need much sleep”, she answered. “And you?”

I lied and told her I just woke up and wanted a snack. I fetched some milk and cookies and sat beside her for some time. I could feel her watching me every now and then, but she didn’t speak.

Sometimes, living in a house with a future princess is a bit similar to living with a whimsical teen. The big difference, of course, is that you can’t ground a future princess, or punish her in any other way, because she is super strong and sometimes ill-tempered. That also makes it a little risky to say ‘no’ to her. Like Kev experienced earlier, when he took the last pizza, and refused to share it with her. She marched to his room, broke the door and crushed his Disney pin collection between her bare hands.

She apologized afterwards, when she saw he was almost in tears. It was all settled, but since then, we thought twice before we said ‘no’, when she asked something outrageous from us.

So when she wanted us to arm wrestle her the next morning, we stayed at home, even though we should be going to college. And even though it was completely ridiculous. The three of us were hanging on to her left hand (‘that’s my weak arm’) with our whole weight, and we couldn’t move her arm even a fraction of an inch.

She smiled at us. “Have you boys started yet? I am ready when you are!” We couldn’t answer her, because we needed all our breath to pull at her arm.

“I am starting now,” she announced, and she flexed her muscles, making her bicep grow even bigger. It was no wonder that we couldn’t move her arm, because her upper arm was bigger than our three arms combined. She slowly brought her arm down, and there was nothing we could do to stop her.

“I win!” she cheered. “Let’s do it again!”

We groaned. “But you already beat us forty times!” Josh panted.

“Forty-two, to be precise. Yes, but maybe it will be different this forty-third time? You never know!”

“But Krstl! We will never beat you. You are much too strong for us!”

“Really? You are such weak little boys! But you are right, I am very strong. I’ve beaten three men at a time once, in my own time, where men have muscles.” She flexed her upper arm and rubbed her bicep. “Well, one last time then! If you boys don’t exercise, you will never become stronger.”

Once again, we obeyed. Even though it was humiliating, I also enjoyed being so close to her muscle-packed body and to experience her superior strength. Hell, she could singlehandedly beat our complete frat house, I thought. Then an idea came to my mind.

“IAN! Are you all right?”

“Fuck Mel, what are you doing here??”

“I was so worried about you! I had this strange idea that you were in the bushes in the park last night. And then you sent me this strange message.”

I regained my senses a bit and tried to hide Krstl from Mel’s view by standing up and moving between the two. That was a ridiculous movement, because my body should be three times broader than it is to accomplish that. The only result was that Mel saw Krstl.

“O. My. God. Who are you? You are fucking huge!”

Krstl shoved me aside with one finger. “Hi. I’m Krstl. I sent you that message.”

I looked at Mel’s phone. “CM HR NW. N”

“Wait. What? YOU sent that? With my phone?” She nodded. “Do you know how to use my phone?”

Krstl rolled her eyes. “Do you know how to use an Atari 2600?”

“Let’s all sit down, okay?” Josh suggested. “Good. Now, before we say anything else, you must understand that you cannot tell anyone about Krstl. Mel? Mel?”

Mel had been staring at Krstl and turned her head to Josh very slowly. “O, sorry. Yes, I understand.”

So we told her everything we knew about Krstl, leaving out her temper and arrogance. When we were finished, Mel was still staring at Krstl.

“Why did you send me this message?”

“Because Ian hasn’t slept this night. I heard him crying several times, and I think that is because of you. So whatever has happened between the two of you, I think it is time to settle this.”

Mel looked at me. “Ian, is that true?”

I couldn’t speak, so I was glad that after a minute of silence Kev said: “Maybe you need time. Let’s not rush it.”

“Okay,” Mel said slowly. “What were you guys doing when I came in? It looked a bit weird.”

“O, we were trying to beat Krstl at arm wrestling,” Josh said. “Do you want to try too?”

Mel looked at the enormous arm that Krstl placed on the table and swallowed hard. “Maybe another time?”

“Hey! I’ve got an idea!” I said, as I remembered what I had been thinking about earlier. “Why don’t we make Krstl part of the fraternity theme party? They have never seen someone like her before. It will be epic!”

“You mean, like a princess party or something?” Josh suggested.

“Yes! Great idea!” I gave him a high five.

“Wait. Guys!” Mel said. “Just a minute ago you told me that Krstl is a secret, and now you want to show her to a crowd?”

I waved my hand. “No problem. We’ll make them hand in their phones, so there will be no proof. And who will believe a bunch of drunk students talking about a woman with super muscles?”

Mel gave me a doubtful look. “Krstl, what do you think?”

“Just think about it,” I said before she could answer. “A whole crowd of young men, admiring you, treating you like a princess.”

“I AM a princess,” she said. “But I will only do it if Mel joins me.”

“Me? But why?”

“Because I need you. It is not decent for a princess to be with a whole group of men without a companion.”

When Mel had agreed, Kev asked: “Where will the party take place? We must make sure it is a place where there will be no uninvited guests. Somewhere outside the city?”

Josh said: “You know the military base in the desert? The army has abandoned it, and they are trying to sell it. I’ll call my uncle Jason, maybe we can use it.” He walked out of the room and returned a few minutes later. “Yes! If we behave, we don’t ruin anything and we stay near the hangar, we can use it for one night.”

I left for an emergency meeting with the other guys; after all, we had only five days left and there was still a lot to do. Three hours later, for the first time, we closed our meeting satisfied. I arrived back home around nine in the evening and was surprised that Mel was still there.

“I was about to leave,” she said.

The days went by in a haze. Organizing the princess party kept me busy and I wasn’t home most of the time. When I came back again one evening after a whole day of party preparations, I saw Krstl and Mel setting at the table, sharing a big bag of crisps. They didn’t notice me, and I watched them for some minutes. Mel was wearing a sleeveless shirt, leaving her muscled arms bare. I sighed. So many times, I had been able to touch and caress those arms; to experience the power contained in them.

Mel looked up, saw me and left soon after that.

I went to bed early. When I was about to fall asleep, Krstl knocked on my door and came in. She sat down on my chair, which protested with a loud sound. She took my football from the shelf. “Hi,” I said sleepily. “You’ve been together with Mel a lot these days. Why?”

“O, you know. Just girl’s talk,” she said. “It is nice to talk to another woman now and then.” She fumbled with the ball. “She has told me a lot about you. About you and her.”

I frowned.

“And she feels sorry. She didn’t mean to hurt you, but she loves her power and she loved showing it to you. She now understands she was wrong.

You know, it is very intoxicating to be powerful. It makes you feel in control. It makes you want to use your strength, to show off. I know this feeling so well.” The ball exploded between her hands. “Oops. Sorry.”

“No problem. I didn’t use it anyway.”

“So. That’s it. That’s what she wanted you to know. Also, she told me about the things you like.” She started to undress. “And as it happens, some are the same things that I like very much!”

I had to squeeze myself. The biggest muscle girl in the world was standing in my bedroom, naked except for the metal chains she always wore. Was I dreaming?

She walked to my iPod and flipped through the songs. When she had found a Celine Dion song, she started posing. At first, her expanding muscles pushed my furniture aside, so she had to make some room. It took her only half a minute to move my cupboards and desk.

Of course I had seen her pose before, but this time, my jaw dropped. She had always been massive, but she seemed so much bigger now. Her arms were thicker than my chest, her legs were beyond description, her abs looked they were made of steel.

“Krstl, what…?”

“Ssh,” she said, as she approached me. “We will talk another time.” She removed my blankets and tore my pajama bottoms apart, so my erection was revealed.

She posed a bit more until I produced a fountain of seed. With a small smile she picked up her clothes and left my room. I fell asleep soon after that, Celine Dion still singing.

The nights after that, she repeated this little ceremony. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even though I have my doubts about Celine.
The future princess, 2
The second part of the story about Ian and Krstl. Krstl is an incredibly strong and muscular princess from the year 13225, who has travelled back to our time to find a weapon. Here is the first part:  The future princess, 1
The highway was dark and deserted and I was feeling gloomy. That weekend I had visited my parents with several bits of bad news. I was falling behind in my business studies and I was seriously considering changing to another course, maybe even at another college. Also, Melanie and I had broken up.
Of course, my parents weren’t happy with both issues. My mother showed her compassion with our break-up, but my father was annoyed because Mel is the oldest daughter of Tim DeWinter, the richest man in our town. I have always suspected my father of being a little bit of a snob. He threatened to stop paying my expenses.
With the music playing softly, I let my mind wander about Melanie, my study course and the fraternity theme party I had promised to organize. There were only ten days left, everybody had been invited, but I still had no idea what to do with it.
I saw a flash in the distance ahead of me. I didn’t remember weather forecasts about thunderstorms, but I slowed down a bit
 and here is the third part:  The future princess, 3
We had agreed on a dress code for the party: a prince or a princess outfit. But what should Krstl wear? We all agreed that the hoodie wasn’t princess-like. And that the chains were a little kinky. Krstl said that we couldn’t tell her what to do because she was a powerful princess, and lifted us into the air with one hand. Then Mel told her about the Dress Me App: Princess Edition. So I installed the app on my phone and gave it to Krstl. She liked it. She started tapping and swiping. Some minutes later, Josh joined us. He couldn’t stop laughing. Krstl had just sent the invitation to use that app to all of my contacts. Great.
She swiped through many outfits, and finally settled for something which came the closest to a ceremonial princess outfit in her own time. To me it looked like some kind of asymmetrical bikini, with a purple top and a green bottom. Mel took her measurements, and filled them in the app on my phone.
The next day, I got a call. “Good morning sir

My new year's resolution is to finish existing stories before I start new ones, so I am doing fine until now. I am not sure if I can keep that up, though.

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When Kayra returns at the beginning of the evening, little Rose rushes up to her and wraps her arms around Kayra’s thigh. “You’re back!” She looks up to the things that Kayra is carrying. “What did you bring for me?”

“Hey little one! I am sorry, I just picked up some stuff for myself. Next time, okay?”

Rose looks a little sullen. “Okay. But I’m not little!”

“Well, as soon as you can completely embrace my leg with your arms, I’ll stop calling you little.”

“But your legs are super thick!”

“I know.” She winks at the girl and flexes her thigh, making the muscles move under her skin. Her leg becomes even bigger.

“Wow,” the little girl says as she stares as Kayra’s incredibly big leg. The super woman smiles.

Kayra walks on and brings her stuff to Josh’ trailer. She puts on some of the clothes she borrowed from Mrs. Armstrong. “I have to be careful not to flex too hard,” she tells herself. Then she goes outside to check on the work that is done during her absence. She sees Josh.

“Hey, Kayra, you’re back! I can’t wait to hear what you have done today. But for now, can you please move this container a bit closer to the building area?”

She lifts the container with one hand. “I don’t understand why you don’t do it yourself. This puny container weighs almost nothing,” she teases. Josh moans and rubs her bulging bicep. She winks at him. “I had four orgasms today,” she whispers. She had two more on her way back home, devastating many acres of forest.

Josh stares at her. “Wow.”

Kayra licks her lips. She pumps the container a couple of times. She is getting excited again. “It feels so good! I could play with myself all day,” she says. She lightly touches his crotch with her free hand and smiles. Josh moans. “Kayra, please!”

“Come on, let’s go and have some fun. We have some time left before dinner,” she says as she puts down the container. She takes his hand and pulls him into the forest. He pretends to be struggling. Kayra doesn’t even notice and stops when they are out of sight.

“I missed you today,” Josh tells her.

Kayra giggles. “Silly you! I have only been away for some hours!” She kisses him on the mouth. “What did you miss the most about me?” She flexes her bicep. “My huge muscles?” She wraps her arms around a very big tree and simply pulls it out of the ground. “My inhuman strength?” She pumps the tree a couple of times with one hand.

Josh goggles at her and runs his hands over her bicep. “Oh Kayra,” he whispers. “You are so strong, so sexy… I want you. Now!”

Kayra tosses away the tree and quickly takes off her clothes. Josh does the same, but he has trouble unzipping his pants, so Kayra rips the whole thing in two. She gives him an appreciative look. “Ah, I can see you really want me!”

Josh looks at the naked super woman in front of him and sighs. “I don’t think I have ever been as long and hard as this before!”

Kayra carefully takes him between two fingers and guides him to her abs. She fits it into the deep ridge between her abdominal muscles and starts flexing and unflexing them. Josh is completely astounded by her muscle control and the size of her muscles. She is giving him a feeling he has never had before. But Kayra is not finished. She slowly brings up an arm. As he stands very close to her, he can see every detail of her enormous bicep and triceps. Every striation, every fiber, every vein. He puts his hand on the muscle mountain.

While she continues moving her abs, she kisses Josh on the mouth. It is too much for him. His senses overload completely. He shakes and spasms for almost a minute. Kayra wraps her arms around him and whispers sweet words into his ears. Very soon, Josh feels he is getting hard again. This time, she lifts him up with one hand and uses her tongue and mouth to excite him.

The third time, she guides him inside. He thrusts as hard as he can, while she stimulates herself by pinching her nipples. She moans and is starting to get hot. Much too soon for her, it is over. Josh stops moving and falls down on the ground, completely exhausted. She covers his naked body with some clothes and then moves further into the wood, where she gives herself a thundering climax. And another one.

When she stands up again, she sees that the forest around her is destroyed. Many trees have fallen down, there are several fires and she is in a deep crater. She extinguishes the fires and walks back into the direction where she has left Josh. She finds him at the edge of the devastated area, his eyes wide. “That was terrifying! All those trees were falling down, the earth was shaking and the temperature was rising!”

“Yes, that is what happens when a super strong woman gets excited,” she says with a smile.

“Does this happen every time you have an orgasm?”

Kayra shrugs her shoulders. “Yes, more or less. I also made steel melt, and I crushed some boulders out of existence,” she says. “O Josh, this feels so good! I could have gone on for hours, but I know there are things to do.”

As they put on their clothes, Josh says: “It is sad that I will never be able to share the experience with you. I am much too weak to withstand the power of your passion.”

“Yes, that is a shame,” she admits. “But I love you anyway. You are my small weak puny lover!”

“And you are my big strong muscle woman!”

When they return in the village, dinner is ready. “Why are you walking around in your underwear?” Rose asks.

Josh blushes. “Uh… Oh, I had a small accident. It ripped.” He hurries to put on new clothes.

During dinner, Kayra tells the others what has happened at Strongarms, that afternoon. About the DVD she found.

When the children are in bed, the adults gather in front of Josh’ trailer. They sit around the TV screen that Kayra has brought. Everybody tries to sit next to her, so they have the chance to accidentally touch her muscles.

“I hope this DVD will give me a clue about where I come from, and why I am what I am,” Kayra says, as she starts the movie.

It is some kind of commercial. It looks very professional and smooth. “Through the ages,” a deep voice says, “mankind has always strived for beauty and perfection. Men and women have struggled for hundreds of years with the limitations and imperfections of their body.

But today, with modern technology, we can remove these limitations! Since 1962, HumEnh has provided enhancements to thousands of people. With over 50 years of experience, we are the leading company in the field of human enhancement. Several scientific breakthroughs have made the impossible possible. Today, there are no limits to the things that we can do for you.”

Some people in the audience gasp as images of enhanced people are shown. Women with incredibly long legs; a man with fur all over his body; a woman with an ultrathin waist; a man with a tail; women with huge breasts; a man with a giant penis; a woman with purple hair; men and women with huge muscles.

“These are just some examples,” the voice continues. “If you have other wishes, please contact our sales representative.

We are very proud to show you our biggest achievement so far.” The audience cheers as an image of Kayra is shown. She is completely naked; her bulging muscles are glistening. The camera zooms out to show she balances a train engine on her outstretched arms. “Kayra is perfect in every way. Let us show you how she became the super woman she is now.”

The television shows a video of a very young girl. Even though she is only
one or two years old, everybody recognizes Kayra. Despite her young age, her whole body is covered with thick muscles. The small muscle girl is effortlessly lifting and bending a large steel girder, making it very clear she has always been super strong. In the next shot, Kayra is about six years old and lifting a car above her head. She has a bored look on her face. Her muscles are bulging.

Then, the screen goes black. Music starts and the camera fades in. It shows a large space, surrounded by high walls. Within these walls are about 50 or 60 men. They all look very strong and they wear orange uniforms. Some are talking, some are walking around, some are fighting. Then, they all look up. A crane lifts a big barred cage over the wall and puts it down. The men all gather to look what’s inside. Because there isn’t enough room for everyone, there is more fighting and arguing. The strongest men end up against the bars.

In the cage lies a girl. She seems to be sleeping. Her body is covered by her long hair and some kind of leotard, so it is difficult to see what she looks like. Some men reach through the thick bars, trying to grab the girl, but she is too far away. One man tosses small stones at her, trying to wake her up, but she doesn’t react. Some of the men get bored and walk away from the cage. Others stay and keep looking at the girl. It seems as if they haven’t seen a girl for a long time.

Finally, the girl moves. She sits up and some men step back in disgust. The girl is about eleven years old, but her muscles are insanely big! Not in the least worried by all these men staring at her, the young girl walks up to the bars. Some men on that side claw at her body, but she doesn’t seem to notice. She puts her hands on two bars and moves her hands apart. The thick bars bend at her will, she doesn’t even seem to strain. The men all look at her with their mouths open. They simply cannot believe what is happening.

The muscle girl steps out of the cage and looks at the men with a bit of disdain. Three try to attack her. They wrap their arms around her and try to push her to the ground, but Kayra doesn’t move. After she has let them try for half a minute, she reaches out her hands and grabs two of the men by their necks. Even though they both weigh over 200 pounds, she has no trouble lifting them completely off the ground. She smashes their heads together and tosses their limp bodies towards her third attacker, leaving them all unconscious. She picks them up and lifts them above her head with just one hand. She walks back to the cage and shoves the men between the bars she has just bent apart.

Kayra crouches down and grabs the bottom of the cage. She lifts it into the air. It is an incredible sight: the small girl with huge muscles, holding the heavy cage in the air. She pumps it a couple of times, making her muscles bulge even more. She turns around, giving the remaining men a cold look. They cower in fear, now they start to realize who they are up against.

Kayra turns the cage around, so the opening between the bars she has created faces skyward. She drops the cage and calmly walks into the direction of the other men. Even though the men are all very strong and muscular, and they completely outnumber the small girl, they all run away from her. They are absolutely sure they don’t stand a chance against this super-muscular monster girl. But there is nowhere they can go. They are surrounded by walls that are too high to climb.

Ten men gather in one of the corners. As Kayra approaches them, they all attack her. But their attempt is futile. She quickly picks them up and tosses them in all directions like they are dolls. Some men manage to stand up and limp away, others don’t move anymore. Kayra piles them up and walks back to the cage. She flexes her thighs and jumps, carrying the whole bunch of men. She throws them down between the bars and jumps off to hunt for the next group of men.

As they have seen what the super girl is capable of, some men surrender and drop to their knees as she approaches. Some are crying. But the young girl shows no mercy. She wraps her arms around their chests and squeezes the air out of them until they are unconscious. Every prisoner is brought to the cage, until there are only a few men left. Kayra walks up to them and starts posing, making it perfectly clear that her young muscles are bigger than theirs. She ends with a most muscular pose that looks so frightening that the men start running for their lives.

Once again, Kayra shows them her superiority by easily outrunning them. In a flash, she grabs the biggest man, who is about 7 feet tall and weighs more than 300 pound, lifts him overhead and tosses him at the other men that are running away from them. They fall down like pins on a bowling lane.

When she has put the last man in the cage, she bends the bars back to their original position and jumps down. She lifts the cage containing all the men. It has taken the young super girl less than five minutes to defeat all these big, strong men.

“Wow,” some people in the audience whisper, while their eyes are glued to the screen.

In the next shot Kayra is a bit older, thirteen or fourteen. Soldiers fire at her with their machine guns, but Kayra doesn’t move as the bullets bounce off her perfect skin.

Another shot: Kayra is about sixteen and has huge chains attached to her wrists. On the other end of the chains are two battle tanks. They rev up and drive away into opposite directions. But they don’t get very far, because Kayra’s far stronger body is stopping them. She doesn’t seem to be bothered as the two heavy machines try to tear her in two. After she has let them try for some time, she slowly pulls the tanks towards her. They are not able to resist her incredible strength.

To demonstrate how easy this all is for her, Kayra walks away and the two tanks have to follow her, even though they try to go into the other direction at full speed. After the drivers have stopped the engines and have left the machines, Kayra tears the tanks apart with her bare hands. It looks like it is as easy for her as tearing a sheet of paper.

The deep voice returns: “Despite her unbelievable strength and muscle size, Kayra is completely obedient. She will do whatever you wish. It can be as eccentric as you like. And you don’t have to be afraid to harm her!” The video shows some examples.

Some people in the audience look away in disgust. “Why would someone want to do that?” one woman spits out. But the others keep watching, fascinated by Kayra’s body and strength and how she can effortlessly turn all kinds of objects into scrap with literally every body part.

As the video shows Kayra satisfying three men and three women at once, the voice says: “Kayra can be yours. For fifteen minutes, for an hour, for a whole day she will do whatever you want, she will be whatever you want her to be. Please call our representative and discover the many faces of Kayra!”

The video shows a telephone number while in the background, Kayra poses and performs several feats of strength. Then, the video stops.

It is quiet for a minute. “Now that was a really hot video!” one of the men says as he looks at Kayra with admiration and lust in his eyes. Others nod and agree.

She smiles at him. “Thank you. Maybe it has given you some ideas? Would you like to try them out?”

“S… Sure!”

Kayra flexes her thick arms. “Well. What are we waiting for? Let’s have a sex orgy tonight!”

Nik was watching a female bodybuilding contest on television. He looked down at his own skinny body. “Damn, these women are all so much bigger than me; they are simply huge! Imagine what they can do to you with all those muscles,” he said to himself.

Then, his girlfriend Nelli burst through the door. She was angry, Nik could tell. He turned off the sound of the television. “What’s the matter, honey?”

Nelli rolled her brown eyes. “Argh! It’s my parents again!” He remembered she would visit them.

“They still think I’m their little girl.” She kicked her shoes in a corner and landed on the couch next to Nik. She put her feet in his lap and Nik started to massage them. He thought about making a joke, and tell her that with her 1.57 m, she wasn’t really a tall girl. He doubted she would think it funny, so he asked: “What happened?”

“The same as always: they tell me I’m too young to live with you, this house is a mess, the neighborhood is bad, you are no good for me, you have no regular income, you are skinny and weak, you cannot protect me, I deserve much better than you, I should come back and live with them, I should go back to college, blah blah blah.” She paused for a second because she was out of breath. “Damn, I’m 20! I am an adult! I am not a little girl anymore! Some of the girls from my high school year already have children! Why can’t they see that? We live our own lives now! I am in love with you and I will never leave you!”

Nik kept quiet. He knew what her parents said about him. They had said it to his face numerous times; that is why he never visited them anymore. Still, he didn’t like to hear what they said about him. He shifted his attention to Nelli’s big feet again.

“I am so fed up with them,” Nelli continued her rant. “I think…” She paused. When she continued, she had calmed down: “Yes. I think the time has come.” She took a deep breath and stood up. She walked to their bedroom.

“What the…?” Nik muttered. He turned to the TV again, where the female bodybuilders were still showing off their big muscles.

When she returned, Nelli had put on her favorite black dress. Nik was surprised. He always loved it when she wore that dress. He looked her up and down. Her pretty, rounded face, framed by long brown hair. Her feminine curves, that were accentuated by the dress. She would sometimes call herself ‘chubby’, but he loved every bit of her. Especially her large feet.

She leaned against the doorpost and asked in a seductive voice: “Well Nik. What do you think?”

“You are stunning,” he stammered.

She smiled. “Thank you, sweetheart. But that’s not what I meant. Don’t you see something special?”

Nik looked again. Then he noticed. “Your necklace! Is it new?”

“Good boy! But no, it isn’t new. In fact, it is old. My godmother gave it to me when I turned 12.”

“I’ve never seen it before. It’s beautiful!”

“She told me to save it for a very special occasion. It has special powers, which only work for three hours. And I have to use it before I turn 21.”

“Special powers?”

She nodded. “It can transform my body, my godmother told me.”

Nik snorted. “Yeah right. And your godmother is a witch?”

Nelli hesitated. “Well, I didn’t know her very well. She was rather old when she gave this necklace to me and she passed away a couple of years ago. But hey, we can always try, can’t we?”

“Of course. How does it work? Do you have to dance in the garden at full moon?”

“Don’t mock me. I just have to wish, my godmother said. I’ll try just a tiny transformation first.” She closed her eyes for a moment. “Aaah!”

“Wait. What happened? I didn’t see anything?”

“Didn’t you? Well, let’s see. Do you dare to armwrestle me?”

Nik and Nelli used to armwrestle every now and then, they both liked that. Nik was about 15 cm taller than her, but he was skinny, physically not very developed. He won most of the times, but he sometimes lost too. And he secretly enjoyed losing.

“Sure,” he said, even though he didn’t know why she changed the subject. He walked over to their teak dining table. She was already sitting there, rolling up her sleeves.

“Come here, weak young man. I’ll show you what I can do with my improved body.”

“Huh, I don’t see any differences,” Nik said. He gripped her hand. Did Nelli squeeze a bit harder than she used to? “3, 2, 1, start!” He tried to push her down, but found he couldn’t move her hand. He looked at her. She smiled at him, and then looked down at her arm. He also looked down. Did her arm look a bit bigger than before? Had that tiny curve on her upper arm always been there?

As he was looking, he could see her upper arm grow. The tiny curve turned into a more pronounced curve. What was happening?

“You should try a bit harder, Nik,” Nelli told him. “I think you are a bit distracted. I can hardly feel you pushing.”

Nik shook his head. He pushed harder, drops of sweat appeared on his forehead, but Nelli just kept smiling. She shook her head. “I suppose this is the best you can do,” she said. “But it’s not enough! It looks like you are no longer the strongest person in this house.” Slowly, she pushed his hand down. It didn’t look like she was straining very hard.

“Yes! You will never be able to beat me again, Nik! I am the strongest now! And I am just becoming stronger and stronger!” she shouted as his hand touched the table. He released his grip and shook his hand. On the other side of the table, Nelli flexed her biceps. The muscles looked like they had grown again.

“What’s happening?”

“I just grew some muscles. Do you like them? I know I do!” She looked very happy indeed.


She looked at her arms, and then back at him. “Maybe I should grow them some more?”

“Can… can you do that?”

“Of course! The next three hours, I can do exactly what I want. Turn myself into the perfect woman. A woman who can take care of herself.”

“Well, I wouldn’t mind if you grew more muscles,” Nik admitted.

“I hoped you would say that. You make me very happy!” she said. She put her elbow back on the table. “Do you want a rematch? You can use two hands if you want. That will make it more even.”

Nik swallowed. Her arm kept growing. Blue veins appeared beneath her skin. He wrapped both hands around her small hand. He tried to slam her down by surprise, but her hand just moved a bit, before she stopped him.

She giggled. “You almost got me there, Nik. I’ll grow some more muscles so you won’t be able to do that again.” She closed her eyes, as if she was concentrating. Her bicep expanded and became a solid ball of girl muscle.

Nik took a deep breath and poured all his strength in both his arms, but found he couldn’t move Nelli’s arm anymore. “Have I become too strong for you?” she teased. “Look at your skinny weak arms. Mine are much bigger now!” She flexed her free arm to prove her point. As he watched in amazement, her muscle kept on growing, until it was the size of a baseball. “Just imagine what I can do with these muscles!” she said. Then, she slammed his hands down on the table.

“Ouch!” Nik sucked his hurt knuckles.

“Sorry. I don’t know my own strength, I think.”

“How… How strong are you?”

“Twice as strong as you, apparently. Or even more. So I can’t test my strength against you anymore, you are too weak for me now. Let me see…” She scanned the room. “I know!” She crouched down and disappeared under the table. “Stand back Nik. I don’t want you to get hurt.”

He backed up. His jaw dropped as he saw the table slowly rise. He knew it weighed over 70 kilo. They had maneuvered it into the house with four.

“Aah!” Nikki stretched her knees and held the heavy table on her outstretched arms. She looked at her boyfriend triumphantly. “Look Nik! I have become really strong! This table is rather heavy to me at this moment, but I’ll grow more muscles until I can lift it with ease. Watch me!”

She didn’t have to say that. Nik couldn’t take his eyes off his powerful girlfriend who grew more muscular by the minute. He saw that muscles had appeared on her legs, chest and shoulders too.

Nelli laughed. “Stop drooling, Nik! Do you know how it feels to be so strong? Look what I can do now!” She started pumping the table by crouching down and stretching her legs again. Nik stopped counting after 20 reps. It looked like it became only easier for her. After a while, she used just her arms to press the table up and down. He saw that her arms were growing once more. Her upper arms were now bigger than a softball!

He stepped back and found a tape measure in the cupboard. He returned to Nelli, who was still lifting the table, with a big grin on her face. “This table has become so light, Nik! I can hardly feel its weight anymore!” She saw the tape measure and stopped pumping the table and held her upper arms horizontally. “Come here!”

Nik had to bend down a little. He wrapped the tape around her bulging bicep. “Wow! It is 35 centimeters!”

“How big is yours?”

He stepped back and struggled to measure his own bicep. After a while, Nelli put down the table and took the tape measure from him. “I don’t think it really matters if you flex or not; there is hardly any difference.” She giggled. “Sorry. I am just teasing you.” She shifted her attention to the tape. “25 centimeters.” She dropped the tape.

“Well, not everybody can have guns like these!” Once more, she flexed her bicep. She stared at her own muscle for some moments, clearly enjoying the view. Then she turned to her skinny boyfriend. “Come on, Nik, flex your bicep again. I want to compare our muscles.”

Nik hesitated as he knew what the result would be. But he obeyed.

“Oh Nik! Look at our biceps! I can hardly see yours, while mine is a thick, defined ball of muscle. You are 15 centimeter taller than me, but my bicep is 15 centimeter bigger than yours!”

“10 centimeter Nelli. Mine is 25, yours is 35.”

“It was 35 a minute ago. But it has grown again, and now it is 40!”

“Oh my …!” Nik stared at her flexed bicep. He hadn’t seen her muscle from this close before. It was huge! He saw veins travel across it, and he could almost see the power coursing through them.

“I am so glad my godmother gave me this necklace. I love having big muscles! Do you like my big muscles, Nik? Would you like them to grow even bigger?”

“Can… can you do that?” Nik stammered. It was hard to believe her muscles could become bigger.

“Of course I can. I think I have two and a half hour left until the power of the necklace wears out. So we have plenty of time to play. Is there something you would love to see me do?”

“Well, yes. Yes, there is. I would love to see your biceps rip through your sleeves.”

Nelli clapped her hands. “I like that too. I can do that, of course!” She found she couldn’t roll down her sleeves anymore. “I have to make my muscles a bit smaller, or else they would rip the sleeves if I only move one finger.” Even with her smaller biceps, the cloth was straining hard to contain her muscles. She took a deep breath. “Are you ready for this, Nik?”

He could only nod.

“Watch out, I’ll make them explode this time!” She slowly brought up her arms. And as she had said, her muscles grew incredibly fast. It was like they were being inflated. He could hear her dress rip. First, he saw tears in both her sleeves, as the sleeves couldn’t withstand her quickly expanding biceps. They grew from 35 to 50 centimeters in just a few seconds, completely shredding the sleeves.

She grinned. “That was fun. But I am not finished yet.” He saw that her whole body was growing, especially her upper body. Her breasts pushed forward, supported by thick layers of pectoral muscles. Her shoulders grew and her back became wider and wider. Her dress couldn’t withstand all this pressure and ripped on the back as well as on the front.

So very soon she stood before him, the tattered remains of the dress around her waist, wearing just a bikini top on her upper body. He just couldn’t believe the size of her muscles. As he stared, they kept expanding. When the growth stopped, he picked up the tape measure and measured her flexed bicep once again.

“Geez. It is 60 centimeters!”

“Ha! My arm is now more than twice as big as yours! And I am probably four times stronger than you are. Look!” She was standing at the small end of the table and put an orange on it. She gripped two legs and lifted the table into the air, making sure the orange didn’t roll off. It was not just a demonstration of her raw strength, but also of her coordination.

“This is too easy,” she boasted. “Maybe you can sit on the table to make it a bit harder for me?” Nik did so, amazed by his girlfriend’s feat of strength. “Nope. It hardly makes any difference.” She lifted the table and Nik thirty times into the air before she got bored and put it down.

She walked over to the television, where the bodybuilding contest was still going on. She copied the side chest pose from the female bodybuilders on screen and laughed. “These women look like little girls with tiny muscles next to me!”

Nik had to admit she was right. He had thought that the bodybuilders were big just an hour ago, but his girlfriend had freakishly big muscles now. It was no use comparing them to the muscles of the women on TV.

“Can I… Can I feel them?”

“Sure, little man!” she beamed. She walked up to him with both her biceps flexed and kissed him on the mouth. “I want you to enjoy this as much as I do!”

He put his hands on her upper arms and tried to squeeze. “They are as hard as a rock,” he said. He started caressing the huge mounds and moaned.

She smiled. “The best is yet to come!” Soon, he felt the muscles shift under his hands. They were growing again! He ran his hands over them, as they grew to the size of volleyballs.

“I guess they are 75 centimeters now; three times bigger than your pathetic little muscles. And they are incredibly strong! I bet I could armwrestle an elephant now!” She told him to sit on the table again, and this time, she lifted it with just one hand, while she put her other hand on her hip. “This is so easy!”

It was hard to believe for Nik. His girlfriend was still 15 centimeter shorter than him, but in less than an hour, she had turned into a muscle-packed super woman. She put down the table and hit a most muscular pose. Nik was a bit frightened. Her muscles were absolutely huge, her small head almost disappeared between all these mountainous muscles!

“You really like my biceps, don’t you? So do I. But all my other muscles have become enormous too. Look!” She lifted her breasts, so he had a good view on her belly. “I’m not chubby anymore, Nik. Check out my 8-pack!” She twisted her hips, so her abdominal muscles danced underneath her skin. Thick veins disappeared under the remains of her dress.

She lifted the rim of her dress. “And look at my legs!” Nik kneeled down before her, for a better view. Nelli’s thighs where incredible thick and muscular, and so were her calves. Then he felt her hand in his neck. She pushed him down to the ground. He tried to resist, but quickly found it was no use.

“I think you forgot who’s the strongest of us two now, Nik! From now on, I will be telling you what to do. And right now, I want you to kiss my feet!”

He eagerly obeyed. And while he did so, he saw that her feet were growing. He held on to her ankles and covered her feet with his kisses.

“Good boy!” She picked him up and cradled him in her strong arms. He felt very comfortable, surrounded by Nelli’s huge muscles. “You are as light as a feather. And because you were such a good boy, I’ll grant you a wish. What else would you like me to do with my body?”

He thought about that for a minute, so he had some more time to enjoy the feeling of her warm, strong body against his. “Can you grow taller too?”

She put him back on his feet. “Of course! Let’s go outside.”

It was a warm, beautiful night. As they stood on the grass behind their house, Nelli said: “Now I will grow for you. But it only works if you kiss me.”

He looked down at her. “What?”

“Kiss me, stupid!” She pulled his head towards hers. “Hmm!”

While he was enjoying their kiss, he let his hands travel over her upper body. She was unbelievable. Her back was now at least twice as wide as his own, and packed with muscles.

Then, he noticed she was growing. When she was as tall as he was, she broke the kiss. “Goodbye little Nik,” she whispered. “I am the tallest now”. Her head shot up. He had to look up to look her in the eye. Very soon, she was more than 2 meter tall. He was looking at her breasts now. And Nelli kept growing! He had to crane his head up to see her face.

He saw that she wasn’t just growing taller. Her whole body expanded, filling up with mountains and mountains of muscles. Her neck became so thick that the necklace broke. Finally, the growing stopped. He estimated she was just a little under 3 meter now. He was at eye level with her rock-hard abs. Nelli bent down and carefully put her thumb and index finger around his waist and picked him up. “Well, my little boy. Is this what you wanted?”

He was speechless. He could just look down at her gargantuan body. He saw muscles everywhere. She flexed her bicep, which was as big as a barrel.

“I feel so strong now, I am sure I can lift a truck. Probably one in each hand! I want to test my strength, and show you what I can do with my tall, muscular body!” She put him down again and looked around. “Everything here is too light for me. My muscles need a real challenge!” Then she noticed the big oak in their neighbor’s garden. It had always annoyed her, because it blocked the sun in their garden for most of the day.

Nelli crouched down a bit and wrapped her thick arms around the tree. She roared as she straightened her legs. With a low rumble, she slowly pulled the tree out of the ground. “Ha! I am the biggest and strongest person on this earth! No one can stop me!” she shouted. She had to pull a few times before it was completely uprooted. She stepped back in her own garden. “Look at me Nik! Look what I can do now! I am so strong!”

Nik looked at her and couldn’t believe his luck. His girlfriend was standing before him, almost 3 meters tall, sweat rolling off her, each drop caressing her inflated curves, her feet bigger than he could have ever imagined. She was perfect.

Nelli waved the tree around for some moments and then she broke it in half on her gigantic thigh. She glanced down at Nik and picked him up. “We are going to have lots of fun together tonight, little boy. And tomorrow I will visit my parents to show them that I am not a little girl anymore.”

Not a little girl anymore
A rather straightforward FMG story, based on a request by :iconblackusurp: who asked for: "A story about me and my GF, as we are talking about how her parents do not approve me. Then Nelli (my GF) says she will always be by my side and starts her FMG?" I asked for a bit more information, and the end result is this story.

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When she wraps her strong arms around me… When she leans against my back… And the motor is humming between my legs… Those are the moments that matter. And I know it doesn’t get any better than that. We have a professional relationship, Cat and me. As far as you can call us professionals, being a crime fighter who dresses like a cat and her sidekick. Yes, that’s right. Cat & Mouse, that’s us. Everybody in Kleinstet knows us. Everybody admires us. Or should I say: admires her? With her perfect body, which is only emphasized by her tight fit catsuit. She’s the one whose pictures appear in the newspapers. Like the one in today’s paper, where she’s squeezing the air out of a man who had just before robbed an older lady. ‘She easily overpowered him with her lethal legs', the caption says. And sure, I like that picture just as much as anyone else. Or maybe even more. I love to see her quads bulge through the black spandex, to see her apply her strength on another weak man. But why does nobody ever notice me? I am the one who hacked the security cameras in this town. I am the one who wrote the software that recognizes unusual behavior. I am the one who rode us there on my motor. But I know. I am small. I am skinny. I am mousy. So the name ‘Mouse’ suits me well. O, how I wish I was muscular and strong like Cat! If only for one day!


She stared at the picture on the newspaper's front page. The local superhero Cat was lying on the ground, apparently relaxed. Her head rested on her hand, her pronounced bicep clearly visible. And her strong legs were keeping a man in place.

Anne Mary sighed. She stood up and walked over to the full-length mirror, where she studied her reflection. She took off her nightgown and stood there naked. She didn’t like what she saw. Striae on her belly, which had been there for 22 years. She grabbed a small handful of fat around her waist. Even though she went to the gym every now and then, that just didn’t show. She cupped her breasts. They were small, but had started sagging several years ago. Just like the skin under her neck. And her face… Wrinkles. Spots. She had been trying to hide them for ages, but time appeared to have the winning hand. Her hair, cut in a practical bob, was showing many streaks of grey. She had given up dying it.

Of course she didn’t look like a 20-year-old anymore, but not too bad for a woman aged 53. However, Robert seemed to have a different opinion. He worked long hours, sometimes even arriving after she had gone to bed. He would sleep in the guest room then. But even when they shared the bed, their intimacy was gone.

But what could she do? Have a facelift, Botox or implants like some of the other women at the gym? She didn’t want to be an artificial doll.

She sighed again. She dressed and went out to the front street to empty their mailbox. She flipped through the envelopes. A letter from the gym, letters for Robert, an invitation to visit the next race of Daphne, more letters for Robert… And what was that?


Daphne Kaptein was Kleinstet's sweetheart. Everybody in town knew her. She had gained fame when she was rather successful in the heptathlon, and her fame skyrocketed when she decided to switch to sprints. She now competed with the world’s best. And she wasn’t just fast, she was a beauty too. With her long blonde hair and fit, muscled body, her picture could often be found in newspapers and magazines.

She still lived in the town where she was born 24 years ago and she was always happy to stop for a chat, when she was walking from her house to the stadium. So she always left home in time.

She was a bit worried that day. She just heard that one of her competitors had run the season’s best time. She had only five serious opponents, all women from the USA or the Caribbean.

“What are we going to do about that, Bert?” she asked her coach.

He looked a bit surprised. “Nothing. We just do as we have planned.”

“Wouldn’t it be good to spend more time in the gym? To become even stronger?”

“Listen Daphne. Trust me. We have planned this all more than a year ago. And until now, it has worked out just fine. We are right on track for the Olympics. Don’t worry.”

“I know, I know. But if there was some potion that could make me run just a fraction of a second faster, I would take it!”

“Nothing that’s on the doping list, I hope.”

“Of course not. Now, let’s start. I have to be at work at 1.” But her mind wandered off to the letter.


“You know, the usual stuff: work, family… More than enough to keep me busy.”


“She’s getting older, of course. She forgets things, every now and then. But nothing serious. And of course she still misses him.”


“She’s so sweet! I wish I had more time to see her grow up, it all seems to go so fast. But with this big project I really… Hold on for a sec, I’ve got a message on my private phone… That was Hans. He’s really not able to pick up Chaia this afternoon. As if I do have time!”


“Yes, we really should go some time. Although Hans says he’s glad that there’s so much of me, but…”


“Yes, he really said that! But I don’t know when I should… OUCH!”


Men are easier. Just give them some cleavage to look at. We all know their brains are only capable of doing one thing at a time, so they don’t see where my hands are going.

I am not complaining, about my C cup. With a push-up bra I have a lot to show, but I sometimes dream of having a bit more.

That will always remain a dream, I know. It’s hard enough to pay all my stuff right now.

I could use some muscles too. Most of the times they don’t notice what happened until I have vanished. But on rare occasions they do, and I’m in deep shit. Like when…

So, I was really excited when I found this letter in the pocket of the fat lady. Yeah, maybe it’s fake, but I can at least try it.


You have been selected as a candidate for Join2Grow! Join us in this unique experiment of cooperation and growth. The more women participate, the better the results will be. Results may vary, but the effects of this experiment can be threefold:
• breast growth
• muscle growth
• increased strength (even more than the strength increase as a result of bigger muscles)
If you are interested, please go to our website and fill in the form. You can find more details in the folder and on the website.

We hope you will join us!

Kind regards,

Patty Jacobson
Join2Grow Project Manager
Municipality of Kleinstet


“I really hope it will work this time.”

“Come on, Debora, what could go wrong?”

“You know, these kind of experiments… There are so many variables. We just don’t know what is going to happen.”

“But the experiments on mice and monkeys had the desired results, right?”

“They had. But we aren’t animals, you know. And we saw really big differences. We still are sorting through the data to find out which genes cause these differences.

I am really convinced there will be some great results, and we did much more testing than in J1, but it still makes me nervous.”

“Of course you are. But you will see that everything will work out fine. I trust you. You are the best. And you have worked so hard on this, the past three years!”

“It feels that’s all I have been doing… It is so strange to be able to relax now.”

“You should. You deserve it. Hey, why don’t we go out this weekend? Have some drinks, talk, have fun. Maybe even find you someone handsome!”

“Oh, come on. I have been buried in this lab for years. I am sure I look pale and greasy.”

“Debora! Don’t talk about yourself like that! You have a pretty face, you know that. You are tall. And we can do something about your skin.”

“What’s the use of being tall if you have no curves? My length only emphasizes how flat I am.”

“Well… Why don’t you try J2 then? Maybe it doesn’t work on you. But if it works…”

“Shut up! You know I wouldn’t do that. That is not scientific.”

“Come on Debora. Don’t be so boring. Can’t you be a little mischievous? Just once?”

“But what if…”

One city, six lives. Six different women. How will this story continue? It is up to you to decide! Let me know which of the women you would like to grow.

How to vote
Voting is easy. Just tell me in the comments which woman you would like to grow in:
• strength
• muscle size
• breast size
You can also answer the bonus question. This time, the question is: which two women do you want to have a surprise?

So your answer could be:

Strength: Kim
Muscles: Despair
Breasts: Despair
Surprise: Patty & Debora


Strength: Daphne
Muscles: Debora
Breasts: Anne Mary
Surprise: Kim & Despair

See? I said it was easy!

Your four votes start with a value of 4 points. You can increase this value in several ways:
• 3 extra points if you add me to your Deviant watch (if you already watch me, you will receive these points automatically)
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You can vote until 30 November 2016. I will check the watches and the faves on 1 December.

At this moment, I honestly don’t know how the story will continue. I have planned it to be some kind of soap, emotional, with unexpected plot twists and all kinds of relationships between the main characters. If you have any suggestions or requests, please add those to your comments and I might use them.
Also, the story will be a bit slow, especially in the beginning. So don’t expect the women to be huge in the next episode!


Lots of thank to the 13 people who voted! There are nice differences between the amounts of votes the six women received, which will of course show in Part 2. Here are the number of votes that they received:

Kim: 45
Anne Mary: 18
Daphne: 32
Patty: 0
Despair: 0
Debora: 33

Kim: 54
Anne Mary: 25
Daphne: 18
Patty: 0
Despair: 7
Debora: 24

Kim: 38
Anne Mary: 16
Daphne: 9
Patty: 7
Despair: 20
Debora: 38

Kim: 78
Anne Mary: 32
Daphne: 38
Patty: 33
Despair: 27
Debora: 70
Which means that Kim and Debora will receive a surprise in part 2.
Join2Grow 1 (growth drive)
One city, six lives. Six different women. How will this story continue? It is up to you to decide! Tell me which women you would like to grow in strength, muscle size and breast size. You don't have to pay to vote. But if you do, your vote will have more influence. Please read the instructions at the bottom of the story.

It all started that morning when we sneaked into Fuland and ran into an incredibly strong and muscular girl half our age who trashed the seven of us single-handedly.

Of course, we shouldn’t have gone there in the first place. We all knew it was forbidden for us, Mannies. I didn’t want to go, but Dwayne, Jalesha and M’Peri insisted. And let’s face it: there isn’t much to do in Mannyland. That is, if you don’t like using Tranq, betting on dog fights or watching another ‘ball game.

It was the night before one of our few days off and Dwayne told us that one of his older brothers had found a hole in the wall around Fuland. ‘Us’ are Jalesha, M’Peri, Munny, Conchita, Doog and me, Amira. We are between 20 and 23 years old, and we have known each other for all of our lives, because we all live on the 253th floor of the Kennedy 6 Tower.

Early the next morning, Dwayne led us to the hole. I didn’t like it. It looked like the hole had been made recently. The thick steel slab was bent into the direction of Fuland and we couldn’t find any signs of violence or tools. The hole wasn’t big, but big enough for us to crawl through.

I expected a FuGuard every moment. If we were caught, we would be in deep trouble. But the others didn’t listen. I heard surprised cries from the other side of the wall. So I followed them, my heart beating fast.

I forgot all my objections as soon as I entered Fuland. If you have lived in Mannyland your whole life, it is hard to describe what Fuland looks like. It is the emptiness that is most apparent: no crowds, no traffic, no towers. I just saw one low building in the distance. It was surrounded by green, and some smaller buildings. Between the wall and that building was nothing, just a field of grass. It was very green, and larger than any field I had ever seen.

“One million people could live here.” Conchita was thinking about the same thing I did.

I didn’t feel at ease. We seemed to be the only people around, and we were out in the open, where everybody could see us. There was no place to hide. Munny started walking into the direction of the building. We all followed him, spying around.

When the grass ended, there was water. A large rectangle filled with clear blue water. We stared at it. This was such a strange land! What was the purpose of all this water? We talked about it, softly. I turned to the building. It was big. Big enough to house twenty families, I thought. Between the water and the building was more green.

Then, I saw something move in that green. It looked like the head of a young girl. “Someone’s there!” I hissed to the others. We panicked a little, because it seemed there was nowhere we could hide.

“This way,” M’Peri whispered as he sneaked away towards one of the smaller buildings.

“Who is there?” A young girl’s voice behind us. We moved faster.

In one of the small buildings, a door was open. We all hid inside. Dwayne closed the sliding door. It was made of metal, and it made a bit of noise when it hit the door post. He locked the door from inside. It was now completely dark.

“We’re safe here,” Jalesha whispered. “And even if she finds us: we are older, and there are seven of us, so we can easily overpower her.”

She couldn’t have been more wrong.

None of us moved as we heard footsteps approach. “Hello?” the girl’s voice asked. “Who is there?”

It was quiet for some moments and then I felt that familiar tickle in my throat. I tried to ignore it, but I have The Coughs, so I couldn’t. I had a bad fit of coughing.

“Found you!” the voice cheered. The girl fiddled at the door.

“If she can’t open it, maybe she will leave,” Doog whispered.

But she didn’t.

A moment later, there was a loud BANG. The building shook and we all screamed. Suddenly, the total darkness had turned into dusk. What had happened?

“No!” Jalesha stammered. And then I saw it. Two holes had appeared in the steel door, with two small fists in those holes. The fingers stretched out and grabbed the sides of the holes. Did the fingers really deform the metal? Before I could take a closer look, there was another very loud noise and the door completely disappeared.

I blinked at the bright light, confused by everything that had just happened.

As my eyes slowly adjusted to the light, my confusion only increased. In front of me I saw the pretty face of a young girl. She was about the height of Conchita, who is the smallest of us.

But her face and her height were the only thing that were normal about her. The rest of her absolutely wasn’t! Did I mention that she was holding the steel door above her head with just one hand? Well, that was what she did. And then I looked down at her body and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just couldn’t.

Her whole body was covered with muscles. Freakishly big muscles. They were so big they didn’t even look real, like she was wearing a suit or something. But she wasn’t. The girl wore some kind of clothes that hid just a tiny little bit of her grotesque body. Her skin was very pale, almost white.

With a small flick of her wrist, she sent the door flying into the air. I didn’t even hear it landing.

She gave us a smile. “Hello,” she said in a sweet voice. “I am pleased to meet you. My name is Bee-Bee. Do you like what you see? This is quite something else than your scrawny little bodies, isn’t it?” She raised her arms until they were stretched out to the sides.

Her arms were unbelievable. I mean, the arms of us from Mannyland are all more or less the same: straight sticks with almost the same diameter at every point. Bee-Bee’s hands were more or less the same as ours. But her arms were something completely else. They were full of bulges, hills, mountains and valleys. Thick veins crisscrossed everywhere. And her arms were incredibly thick. I couldn’t imagine there were any arms in this world thicker than the arms of this young girl.

But then she started raising her forearms. At the same time, she clenched her fists.

“No. This can’t be true,” Dwayne whispered. Bee-Bee smiled as her arms started swelling. They became even thicker. And thicker. And thicker. Her upper arms were expanding into all directions, especially up. They had been mountainous before she started, but the mountains of muscle on top grew bigger and bigger.

When she was finished, I estimated that her upper arms measured more than a meter around! The girl looked at her gigantic biceps with a broad grin. She is in love with her own muscles, I thought.

She pumped her fists a couple of times and with every pump, her arms seemed to grow even more. Finally, she held her pose and looked at us. I think we all stared at her with our mouths open, completely speechless by this demonstration of her obscene muscularity.

“I love my big muscles!” she told us. “This is what muscles should look like: huge and powerful. Your tiny little muscles are hardly visible, but no one can overlook mine!” She kissed one of the muscle mountains.

Suddenly, her smile disappeared. “You are on private property,” she said in a cold voice. “You all know it is forbidden for Mannies to enter Fuland. So you will be punished.”

Once again, her tone of voice changed. “But… I will give you a chance.” She walked away and stood on a tile next to the water. “If you can push me into the pool, I’ll let you go. I don’t care how you do it, you can try everything you like. If I end up in the water, you are all free to go.”

“That shouldn’t be too hard,” Munny said. “It’s seven against one.” Still, we were a bit hesitant to approach the muscle-packed young girl.

Bee-Bee wasn’t paying attention to us. She moved one of her legs forward and made the muscles grow. She ran her hands over her thigh. Her hands looked so small on that gigantic upper leg!

Most of us stopped to watch that enormous leg in awe, but Dwayne suddenly rushed forward. He bent down a bit, so he hit her on her shoulder with his own shoulder. I expected her to fall into the water, but she didn’t move a centimeter. Dwayne fell to the ground, holding on to his shoulder and screaming.

Bee-Bee looked down at him. “Poor guy! I hope you didn’t break something?” She looked at the rest of us. “Maybe some other of you weaklings likes to try?” She put her hands on her hips and spread out her shoulders. She looked so wide that I was sure she wouldn’t fit through the door of our apartment.

Conchita and Jalesha each started pulling one of Bee-Bee’s arms. The girl didn’t seem to notice. Munny pulled back his fist and punched her in her stomach. I heard something crack and Munny whined in pain.

“You must be glad I didn’t flex my abs,” Bee-Bee said to him. She looked down at her stomach and suddenly, her big squares popped up. You can see those squares on our bellies too, but hers were much more defined, and much bigger. Munny stepped back, scared by her muscle display.

Doog and I started pushing at her shoulders, trying to help Conchita and Jalesha, who were still on her arms. It felt strange. My two hands weren’t big enough to cover one shoulder, and it felt like I was touching stone. Everything under her pale, warm skin felt rock hard and completely immovable. Her face was close to mine and I could see a triumphant look in her big blue eyes. She is enjoying herself, I realized. She is completely sure that even the four of us combined can’t move her!

I started to feel very scared and wondered how strong she was. Then, M’Peri shouted behind me. “Get away!” The four of us did so. I looked at him, and I saw that he was swinging something around, some kind of garden tool with a wooden handle and a metal ending. The metal was moving into the direction of Bee-Bee’s head with high speed.

“Don’t kill her!” I shouted, but the metal already hit her head. To my amazement, her head moved just a little bit. She blinked her eyes a couple of times. Then, her hands flashed and she snatched the tool from M’Peri’s hands. He fell down and she put one of her feet on his back. He squirmed, but couldn’t get away.

The muscle girl took the metal end and moved her hands into opposite directions. She was tearing the metal apart!

“No one can be that strong!” Jalesha stammered. I could hear she was almost crying.

Bee-Bee just smiled at us. She lifted her thigh a bit and broke the wooden handle like it was a dry twig. “I am curious what you are going to try next,” she said, as she lifted her foot.

M’Peri stood back up and shouted: “All together!”

We all ran up to her and pushed at her with all our strength. And still she didn’t move.

“You are so pathetic,“ she said. She sounded like she wasn’t even straining. “There is just seven of you; of course you don’t stand a chance against me. I am by far the strongest girl in the world. I once overpowered twelve adult, male, muscular Fu’s and I have grown even stronger since then.”

She let us try for some minutes more. Then she yawned. “What’s wrong with you? Can’t you move an 11-year-old little girl? Not even with the strength of the seven of you combined? You are so weak! Let me show you what real strength is!” She effortlessly freed her arms and flexed her biceps once more, to emphasize her power. From this close, they looked absolutely gigantic. Her upper arms were much bigger than my head!

Then, Bee-Bee crouched down and wrapped her arms around all of our upper legs. She stood up straight, lifting us all. “You feel like a bunch of feathers,” she giggled. “I can hardly feel your weight!”

As she had us floating in the air, I felt completely powerless, helpless in her strong arms. I looked down and saw that one of her biceps pressed against my thighs. The size difference was shocking. Just her bicep was bigger than my two thighs combined.

I saw her bicep grow even bigger as she started to apply more pressure. It looked like her arms didn’t dent; just our legs did. Her grip became painful and several of us started screaming. Suddenly she opened her arms and we fell on a heap on the ground.

“You didn’t succeed in pushing me into the water, so you deserve punishment for being here. I will play with you and believe me: I will be the only one who will enjoy it!” She picked up Dwayne and Munny, who are the biggest. She did it with ease. She balanced them on her hands for some moments and then she tossed them away. They flew through the air for maybe fifty meters before they crashed down on the grass. They didn’t move.

Jalesha was crying now. “Please don’t hurt us,” she sobbed.

But the muscle girl showed no mercy. “You have to be glad I don’t rip your arms and legs off,” she snarled. “I did that to a burglar once. He deserved it.” Then, she threw Jalesha high up into the air. She fell into the water and I was glad, because I didn’t think she would have survived if she had crashed on the grass.

“She can’t swim!” Conchita cried.

Bee-Bee just shrugged her broad shoulders. “So what? You should have thought about that before you entered here. And you can go and rescue her, if you want.” She picked Conchita up with one hand and sent her into the air too. She landed in the water next to Jalesha. I knew she couldn’t swim either, but I kept quiet.

In the meantime, Doog and M’Peri had sneaked away and they were now running into different directions. Bee-Bee clapped her hands. “Yes! Run! I love to hunt you down!” She waited until they were about hundred meters away. Then she started to run after M’Peri. She ran incredibly fast. I hadn’t expected that, because she looked very heavy. Then I realized she had of course extremely muscular and powerful legs. In just a few seconds, she had passed M’Peri. She ran a few rounds around him before she lifted him with one hand.

His weight didn’t seem to slow her down, as she flashed after Doog. When she was twenty meters behind him, she tossed M’Peri at him. He hit Doog in the back and they both fell on the ground. She approached them to examine their motionless bodies. “Trash!” she said. “That’s what you are. And I will trash you all! I don’t think anyone will miss you. There’s too many of you!”

As she had turned her back to me, I ran to one of the small buildings. I crouched down behind it and I hoped the Coughs would leave me alone for a while.

I heard Bee-Bee shout: “Skinny girl? Where are you? Are you hiding from me?” She was quiet for a minute. Then she continued: “I’ll give you one chance! If you show up now, I won’t hurt you very much. But if you don’t, I have to punish you for being disobedient!”

I resisted the urge to leave my hiding place, even though I was almost wetting my pants. After all, what can she do? I asked myself. Well, I was about to find out.

“Your time’s up! Now I am going to find you and show you how strong I really am!” She was moving, and she was moving fast, because several seconds later her voice came from a totally different place: ”I like this game! Now I can use my muscles to find you. I love using my big, bulging muscles!”

I heard loud thumps and I wondered what she was doing. She spoke again: “I saw you looking at me. I think you are jealous of my wonderful body. Don’t you wish you had big, bulging muscles instead of broomsticks?”

She seemed to go up and down, so I guessed she was jumping high into the air to spot me. I made myself even smaller and wondered how much longer I could hide from her.

“DESTINY!” she yelled.

I was puzzled. Was that some kind of battle cry? Had she found me?

But then she continued talking to me, while she was still jumping. I guessed she was sometimes about 20 meters high. “You are so foolish to resist me. I don’t think you have the slightest idea what I can do with my body. Your body is nothing compared to mine. I am so much stronger, so much faster than you are! I am superior to you in every way. I can do all these wonderful things; even things you cannot imagine!”

I was shaking. What if she had super hearing? And even if she didn’t, I thought my heart was beating loud enough to be heard twenty meters away. But she kept on talking, and I hoped that would hide the sound of my hammering heart.

“You know what your chances are, beanpole? Zero. Don’t think you have any chance against me! I am strong enough to uproot trees, to bend steel and to defeat a 1,000 kilogram bull. I can fight against twenty girls like you and totally slaughter them!”

I pressed myself even more against the building. I was completely terrified and didn’t know what to do.

Then she suddenly landed in front of me. “Found you!” she yelled. Quickly, she flexed her mighty thighs and she was propelled high up in the air, maybe 25 meters. I was afraid she would land on me and squash me. But she didn’t. Maybe she miscalculated, maybe she did it on purpose. Anyway, she crashed down in the building behind me. It exploded from the impact. I was tossed away like a leaf and landed ten meters further. As I checked myself, I was surprised to find just a few bruises.

I stood up and watched the ruined building. Maybe she is unconscious, I thought, and we can get away. But a little voice in the back of my head already warned me not to set my hopes too high.

And that little voice was right. Very soon, the ruin started to move. Stones and metal were pushed away, as Bee-Bee stood back up, her muscular body covered with dust and dirt. She smiled at me. “See? Nothing can stop me!” She picked up a metal beam and twisted it into a knot.

I didn’t wait until she had finished her little demonstration of strength, and ran away. At the same time, I knew it made no sense, as I had seen how easily she had caught M’Peri and Doog before.

I ran for some seconds, and nothing happened. I quickly looked over my shoulder and saw that she was jogging behind me, much slower than she could. She smiled at me. “I am having so much fun with you, I want it to last a little bit longer,” she said. Then she started to sing a silly song: “I am the punisher, I am the punisher. And I’m going to punish you!”

I think I ran faster than ever before in my life, even though I knew it wouldn’t make a difference. I passed Doog and M’Peri and saw they were moving.

I ran on, and then realized I didn’t hear Bee-Bee’s footsteps anymore. So I stopped and turned around. I put my hands on my knees and panted heavily. I saw she had stopped too, but she wasn’t exhausted at all. She picked up the two boys by their necks. She shook their bodies like they were dolls and then she slammed their heads together above her head. Even from where I was standing, I could hear a loud crack.

“You are crazy!” I yelled at her and continued running.

“Maybe I am,” she said. She sounded like she was just one meter behind me. “But I am both crazy AND super strong, so I can do anything I like!”

I gave up. I was completely exhausted and everything hurt. I fell to the ground, panting, and crying from fear.

Strong hands wrapped around my upper arms and I was lifted high into the air like a feather, facing the muscular young girl. “I am a bit disappointed. I hoped you would last longer.” Then she laughed. “Look at you! You are so skinny! One of my arms is bigger than your chest! Don’t you Mannies get something to eat?”

I couldn’t answer. I just kept crying. I hoped she would end it quickly. But she wanted to play with me some more.

“What shall I do with you? There are so many things I can do, it is hard to choose.” She thought for a moment. “Maybe I will rip you in half.” She started pulling at my arms and I felt how easy it would be for her to do so. I kicked her with my feet, but that only made her laugh. “Yes! Fight! That only makes it more fun.”

When the pain became almost unbearable, I felt the Coughs coming up. I didn’t hold back. I coughed and coughed and made sure I did that right into her face. Maybe it was the last thing I could do to damage her. A black blob landed on her cheek.

She let go of me with one hand and used her free hand to wipe her face. Despite everything, I was once more amazed by her enormous strength, by the sheer ease with which she lifted me. She held me with just one hand, but she didn’t seem to strain a bit. She looked at her hand. “That’s gross,” she said. “But unfortunately for you, I am immune to the Coughs. I have been vaccinated.”

Because I was scared to death, it took me some time to realize what she just said. She looked at me and gave me an evil smile. “What? Didn’t you know? Oh, you are such a moron!” She giggled. “Yes, there is a cure for the Coughs. But it is rather expensive, so we don’t waste it on the Mannies. There are so many billions of you, several millions more or less simply don’t matter.”

Bee-Bee didn’t give me time to think about that. She tossed me into the air with her one hand. I was spinning into every direction and I was scared that I would crash down and break all my bones. But that didn’t happen, because she caught me.

“It was fun playing with you, skinny girl, although I hoped you would offer me a bit more resistance. But I should have known that I am way too strong for you: nobody can resist my massive muscles. Now you have to fly!” She tossed me away. I didn’t fly very high, just seven meters or so above the ground, but I flew very far. After hundred meters, I saw the grass coming closer. And closer
The happy few 1: A one-sided fight
Amira and her six friends enter forbidden territory, where they are trashed by an 11-year-old girl with monster muscles.

This story is based on this idea I've been having for a long time: what if I were in a place I didn't know, and I met an extremely strong child that wanted to hurt me? I could try to run, or hide, but I wouldn't stand a chance against the enormous strength of that child.

I used a bit of this idea in 4: Kayra the destroyer, but in this first part of a series, it is worked out into a full story.

:iconstone3d: made the great illustration.

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The next morning, the work continues. After all her work the day before, there is little left to do for Kayra. She fills two more containers with water, and every now and then she pours some water, limestone or gravel out of the containers into the cement mixers. It is remarkable how many men have to be near the mixer just at those moments!

Also, there is a shortage of metal beams to strengthen the structures. They need a lot of those, and the supplier could only sell them a couple. Kayra remembers she donated a pool of metal to the village. Of course, the metal has solidified again. She scoops out the metal with her hands and rolls the lumps of metal into beams of different sizes. The three children join her, to admire her handiwork. Rose also wants a piece of metal to play with and she is a little disappointed when she cannot deform the metal. “But it looks so easy when you do it!” she says. Kayra asks her to make a muscle and shows the girl how small her arms are in comparison to her own. “When you practice a lot and your arms are as big as mine, I am sure you will also be able to play with metal,” she promises.

At noon she has finished her duties and she is getting a little bored. During lunch she says: “I have been thinking about what we talked about last night. I want to find out where I come from. The only lead I have is the company I visited before I came to your village. It is called Armstrong Strongarms.” Some of the men know this company. It is about 200 miles away and relatively easy to find. Josh asks her if she wants him to come with her. “No,” she replies. “I must do this alone. It could be dangerous for you.”

She leaves soon after lunch and it takes her about an hour to arrive at the gate of Armstrong. She confidently walks over to the guardhouse and smiles at the man behind the window. He is surprised to see her. In the first place because he doesn’t see naked, muscular women very often and in the second place because he recognizes her. “Kayra! How nice to see you again! Will you give another great show tonight?” He turns to his computer to see if she is expected.

“No. I have come to speak to mister Armstrong.”

“I am sorry, but he is not home at the moment. And I see you don’t have an appointment, so I am not allowed to let you in.”

Kayra’s smile vanishes. “I think we have a problem. I need to go into that house this afternoon, so you better start solving the problem. I suppose I do not have to remind you of what I can do with my body.”

The guard swallows hard and turns to his officer. The officer obviously does not recognize Kayra and starts yelling at her. “Okay lady. You heard it. You are not welcome here. If you want to talk to mister Armstrong, you better make an appointment and maybe he will talk with you in six months or so. Oh, and I’ll give you some free advice: put on some decent clothes, because mister Armstrong is a decent man and he does not talk to naked broads like you!” The guard tries to stop him and explain about Kayra, but the officer doesn’t listen.

Too bad for him. Kayra says: “Well, then here is some free advice for you: don’t talk like you just did to someone who has bigger muscles than you.” She flexes her bicep and shows it to him. He looks a bit intimidated by the sight of her obscene muscle, but recovers and says: “You may have been taking steroids for quite some time, but that won’t help you against my men and their weapons.”

Kayra laughs. “You silly, puny man. You asked for it!” She makes a fist, smashes it through the bulletproof glass and grabs the man at his collar. In one swift move, she pulls him out of the guardhouse. She lifts him high into the air and lets him dangle for some moments. Then she tosses him over her shoulder and marches towards the steel gate. Before anyone can react, she crouches down and puts her hands under the gate. She rises up and the eight inch thick steel crumples like it is tin foil. She continues to do so until she is standing straight up with her hands high above her head. She flexes her muscles and keeps that pose for a couple of seconds, so everybody can see how extremely powerful she is.

In the meantime, the officer has regained his senses. “Stop her!” he shouts. “Shoot her!” But there is confusion. Some guards have been present at Kayra’s show, others have heard rumors about her unbelievable feats of strength. Those who weren’t sure about the rumors are instantly convinced after she has so easily destroyed the steel gate. So what should they do? Obey their officer? Even if they know they don’t stand a chance against this frightening super woman?

Some guards drop their weapons and sneak away, but others open fire. They are amazed that Kayra just smiles and keeps on walking. Their bullets only tickle her a little bit, and she decides to give the guards another demonstration of her awesome power. She marches to the charged fence and grabs it with both hands. Immediately, 100,000 volts course through her body. She greatly enjoys the feeling, and she rubs her huge breasts against the fence. Blue sparks shoot from the fence to her nipples, causing her nipples to grow a couple of inches and become harder than steel. She is getting excited. She is having such a good time. She reaches down with her hand and doesn’t even notice that the men continue shooting her. Also, new troops have arrived who are carrying anti-tank weapons.

The men fire their weapons, and the rockets explode when they hit Kayra. When the smoke has cleared, Kayra is still standing there as if nothing has happened, but the fence has gone. “Hey!” she shouts. “Look what you did! I was just enjoying the feeling of 100,000 volts.”

She walks up to one guard, takes his weapon and ties it into a big knot. She keeps on walking in the direction of the house. Most of the guards have stopped shooting at her, seeing that fighting this ultra-strong woman is futile. She approaches a garden house and notices that several guards are hiding behind it. Every now and then, a guard leaves the cover to shoot at her and then quickly hides again. She sees other guards running towards the garden house.

“Stop!” she shouts and stamps her foot on the ground, creating a small crater. The earth shakes and most men fall down. She dives into the crater like she is diving into a pool, her hands first.

Kayra can move under the ground just as fast as another person can move above the ground. She simply powers forward, pushing the earth and smaller rocks aside with her super strong body. Bigger rocks she simply breaks with her hands. She loses her orientation a bit, but then she encounters something that looks like the foundation of a house. She supposes it is the garden house. It seems to be built on a large slab of rock.

While still underground, Kayra moves around a bit until she finds another rock. There is a distance of about four feet between this rock and the slab of rock above it. She crouches and moves into the space between the two rocks. She raises her hands, until they touch the slab of rock. She takes some deep breaths and then she pushes out her arms and legs. Nothing happens.

“I can… do this!” she grunts, as she reaches inside herself, searching for more strength. Her arms grow to an unbelievable size; veins bigger than pencils fuel her expanding muscles. Beads of sweat appear all over her body as she pushes harder than she ever did before. Then, she feels that the rock above her is starting to move. Very slowly in the beginning, just a fraction of an inch. But as Kayra keeps on pushing, the slab of rock is starting to get loose from the surrounding earth. She uses the power in her incredible thighs to slowly stand up straight.

The ground is moving, sand and rocks start falling down around her, she can hear a deep rumbling sound. With every passing second, it becomes easier for her to lift the enormous weight. For a moment, she feels the resistance increase, but she straightens her legs and suddenly, it feels like something snaps. It is now much easier for her to lift the huge mass above her and she stretches her arms. She can see daylight in the distance.

She pumps the rock a couple of times, enjoying the feeling of her unstoppable power. She has no idea how big or how heavy the rock is. She looks at her biceps, which are bigger than ever before and she feels she is getting wet. “I am so strong! I can lift enormous weights with my super muscles. O yes!”

She starts walking. It takes some time before she reaches a place where the surface is still intact. She walks further and then quickly puts her arms down. The weight crashes down around her, but she is unharmed. She smashes her way upwards through the rock, until she is back on the surface again.

When she looks around, she sees that she has moved an area bigger than a football field, with the garden house and several trees on it! The guards stare at her, with pure fear in their eyes. But some also with lust, envy or excitement.

With her awesome demonstration of her strength, Kayra has made it perfectly clear that their weapons are insignificant to her, so they all surrender. She decides to show off a bit more. She eats several of their guns like she is having a snack. The remaining guns she presses together until there is nothing left but a crude ball of scrap metal.

She unleashes her strength and uses her fists to smash down the remains of the garden house. She picks up enormous pieces of debris and tosses them miles away.

“Using my strength like this makes me so hot!” she pants. “I have to…” She lays down on the grass and starts playing with herself. The guards have to back up because of the heat that is coming from her. The grass around her starts to burn from the intense heat. The guards run away as she pounds her hips on the ground, causing little earthquakes. Trees fall down in a wide area. She cries out so loud that it can be heard twenty miles around.

When she stands up several minutes later, her surroundings look like a burning inferno. She discovers she is in a smoking crater. She jumps out and says: “So this is what an orgasm feels like! I love it! I’m sure I’ll have many more very soon!” She licks her lips and hesitates for a moment, but then she turns to Armstrong’s house again.

She closes the distance in a few seconds. The thick oak door before her is closed. She walks straight through it, splinters and wood flying around her. Behind the door, three heavily armed men are waiting for her. She puts her arms behind her head and lets them shoot and stab at her for some minutes. She flexes her abs, chest and arm muscles, making her upper body ripple. When she’s getting bored, she lifts two of the men with her hands. She walks forward and pins the remaining man against the wall with her enormous breasts.

She flexes her pecs and the man is lifted into the air, until he is almost at eye level. “You tell me where mister Armstrong is,” she says in a demanding voice.

The man can only stammer.

“Hurry up! I am losing my patience! If you don’t answer me, I will press my breasts together. Or I will push through the wall behind you. It is very easy for me to do so, but I’m sure you won’t survive!” She flexes her pecs a bit more and the man whines in pain.

“That won’t be necessary, honey,” says a familiar voice. Jim Armstrong’s wife is standing in the hallway. “My Jim is in Southeast Asia for a business trip and he will stay away the next week. So we can have lots of time together, you and me.”

Kayra drops the three men and carelessly steps over them as they lay on the ground, panting. She follows Ms. Armstrong to her bedroom. “I thought you were going to visit me, I heard you outside. You were making lots of noise, you naughty young lady!” She slaps Kayra on her butt.

“I am sorry, but I don’t have much time. Do you know if your husband has anything from HumEnh? An address? A phone number? A website?”

“Jim never talks to me about these things; in fact, he hardly talks to me at all anymore. But I can make a guess. But before I tell you, you must do something for me, Kara.”

“Kayra. My name is Kayra. What would you like me to do?”

“Let’s play games! Naughty games!”

“I like that. Do you have a Taser?”

The woman’s eyes light up. “Yes! And a hammer and pincers!”

Kayra smiles. “Excellent! Let’s have fun together!”

Half an hour later, the bedroom is wrecked. The remains of the bed are all around the room. The tools have turned into pools of liquid metal. The older woman is on the floor, exhausted. “You have become even better, sweetheart. Why don’t you stay?”

“I can’t,” says Kayra, who looks as fit as ever. “There’s something I have to find out. Where does your husband keep his valuable things?”

“In a vault of course! Where else? It is in the basement. But it is protected by the latest technology.”

“I think I can handle that,” Kayra says with confidence. She kisses the woman once more and leaves.

She has soon found the entrance to the vault. “Entrance to the vault without permission is extremely dangerous! Enter at your own risk!” a sign says.

Kayra laughs. She looks at the vault door, which is higher than she is. It looks extremely thick. “This puny door can’t stop me,” she says, as she steps forward. Soon her naked breasts touch the cold steel. “Hmm. I love this feeling!” Her nipples harden and make grooves in the door as she bounces her breasts up and down. She takes little steps forward and her breasts make round indents in the vault door. “Nothing can resist me!” she moans. “I am way too strong!”

She just keeps walking until her whole body is surrounded by the metal door. It must be at least four feet thick. She flexes all the muscles in her body and the expanding muscles push the steel away with ease. “Using my strength like this excites me so much!” She reaches down with one hand while she grabs handfuls of metal with her other and smears it all over her body, as if it is moisturizer. As she speeds up, she notices it is getting warmer and that is becoming more difficult to hold the steel in her hand. When she opens her eyes, she sees that the heat of her passion is melting the metal! This excites her even more. When she finishes with a thundering scream, the door is nothing but a pool of boiling metal at her feet.

In front of her she sees a steel corridor, with another steel door at the end. She starts wading through the molten steel. After some moments, she is hit by beams of light. It feels nice and warm to her, but when she looks down, she sees that the molten metal immediately vaporizes as it is touched by a beam. “These must be very strong lasers,” she says. “But of course, I am much stronger!” She basks in the warmth for a moment and shifts a bit so her breasts are hit by the high energy beams, and then she walks on.

The lasers fade out and a liquid starts raining down on her. As the drops touch the ground, the steel floor starts to boil. She catches some of the liquid in her hand and drinks it. “Lemonade. Nice!” She drinks some more of the lethal acid.

When she has almost reached the opposite door, huge metal spikes shoot from the ceiling and the walls. When they touch her body, they break or bend. “That tickles!” she giggles, as she takes the final steps to the door. She breaks off one of the biggest spikes and tries to pleasure herself with it, but it almost immediately melts from the pressure. She is a little disappointed.

She sinks her hands deep into the steel door and tears it apart like it is made of wet toilet paper. She enters a room with shelves on the walls. She browses through the stuff on the shelves, but most of it is useless to her. Papers, pictures, valuables. Then she sees an envelope with ‘HumEnh’ on it. It contains a DVD and some papers. She can’t find anything else that is related to HumEnh, so she leaves the vault.

In Armstrong’s living room, she finds herself a DVD player and a television. After some thinking, she borrows some clothes and scarves from Mrs. Armstrong. She takes all these things and runs back to the small village in the mountains.
Moira Outmuscled
Moira likes to show off her big muscles. But this time, she is outmuscled.

In this commission by :iconritualist: two of my heroines meet. Moira (and Gisele) have appeared in four stories, while Hyper Girl was in two stories:  Hyper Girl vs the monstersA small yellow star in the spiral arm of an average galaxy. A tiny object falls with enormous speed into the star and emerges on the other side a moment later. It rushes towards one of the small planets that circle around the star. The planet is blue, green, yellow and white, with fluffs of condensed water floating around it.
As the object approaches the surface of the planet, it bursts into flames. “AAAAAAAH!”
With a tremendous bang the object collides with the planet, devastating an immense area and sending massive amounts of debris and dust high into the air. The ground shakes, tidal waves rush across the planet.
When the dust settles a bit, a small figure stands up and dusts itself off. “Ah, that felt so good! That yellow star was nice and warm, albeit not as warm as that red giant I dove into some time ago. And I suppose this planet has an atmosphere, because I felt some nice warm friction when I moved through it. And landing on my breasts felt even better!
 and  Hyper Girl's Law
I opened the door, and found that the doorframe was completely filled with naked skin, huge muscles and enormous breasts.
I had been a little annoyed when my doorbell rang that afternoon, because I was about make a breakthrough in proving that the Nakai conjecture is false; but I completely forgot about that and could only stare. After a while, I discovered a small bikini with the characteristic H on it.
I like the capital H. It is one of the four letters that is line symmetric to both the x and the y axis. The only capital letter I like better is the O.
“Hyper Girl?” I stammered. It doesn’t happen every day that you come eye to eye with the most powerful woman in the universe – well, eye to breast to be precise, because she is much taller than me.
“Yes Daniel, it is me. We have a date, me and you,” she said in her sexy voice. She rested her hand against the doorpost. The thick oak wood snapped. “Oops!”
Don’t make her angry, I told
. I suppose Moira hasn't read those stories...
Yulya woke up. She yawned and opened her green eyes. Her long hair was spread out on her pillow. For a moment, she didn’t know where she was. Then she remembered: she was in the Amsterdam for a couple of days.

She went to the bathroom and put on her make-up, paying special attention to her eyes, to make them look even bigger. She put on her favorite lipstick and checked her image in the mirror. Yulya had a beautiful face and she wanted to look perfect, every hour of the day. She put her hair into two pig tails, which made her look young and innocent.

After breakfast she went to a gym nearby for a workout. A lot of people stared at her when she entered the gym. Because Yulya was far from an ordinary girl. She was a Russian powerlifting champion, and years of hard training had resulted in a muscle-packed, powerful body. She liked calling herself ‘Muscle Barbie’.

She started her training with some light weights, warming up her legs and arms. After a while, she switched to squats. She started with 160 kg (353 lb) and did three reps. She increased the weight. She squatted 170 kg (375 lb) three times.

Several regular users of the gym realized that something extraordinary was happening. They were astounded by the weight the Russian woman was lifting, as well as by the size of her muscles. She thought to herself: I have just started, I will give them even more to gape at! Some gym visitors were shooting movies with their phones. Yulya didn’t mind; her body was drawing attention all the time, so she had grown used to that.

She did two squats with 180 kg (397 lb) and two with 190 kg (419 lb). After some rest, she returned to the barbell for her final squat. She increased the weight to 200 kg (440 lb), which was about 90% of her personal best. Some people were in shock when they saw how much weight this young musclewoman had loaded onto the bar. This was an amount they could only lift in their dreams, and Yulya was about to do it for real!

Yulya ignored them and concentrated on her squat. She loaded the heavy barbell onto her broad shoulders and slowly bent her knees. She took a deep breath. She had to use all the power she had in her thigh muscles. Her quads were bulging under the fabric of her shorts, the outlines of her muscles clearly visible. With a grunt she stood back up. She had done it again!

Afterwards, she felt a satisfying burn in her muscles, especially in her upper legs. She ran her hands over her impressive thighs, feeling the defined muscles underneath the skin. They were swollen after her workout. She remembered what her legs had looked like five years ago, when she was a schoolgirl like many others. She had changed so much since then! She estimated her legs were about twice as thick now. And much, much stronger.

She went to her first appointment of that day. She was having a photo shoot for a Dutch teen mag. They dressed her up like Chun-Li from the Street Fighter series, with the blue outfit, double buns and ribbons in her hair.

A small, Asian-looking girl slowly oiled Yulya’s body, in all the places where her skin was visible: her back, her arms, and her belly. “There is a lot of you to oil!” the girl joked, as she studied Yulya’s body from up close to check if she had missed a spot, and then rubbed her triceps and abs once again. Also joking, Yulya put a finger under the girl’s chin and flexed her arm muscles. “Are you complaining, little girl?” she asked in a stern voice. The girl giggled, while others, who hadn’t followed their conversation, sucked in their breath.

“Wait! Hold that pose,” the photographer said. Yulya hadn’t noticed she had come in. The photographer took her camera, shot some pictures and quickly checked them on her laptop. “This is perfect. You look very feminine, and at the same time incredibly strong. What a size difference between the two of you! I would say your upper body looks twice as big as hers. Fantastic!”

She took lots of other pictures. Yulya had to take on several fighting poses and she also wanted her to flex her muscles. The photographer also asked her to smile, but Yulya just answered: “I don’t smile. I’m Russian.”

After her make-up was removed, she quickly dressed in a tank top and shorts. She had no time to do her hair, so she made a simple ponytail. She had to hurry a bit, because she had a meet and greet with some of her Dutch fans. About thirty of them had gathered, in groups of two or three. Most of them were a couple of years younger than Yulya, and most of them were girls.

The first three girls were shy in the beginning, giggling nervously as they approached Yulya. “OMG, look at her arms! She is so huge!” they whispered. They hesitated and didn’t dare to come near to the musclewoman, so Yulya tried to make them feel at ease.

“Hi! Please come closer. Where do you come from?” They talked for a minute and then the girls took their phones and made some selfies with Yulya. When they left, they were checking the pictures on each other’s phones, still saying “OMG”.

Every group had two or three minutes of time. Yulya talked a bit, flexed and posed, and compared her muscles to those of her fans. Then, two boys approached her. They were about 17 or 18 years old. “Hey guys! What’s up?” she asked.

The taller boy poked the other one in his side. “He likes girls with muscles,” he said. The other boy turned red, but didn’t deny it. “I think you are perfect,” he stammered.

“Aw, that’s cute. Thank you!” she said. She turned to the other boy. “And what about you? Do you like these?” She flexed her biceps for him. He swallowed hard.

“Uh, I do not like girls with big muscles in general,” he admitted. “But you are pretty awesome.”

“Thanks… I think. Now, what would you like me to do?”

“Maybe… Can you lift me?” the smaller boy asked.

“Sure!” Yulya said. “Don’t move, let me do the work.” She put one arm around his back, and bent down to put her other arm against the backside of his knees. With one swift motion, she lifted him off the ground, holding him like a little child. He was blushing even more now. “Am I not heavy for you?” he asked, while his friend started taking pictures.

“Not at all,” Yulya replied. “I can lift more than 100 kg (220 lb), so you feel rather light to me.” She raised him a bit higher, held him there for some seconds and then put him down again.

Two girls were next. They were about Yulya’s age, and just like Yulya, they were wearing shorts. The legs of one of the girls looked like toothpicks compared to Yulya’s, but the other girls’ legs were fit and toned. “I like to work out,” she told Yulya. “But I am not sure what to do. I like to develop my body further, and I want to do either powerlifting or bodybuilding. What do you think?”

Yulya checked out at her body. “You look great, I think you have potential. But what you choose depends on what you want. Do you want sharp, defined muscles, or do you want to concentrate more on your strength? Both require long, hard work. But when you are into bodybuilding, you also have to watch what you eat. Which is one of the reasons why I like powerlifting better, but the choice is up to you.”

“Thank you Yulya, I will think about it,” she said. They took some pictures where the  three of them held their legs next to each other. Yulya dwarfed the legs of the smaller girl.

The final group consisted of three rather small girls. They were maybe 14 or 15 years old. “OMG, you are so big and strong. I want to be just like you!” one of them gushed.

“Well, then you should start going to the gym. And you must be willing to work hard, every day. Do you think you can do that?” Yulya asked. The girl nodded.

“Can I feel your muscles?” the second girl asked.

Yulya flexed her bicep. “Sure, go ahead!”

The girl touched Yulya’s muscle with one hand. She tried to squeeze the it with her small hand. “Wow, it is so big and hard!” She looked at her own upper arm and back to Yulya’s flexed bicep. It was no comparison.

Yulya flexed and posed a bit for them, while they took pictures. She pulled down her right arm and flexed her muscles, making her triceps bulge. “OMG,” the first girl stammered as she stared at Yulya’s arm, which looked enormous now. “Hey, I’ve got an idea! You two stand next to her and take the same pose!”

The other girls did so, and the first girl took pictures of them. She asked Yulya to take some other poses, and the younger girls imitated her. In all the pictures, Yulya was twice as big as the other girls. It looked like they were standing next to a muscle giant. “You are amazing! Do you really think I can be as big and muscular as you one day?”

“Don’t worry. You have some years for further growth and development. And if you do your exercises, you will surely become much bigger than you are now.”

When everyone had left, Yulya returned to her hotel for some time, to rest a bit and check her messages. Then, she went sightseeing in Amsterdam. She made lots of people turn their head, but she hardly noticed that anymore.

Back in the hotel, she put her hair in pig tails again and put on hair bows. She changed her clothes once more and put on a sleeveless shirt, a short black skirt and knee socks. The socks were tight around her bulging calves. When she was ready, she headed to Rembrandt Square for her last appointment of the day: a Dutch late night talk show.

As Yulya was sitting in the chair, the make-up artist said: “I have seen lot of pretty faces in this chair, but I have never seen the combination of such a beautiful face and such a muscular body.”

“Thank you,” Yulya said, although she wasn’t completely sure if that was meant to be a compliment. So she changed the subject. “Can you tell me something about the talk show host? His name is Umberto, right? Is he Italian?”

“Oh no. Umberto was born in Surinam. He is such a sweet man! Well, I think you are done, love. Not much to do about your face.”

Just before the show started, Yulya picked up two dumbbells and started doing alternating bicep curls. Several crew members watched in awe as she pumped her muscles.

“Your biceps are huge!” one young crew member stammered.

Yulya winked. “And I am making them even bigger for your television show.” When she was finished she put down the weights, flexed her biceps and gave them a critical look. She pumped them a bit, and twisted her wrists, making her muscles dance. “Okay, I think I am ready to go on stage,” she said.

She had to wait a bit, but she could hear that the show had started. She could see Umberto on a monitor. “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! Later tonight Hillary Clinton will accept the Democratic presidential nomination, and I will talk with two young women about being independent, making your own choices, being strong, and competing with men.

My first guest tonight is singer-songwriter Tayler from the United States of America, who will perform the next two evenings in a completely full Ziggo Dome. We also know her because she opposes the big music streaming services. And because she sings about her ex boyfriends.

My other guest is Yulya from Russia. Just like Tayler, she has set her own goals and she doesn’t care about criticism. Give her a warm welcome!”

As the audience applauded, Yulya put her head through the curtains, hiding the rest of her body. She looked cute, with her pig tails and bows.

“Some of you might think Yulya is a model. Or a singer, just like Tayler,” Umberto continued. “Well, if you think so, you are wrong. Very wrong. Show them, Yulya!”

As Yulya stepped from behind the curtains the lights dimmed. She turned around, showing the audience her back. She put her fists on her hips and slowly spread her lats. She held that pose for some moments and she heard the mixed reactions from the audience. As always, she concentrated on the appreciative cheers and she tried to neglect the sounds of disgust.

She made a quarter turn and flexed her glutes, making her skirt move. Then, she hit a side triceps pose, showing off her triceps as well as her quads. She finished with a quick double biceps pose and then sat down at the table, next to the American singer.

“I am impressed,” Tayler said. “It must have taken a lot of exercising to become this big.”

“Yes,” Yulya replied. “I have been lifting weights since I was fifteen.”

“Although the two of you are very different, you have a firm determination in common,” Umberto said. “You have set your goals many years ago and you are doing everything to realize those goals. Has that been hard?”

“Of course it is hard,” Tayler replied. “Just like everyone, you meet obstacles. There are people who say that what you want can’t be done. People who want to stop you from being successful. People who want to steal your fame.”

“What do you do with those people?”

“I don’t pay attention to them. It’s just my goals that are important, and the people that really matter to me.”

Yulya nodded. She was feeling exactly the same way, and she wished she could say it as well as Tayler did.

“These people you talk about… Are these men? Is this a man-woman thing?”

Tayler shrugged. “I don’t like to generalize, but yes. Most of the times it are men who are jealous of my success. What about you?” she asked Yulya.

“I think it is mostly girls that like what I am doing. I don’t get much positive responses from boys,” she replied.

Umberto said: “I think it is interesting that your muscles are bigger than those of most men. Traditionally, strength and muscles have been associated with men. Would you say that negative reactions have something to do with breaking that pattern?”

“I…” Yulya started, but Tayler interrupted her. “Of course it does! Some men are so backward! They should get used to the new reality: women rule! We are strong and brave and independent. We are Hillary, we are Yulya, we are Beyoncé, we are the little girl on the poolside that jumps, we are the girls who stand up for their lesbian classmates, we are all those talented girls who are ready to realize their dreams! There are so many of us, you cannot stop us, so get out of our way!” Part of the audience cheered.

When the audience had calmed down, Umberto asked another question: “Do you think that it matters what you are, what you look like? Yulya, in interviews you have said that you don’t really care about your muscles. As a powerlifter, it is your strength that matters. Still, you are sharing pictures on Instagram on which you are flexing your muscles.”

Yulya replied: “My muscles are just a means to reach my goal, they are not a goal in itself. But of course, I am proud of what I look like.” She flexed her bicep.

“You are so amazing!” Tayler said. “I guess your arm is twice as big as mine!” She flexed her own arm, but her bicep remained invisible. “How much do you weigh?”

“I am 66 kg,” Yulya replied.

“How much is that in pounds?”

“150!” someone yelled from the audience.

“OMG. You are probably 6 inches shorter than I am, but you are 30 pounds heavier. I guess that is all pure muscle!” The singer gaped at her for a moment. “Can you lift me?”

“Sure,” Yulya said, as she stood up. With a swift motion, she scooped Tayler out of her chair. “See? Easy!”

“Please put Tayler down,” Umberto said. “She is going to sing for us, after the break.”

Some minutes later, Tayler sang her latest hit, about strong girls. Yulya posed a bit and she even lifted Umberto in the air. When they left the stage, Tayler asked Yulya to join her in her show the next night, but Yulya replied she couldn’t. She was flying back to Russia the next morning.

Yulya was exhausted and went back to her hotel. Just before she fell asleep, she thought how wonderful her life had become since she had started lifting weights.
Yulya in Amsterdam
Fan fiction about Russian powerlifter Julia Vins.

This is my most realistic story. It contains snippets of the life of Julia Vins, which are based on pictures of her and interviews she held. But in the end, this is all my own story, and I do not want to pretend that anything that happens in this story has happened in real life.

I have based this story on Julia's website:, her Instagram account, her YouTube channel… and her Facebook page…

If you look at these accounts, there are some scenes you might recognize in the story:… and…;

And these are the articles and interviews I have used (use Google Translate or turn on the subtitles if you don't read Russian):…;…… 


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The highway was dark and deserted and I was feeling gloomy. That weekend I had visited my parents with several bits of bad news. I was falling behind in my business studies and I was seriously considering changing to another course, maybe even at another college. Also, Melanie and I had broken up.

Of course, my parents weren’t happy with both issues. My mother showed her compassion with our break-up, but my father was annoyed because Mel is the oldest daughter of Tim DeWinter, the richest man in our town. I have always suspected my father of being a little bit of a snob. He threatened to stop paying my expenses.

With the music playing softly, I let my mind wander about Melanie, my study course and the fraternity theme party I had promised to organize. There were only ten days left, everybody had been invited, but I still had no idea what to do with it.

I saw a flash in the distance ahead of me. I didn’t remember weather forecasts about thunderstorms, but I slowed down a bit, just to be sure. I reached for the radio when suddenly, a dark shape appeared at the road side. I tried to avoid it, but felt that my car hit something, and moved to the wrong side of the road. “Fuck!”

I stopped on the roadside and took a deep breath. I stepped out of the car, walked around it and found a new dent. I peered into the darkness to find out what had hit me. Was it an animal? But it had looked like it was five or six feet tall. A moose? Or…

“Hello?” I asked the darkness, but the darkness didn’t answer. I walked back a little. “Anyone there?” I walked a little bit further, but it was pitch dark. If I had hurt anything, it would be very hard to find. So I turned around.

I was a couple of feet away from my car, when a massive form appeared on the other side. Suddenly, the front of my car rose high into the air. “What the…?” Because the headlights were shining into the sky, it was impossible to see what was happening.

I froze. It was no use running away. There was nowhere to run to. And besides, this super strong person was holding my car. I wanted it back.

“Come here!” a strange voice demanded. I took some small steps forward. I usually don’t argue with persons who can lift a car with their bare hands. “Closer!” I was now almost standing under my car. It was hard to distinguish anything in the darkness, but I thought I saw thick arms and legs and an unbelievable chest. What was holding my car? It couldn’t be an ordinary man, it was way too massive for that. An alien? A super hero? It had spoken English to me, albeit with a strange accent.

The form carefully lowered the car. I thought for a second about jumping in and driving away, but I instinctively knew that would be useless against this super being, which was now standing next to the passenger door. He was not as tall as I had thought, about my height, maybe a little smaller.

“Get into your vehicle!”

I quickly obeyed. I heard metal screeching and after some moments, the passenger door opened. The form stepped in, but that seemed to be difficult. When he sat down, I could hear the car’s suspension groan.

We just sat there in the dark. I could hear someone calmly breathing beside me. “Do you mind if I turn on the light for a second?” I asked. “I think I’ve lost the car keys.”

“Do it.”

I hesitated for a moment, as I wasn’t sure I wanted to know what was sitting beside me. I slowly reached out and switched on the light.


I switched it off again, so I didn’t need to face who was sitting next to me.

It wasn’t a man.

I started shaking. After some moments I regained myself and turned on the light once more.

She was still sitting there. She was fucking huge. Much bigger than any other woman I had ever seen. She was only matched by some illustrations and renders I had seen on websites.

Her tits were enormous. It looked like someone had glued two inflated beach balls to her chest. It looked as if her erect nipples almost touched the front window.

But it weren’t her breasts that were most notable. It were her muscles. As far as I could see, her whole body was packed with freakishly, frighteningly big muscles. I just couldn’t believe how big they were.

Her chest looked solid like a barrel. I could hardly see her neck, because it was hidden between back muscles and shoulders that resembled mountains. And her arm… Her left arm probably contained more muscles than I had in my whole body! It was incredibly thick and vascular. Her hand went down and she handed me my keys. Then she reached for the light. There seemed to be glowing lines on her arm.

“Enough,” she said when we were in the dark again. “Now, little boy. Ride your vehicle to your complex.”


“To your castle. Your dwelling. Mansion. Shack. The place where you live.”

“My house, you mean?”

“Is that what you call it? Yes. Ride this vehicle to your house.”

I started the engine. “Okay. I was going there anyway. And by the way: I am not a little boy. I am an adult man.”

“I call you whatever I like,” she said in a tone which made it clear she wasn’t going to argue about that.

I swallowed and drove away. “Okay. Of course. And what can I call you?”

“Krstl. You can call me Krstl.”

At that moment, I thought she said ‘Crystal’ or ‘Kristel’. Later I learned she has a name without vowels.

I was quiet for some minutes. I tried to concentrate on the road, but the images of her body kept coming back. I then realized I hadn’t seen any clothes on her. Just some metal chains, which hardly covered something.

So many questions were going through my head, I hardly knew where to start. “Where do you come from?”


“Somewhere near New York?” I guessed.

She sighed, and started to talk slower, as if she was talking to, well, a little boy. ”No. 13225. The year.”


“Are you deaf or just stupid? Am I transported into a dark age?”

“Wait. Do you mean you are from the future?”

“Yes. 13225 is more than the year you live in. So yes, I am from the future. Good thinking! Do you boys get educated in this dark age? Probably a waste of time, huh?”

I was about to say that I was in college, but I didn’t think she was interested. “How did you come here? And why? And…”

“So many questions, stupid little boy! I have come here to find a weapon. To become the Supreme Princess!”

“Do you need a weapon? You seem to be pretty strong.”

She smirked. “I am not strong.”

“Well, you seemed to have little problems lifting my car. I don’t know many people who can do that.”

“That’s just because your vehicle is very light. I can lift much more than that. But there are others who are much stronger than I am. My only hope to defeat them is by using a weapon.”

My head was spinning. “You mean there are even stronger people in your time? Men?”

She laughed. “Of course not! Men are weak. But grown-up women are stronger than me. Much stronger.”

“How old are you then?” During the few moments I had seen her face, I had guessed she was younger than me. 16 or 17, maybe.


“Really? But I am 20 and I am an adult.”

“That’s because your life is much shorter. When do people die in this dark age? At 40? 50? Where I come from, most people live to be more than 300 years old. In my time, you are considered an adult when you are 25. You don’t become taller after that, but your muscles keep on growing until around 40. So I am still becoming stronger.”

I tried to imagine Krstl with even more muscles and strength, but my mind failed.

Several minutes later, we arrived at our house. “Damn! Kev has parked his car across the drive again. He always does that when he is drunk.” I looked at Krstl. “Maybe you could… lend a hand?”

“Why don’t you do it yourself?”

“Because I am not as good at lifting cars as you are?”

She sighed. “Such a weak little boy!” She had some trouble getting out of the car, as the door was a little small for her hulking frame. I got out as well. In the dim illumination of the street lights, I got a better view on her body than I had in the car.

She was astounding. Her back was incredibly wide, her arms and legs were bigger than tree trunks. I moved into the shadows and put my hand into my pants.

Krstl stepped beside Kev’s car and crouched down. Her buttocks looked very round and firm. She shoved one hand under the car and she stood back up. The muscle girl just stood there, calmly, as if she was holding a tray. My body shuddered.

“Hey, little boy! Where do you want me to put this?”

I came out of the shadows, wiping off my hand. “Over there, please.”

While she walked away, I stepped into my car and parked it on the drive. We quietly entered the house. It was about two in the morning. I took Krstl to Leo’s room.

“You can use this room. Leo is on exchange in Europe, so nobody will bother you here.” I turned on the light. She looked around, while I stared at her once again. Maybe a little too long, because after a while I found her looking at me, with a little smile on her face. “I… I was thinking. Maybe we should get you some clothes?”

“What’s wrong with this?” she said, pointing at herself.

Well. To be honest, there was nothing wrong with that. If you like ultra-muscular, tattooed girls with lots of body hair who are wrapped up in some kind of chains that are connected to nipple piercings.

But I said: “It’s just not fashionable in this age.” I opened Leo’s cupboard and went through his clothes. “We’re lucky he is the biggest of the four of us boys.” I handed her an oversized hoodie. “Here. This might fit you. And this.” Sweatpants. “Leo won’t mind if you use these.”

She apparently didn’t know what to do with it, so I helped her.

“Well. It fits,” I said after some minutes of struggling. “Kind of.” The words ‘tight fit’ came into my mind. The sweatpants only pronounced the shape of her sensational butt, and strained to contain her bulging thighs and calves.

The hoodie had too much cloth on the lower half, and too little on the upper half. It was certainly not made to contain those beach ball-sized tits, and it crept up, giving me a good view of her abdominal muscles and the line of hair that went down from her belly button into her pants.

“It is too tight,” she said. She grabbed the neck line with both hands and tore the cloth a couple of inches, revealing a valley of cleavage. “That’s better.”

I had to admit that. I felt myself getting hard again. “It has been a long evening. You can sleep there. We will talk in the morning. When you wake up early, be quiet and don’t leave the room. I will need some time to prepare Josh and Kev for you.”

I rushed off to my own room. After I had my second orgasm in half an hour, and just before I fell asleep, I realized that I hadn’t thought of Melanie, the last two hours.

It was a troubled sleep. I woke up several times, and had wild dreams about women with super muscles chasing after me and tossing me around like a rag doll.

So I wasn’t feeling very fit when I stepped out of bed at half past nine. I saw that Kev and Josh had already left. I closed the curtains in the kitchen and went up to Leo’s room. Krstl was awake, studying the stuff in the room.

“Do these things make sense to you?” I asked her.

“I recognize some. I have studied your millennium before they sent me back.”

“Millennium? Things are a little bit different from the things they had thousand years ago!”

She yawned. “Really? You should tell me more about that. But first I need something to eat. I am very hungry!”

When I asked her if she wanted to take a shower first, she looked at me with disgust. I took that as a no. So she sat down at the kitchen table, while I took some stuff out of the fridge. She immediately started eating, and I had to stop her several times when she was about to eat the wrapping too.

“This is good stuff!” she told me, as she shoved a pile of donuts into her mouth. It was the first time she was really enthusiastic about my ‘dark age’. She also ate a whole block of cheese, several bananas, slices of bread and a large bag of crisps. And she emptied the cinnamon bottle. I wondered what she was used to eating in her age.

“I could eat this every day,” she said, as she patted her flat stomach. “Get me more of this delicious food!”

“I am sorry, that will have to wait,” I said. “I have an appointment with the frat committee at…”

She stood up, picked me up with one hand and lifted me high into the air, until I was stuck between her hand and the ceiling. “The manners in your age are horrible. When a princess gives you an order, you should obey immediately. I will not say this to you again!”

“Y-Yes,” I stammered. So I rushed out and on my way to the store I called the other guys to tell them I would be a little bit late, ‘because my cousin from Syracuse is in town’. I bought enough food for a week for the four of us and rushed back home.

I filled up the fridge and the cupboards and told Krstl she could take what she wanted, if she didn’t forget about the wrappings and made sure she couldn’t be seen from outside. She had opened another bag of crisps. “Don’t tell me what to do!”

Before I left, I told her I would be back in about two hours. I didn’t expect the other boys back before that, so everything seemed to be under control.

The committee meeting was a disaster, just like the previous meetings. We wanted to do something spectacular. We had talked about a foam party, deejays and female strippers, but that had all been done before. We had just started yelling at each other again, when Kev rang. “Ian, come home now!” was followed by gargling sounds.

“Krstl! Don’t hurt him!” I shouted into my phone and left the room without another word to the guys.

When I came home, everything seemed to have settled down. They were all in the living room, Kev and Josh sitting as far away from Krstl as possible. Josh had some bruises in his face, while Kev had some blue spots in his neck. I thought I couldn’t get away with a story about my cousin from Syracuse, so I told them the truth, while Krstl filled in some blanks.

“So,” Josh summarized. “In 13225, tribes of strong, muscular women rule your part of the world. Weapons were abandoned ages ago, so the physically strongest woman rules. She is the Supreme Princess. The Supreme Princess is the one who wins a fight for life and death. Only women over 40 are allowed in such fights, but a rival tribe killed your older sister, who was only 32. Which is against the rules.

Your tribe decided to break the rules too by sending you back to our time to find a weapon which is powerful enough to kill your rivals. Right?”

Krstl nodded.

Josh sighed and messed up his hair. “If I hadn’t seen you lift the both of us with absolute ease, I would say that is a totally crazy story. And anyone can see you have more muscles on your body than a prize bull. So… I guess it is true.”

“But how can we help you finding a weapon?” Kev asked. We were silent for a moment. Maybe the other boys were thinking about a solution, but I could only look at Krstl’s fantastic body and think dirty thoughts.

“I can think better when I am doing something,” I told them. “I’m in the basement. If I get a bright idea I’ll be back here.”

We were lucky to have rich parents, who bought this house for the four of us. We had plenty of room and we had set up a gym in the basement, with weights, a couple of machines and even a boxing ring. I sat down on a bench, closed my eyes and thought of Krstl as I had seen her last night, before she put on the clothes. I fantasized about touching her enormous tits, running my hands over her muscles while she lifted a car overhead…

I started cleaning up myself when the door opened. Josh came down the stairs. He saw my unzipped pants and the tissue in my hand and he gave me a knowing smile. “It’s hard, isn’t it? Living under one roof with your dream woman?” He must have noticed the shock in my eyes, because he continued: “Come on, Ian! We are your best friends. We’ve known you love strong, muscular women for ages. We were so glad for you when you and Mel got together. And we were sorry when the two of you broke up.”

He sat down beside me. “She’s unbelievable, isn’t she? Krstl, I mean. All those muscles! How strong do you think she is?”

“Strong enough to lift a car with ease. She is really a super girl!” I tossed the tissue in the garbage bin. “Do you think she is invulnerable?”

Josh thought about this for a minute. “I think we should investigate that. If we know what it takes to hurt her, we know what kind of weapon we should look for.”

We called down Kev and Krstl. “Let me do the talking,” Josh whispered to me. He explained to the other two what we had come up with. He asked Krstl to take off her clothes, as we didn’t want those to get damaged.

The three of us stared at her when she wore nothing but the chains. I supposed they just acted as some kind of jewelry, because they didn’t do a good job in hiding her body. Her tattoos seemed to radiate light.

“Don’t you ever shave?” Kev asked.

Wrong question. “Fool!” Krstl shouted. “Don’t you know that the amount of body hair is an indicator of a woman’s strength? When you shave yourself, you tell the world you have the strength of a baby.”

“Yes, of course. Sorry for asking,” Kev mumbled. Josh tried to help him by asking another question.

“Doesn’t that hurt? Those piercings through your…”

“Through my nipples?” She lifted her breasts so we could have an even better look. “Of course that hurts, especially in the beginning. Wearing the piercings and chains is a sign of great courage and strength. The plastanium chains get heavier every year. In my tribe, every girl who has her first period gets the chains.”

“Just how strong are you, Krstl?” Josh asked.

She scanned the room. “There’s nothing here that can challenge me a bit.”

“What? Not even those weights?”

She laughed. “Silly weak boy! Watch this!” She marched up to the weight rack and lifted the whole rack with two fingers, including all the dumbbells, plates and barbells. “This is so light! I think that even my little sister can lift this with ease.”

Josh was the first of us who could speak again. “You have a little sister? How strong is she?”

“Yes, Prsl. She is much stronger than you little boys together, and she is only eleven years old.” She looked at us with contempt. “But of course, she has much bigger muscles than you have.” She stopped waving the rack around and put it back on the ground. She looked around once more and then she picked up the rack in one hand and the cross trainer in the other. She put it in the middle of the boxing ring. She placed all the other stuff in that ring and told us to stand on it.

She ducked under the canvas and some moments later, we felt that we were going up. She was lifting all our equipment, including the three of us! My knees got weak just by thinking about how strong she was.

“This is not very heavy for me. I think I can lift at least three times this weight,” her voice came from underneath us.

One minute later, when she had placed everything back again, we all stood in the ring and started testing her invulnerability. Kev had put on his gloves, while Krstl looked at him with a smirk. “You don’t have to be careful, little boy. There is no way you can hurt me.” She lifted her breasts, so he had a bigger target area.

Kev started punching her in her stomach. He was careful in the beginning, but when she didn’t react, his blows became harder. “That tickles! Is that really all you can do?”

He gave all he got, sweat was streaming down his face. Krstl just stood there, and laughed at his puny efforts. “You are so weak! You wouldn’t survive for fifteen seconds in my world. Even a four-year-old could snap your spine!”

Kev fell to his knees, panting. Josh stepped into the ring. He had fetched a baseball bat from his room. Krstl smiled at him, confidently. “You are next! Are you going to aim for my abs, or for my head?”

“Well, I don’t want to hurt you, so…”

She laughed. “O, come on! You can’t hurt me. Go on, hit my head!”

He swung the bat a few times and then, with one mighty swing, he aimed for Krstl’s head. Her head moved backwards just a little, the bat bent and Josh whined as his arms absorbed most of the impact. He dropped the bat. Krstl smiled, picked it up and wrapped her hands around the top. Her biceps grew, veins enlarged and she grunted. After some seconds, she held up the bat and showed us the clear imprint of her fingers. “Are there some other toys you would like to try, boys?”

Josh was still groaning and holding his arms at the elbows. I went upstairs so I could be alone for a moment and cope with Krstl’s awesome display of her superior strength.

When I came down a couple of minutes later, I carried our biggest and sharpest knife. “Such a cute little weapon! I hope you don’t use it very often, it might become useless after you have tried it on me,” she teased me. “Where are you going to try to stab me? You like my biceps, don’t you?” She flexed her muscle. It became so large! I almost dropped the knife.

After some moments I regained myself. First I tried to cut her with a careful cut. It had no effect whatsoever. So I tried to stab her bicep, but I might as well have tried to cut through a brick wall. She hardly moved, and I almost cut myself as I lost my grip and dropped the knife. She caught it before it reached the ground and clenched her hand around the blade. All the muscles in her hand and arm tensed as she applied enormous pressure. I half expected the steel to ooze out between her fingers, but she wasn’t that strong. But when she opened up her fist, there were four imprints in the blade. She showed us that her hand was unscratched, there was just a small red line on it.

“The final test,” I said, as I took a hand gun out of my pocket.

“Whoa! Where does that come from?” Josh asked. “I noticed the bulge in your pants, but I supposed it was…”

“My father gave it to me, so I am able to defend myself,” I quickly replied.

“But how are we going to test this, without causing collateral damage?” Kev said.

Krstl picked up a piece of wood that was lying around. We supposed the bullet would embed itself in the wood, so we were safe. “But what if the bullet ricochets from your body?”

Finally, we explained Krstl what to do and took shelter behind a bench. Krstl aimed the muzzle at the skin between her thumb and index finger. When she had fired the gun, we rushed up to her. Her skin was unharmed, just a little red. “I clearly felt that,” she told us.

The next shot she fired at the palm of her hand. She was confident that wouldn’t hurt her either, and she was right. After that, she let us fire the gun at her from some distance. Her tit moved as I hit it, but it was unharmed. She smiled at me.

I was getting very excited once again. She was an unbelievable girl! Josh seemed to be feeling the same way: “Wow. You have super big muscles, you are incredibly strong and sexy, you are invulnerable. What are you, a super girl?”

Krstl laughed and effortlessly picked up Kev and Josh with one hand and me with the other. She held us at eye level, so we had a good view of her enormous muscles and tits. “I am your powerful princess, you are my weak little boys. As long as you obey me, feed me and provide me a place to sleep, I’ll let you live,” she whispered.

When she put us down, I rushed to the bathroom.

“That was quite a show she put on today, wasn’t it? I thoroughly enjoyed it,” Josh said. It was evening, and the two of us were sitting on the porch, drinking a beer.

“So did I.” I smiled at the memory.

“I was wondering: what is she thinking about us? She always looks at me with an air of superiority.”

“Well, that’s what she is, isn’t she? She is superior to us in many ways.”

We thought about this. Then Josh continued: “You know, in my freshman year our statistics professor told us something. I had forgotten about it, but I remembered it today. Investigations show that the world record for weight lifting and other sports have increased by about 20 percent in the past 50 years. The conclusion was that humans are getting stronger. We can extrapolate these results, the professor argued. It means that in a century, our strength has increased by just under 50 percent. In a millennium, people will be 50 times stronger. And in 10,000 years, we would be billions times stronger!

And besides, the professor said, the strength increase has been about 25 percent for women in that half century. Which would mean that within a couple of centuries, women would be stronger than men. With that, the professor flexed her bicep. We all laughed at that time, but now I think she may have been right in some aspects. Krstl is clearly not a billion times stronger than we are, but I guess she is as strong as maybe hundred of us. Which is quite awesome.”

We were silent for some moments to think about that. I took another sip of my beer. “And she isn’t even near her peak. In the next years, she will become even stronger and more muscular. There are women in her world who are much stronger than she is now. Can you imagine that?”

We both couldn’t.
The future princess, 1
Ian meets the muscle woman of his wildest dreams and takes her home.

My second story which is told from a male perspective. The illustration is a commission by :iconatariboy2600:  You can find his original here:  Krstl - Crowdfunded Pic. by Atariboy2600

Part 2:  The future princess, 2
The next day, I had to get more groceries. It seemed that Krstl could eat endless amounts of food. She had completely emptied the fridge and told me to get more. “Bring me ten bags of those smoked ham crisps!”
When I came home I found her in my room, flipping through some magazines she had found under my bed.
“Hey! You can’t just walk into my room!”
“I can do whatever I want,” she arrogantly replied. “Like this.” She lifted my bed with one hand. “Maybe you should lock your door next time, than I can have some fun reducing it to splinters.” She put the bed back on the floor, upside down.
I tried to snatch the magazines from her hand, but she lifted me into the air with one arm, sat down on the bed and leafed through a magazine with her other hand. “Why do you hide these girls under your bed? Do you like girls with few clothes on?”
I clawed at her arm. “Those are the most muscular female bodybuilders in t
 Part 3:  The future princess, 3
We had agreed on a dress code for the party: a prince or a princess outfit. But what should Krstl wear? We all agreed that the hoodie wasn’t princess-like. And that the chains were a little kinky. Krstl said that we couldn’t tell her what to do because she was a powerful princess, and lifted us into the air with one hand. Then Mel told her about the Dress Me App: Princess Edition. So I installed the app on my phone and gave it to Krstl. She liked it. She started tapping and swiping. Some minutes later, Josh joined us. He couldn’t stop laughing. Krstl had just sent the invitation to use that app to all of my contacts. Great.
She swiped through many outfits, and finally settled for something which came the closest to a ceremonial princess outfit in her own time. To me it looked like some kind of asymmetrical bikini, with a purple top and a green bottom. Mel took her measurements, and filled them in the app on my phone.
The next day, I got a call. “Good morning sir

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That evening, when it is dark and the children are asleep, several people start a fire. Kayra has difficulty choosing where to go. Everybody wants her at their fire. She first joins a group of four young women, who have found a nice spot in the forest, apart from the rest.

“Aren’t you cold?” one of the women asks. “Do you want a blanket?”

“Cassie!” says another. “Don’t you remember? Kayra was dancing in a fire and a pool of molten steel a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think she really bothers about the temperature.”

Kayra smiles.

The third woman asks: “What is it like, to be as strong as you are? To be able to lift a container full of stone in one hand?”

Kayra shrugs. “You know, it is no big deal. I mean, if you pick up a book or a phone, that is not very special, you don’t even think about it. It is the same for me. Lifting a container is just as easy for me. It is something I can do any time, it is nothing special.

However, when I do that in front of you, it becomes extraordinary. Because of the way you look at me when I am lifting and carrying heavy stuff, and because I realize I am doing things that no one else can do. That makes me feel special.”

“It makes me feel special when I see you doing those things also,” one of the women murmurs. The others agree. “But it also makes me envious,” someone adds. “I mean: look at the young men! They only look at you. It seems they have forgotten that we exist!”

“O come on Linda! Use your eyes. Be realistic. Kayra has the most beautiful face I have ever seen. She also has the biggest tits. What is you cup size baby? HH? These two things alone would be sufficient to make any boy forget you. And on top of that, Kayra also got huge muscles and she is extremely strong. She’s got it all! Don’t even dare to compare yourself with her. We are way out of her league, in every aspect!”

They are silent for a moment. Kayra blushes. “I am sorry, but I am just being myself. I enjoy showing off my body and strength. That’s just how I am.

Is there anything I can do for you? Apart from disappearing forever?”

“Well, I can think of some things,” Linda says. “Most of them are X-rated.” The women giggle.

“Apart from being a super woman, I am an expert in X-rated stuff. Tell me, don’t be shy.”

Several minutes later, the other four women have also undressed. They move a little closer to the fire to keep warm. Kayra steps into the fire and starts a posing routine. Her movements are very slow, so the other four women can clearly see every muscle in Kayra’s body. Their bodies are starting to get hot and that is not just because they are leaning more and more towards Kayra. Slowly, the muscle woman lifts her left breast and starts licking it. She can even suck her own nipple!

This is too much for Cassie. She puts her hand between her legs. Kayra sees this and steps out of the fire, towards Cassie. “Please, let me help you.” She removes Cassie’s hand and puts her own hand between Cassie’s legs. With a swift motion, she lifts the woman high up in the air with one hand and starts licking. She holds her other arm above her head and flexes and unflexes her arm muscles. Cassie tries to put her hands around these muscles, but she can’t. But she can touch and caress them. Cassie moans with pleasure. “Faster! Harder!” she yells at Kayra. Kayra obeys and she brings Cassie to an unequalled orgasm. While Cassie keeps screaming and shivering, Kayra puts her back on the ground carefully and hugs her with her muscular body, which is still warm from the fire. Cassie moves her hands over Kayra’s fantastic body.

“Hey! Now it is our turn!” Linda yells. And so Kayra moves on, and every woman gets an experience she will never forget.

After the four women have all had one or more orgasms, Linda asks: “And what can we do for you, sweetheart? Or are we so weak that you cannot feel that we touch you?”

“O no, on the contrary. My body can be extremely sensitive also. But you know what I really would love? That the four of you explore my body and simply admire me.”

“Yes, we will worship you! Our mega muscled goddess!” The women giggle and start their work. They touch every part of Kayra’s body and kiss and caress every muscle. On Kayra’s demand, they pay special attention to her breasts. They find that Kayra’s body is so fantastic that they orgasm a couple of times more. Kayra enjoys their admiration tremendously.

The four women are exhausted and all fall asleep. Kayra covers the fire with earth. She carries the women to their beds, tucks them in and softly kisses them goodnight.

She walks back into the night with her body buzzing. Despite all the work she has done today, she feels just as energetic as ever. When she hears some noise she walks into that direction. She stops at some distance from another fire. There is a group of young men, drinking bear and bragging. They tell each other what they want to do with Kayra.

She chuckles and comes closer. “Here I am guys. I am ready, I hope you are too!” She grabs a beer.

Suddenly the men are quiet. They try hard not to stare at her.

“You may have heard that me and the girls had a good time earlier, but they are all exhausted now. I hope you guys will last a little bit longer.” She empties the beer can in one big gulp and crushes the can in her hand. She does that in her own way. She presses so hard that the metal starts to boil. She drips the hot metal on her nipple and moans. Now she has got the men’s attention!

“I see you are all a little shy. I understand. I know I have that effect. After all, it does not happen every day that you are sitting next to a woman who has much bigger muscles than you have. A woman who is so strong that she can toss your car to the moon. A woman with huge breasts that are unaffected by molten metal.”

Several men shift a little, trying to hide their erections. Kayra laughs. She knows exactly what she is doing.

“Do… do you have a boyfriend?” one of the men asks.

“I thought you’d never ask!” Kayra shows him a big smile. “No, I do not have a boyfriend. What do you think, shall I pick one of you?”

The young men behave like a group of boys, poking each other and making nondescript noises. After a while one of the men points at another and says: “Josh!” Several other men agree. Josh looks around, but there is nowhere to hide.

“Josh! I remember you! You were the one who had some bright ideas about my body earlier today. Well Josh, maybe it is time to share your ideas with us?”

The other men start shouting “Josh! Josh! Josh!”, happy that Kayra isn’t paying attention to them. Josh’ head is becoming extremely red.

Kayra walks over to Josh and gives the men sitting on his left side a little push. They all fall off the log. They take a seat on one of the other logs. Kayra sits down next to Josh. He tries to move away from her, but she puts her beefy arm around him and presses her breast against his arm. “O come on Josh, don’t say you are afraid of women. We could have such a good time together!” She softly blows into his ear.

All the other men are laughing. One shouts: “Josh never had a girlfriend!” and the others laugh even louder.

“Is that true Josh?” She picks him up and puts him on her lap. With one hand, she makes him lean to the side, so he is resting between her naked breasts. “Now don’t say you have no feelings for me. That would disappoint me very, very much.” She kisses him on the cheek.

Josh can only stammer. She puts her hand on his crotch and her eyes widen. “Wow, Josh! It is clear you are feeling a lot for me. A lot! You make me very happy.” She starts massaging him, while she slowly raises her other arm in front of his face. Her bicep grows and grows until there is nothing else left in his view. Her bicep is bigger than his head! The poor young man cannot stand this extreme display of muscularity anymore. For two minutes he pants and spasms and moans.

Kayra is surprised. She has seen this before, of course, but it never lasted this long. She kisses him on the mouth. “Thank you. I consider that as a compliment.” The handsome young man leaves to clean up the mess.

“How about a game?” Kyra asks the remaining twelve men. “The first prize is a blow job.” The men all cheer. Kyra smiles and reaches into the fire and picks up a big burning log. She carries it to a tree hundred yards away from the fire, and starts a new, smaller fire over there.

“It is a very simple game. You guys start here, at this fire. The first one to reach the big fire wins.”

“Is that all?”

“I told you it is a simple game. No further rules, everything is allowed.”

The men soon discover that the game may sound simple, but it isn’t simple at all to beat Kayra. She is as fast as lightning. It takes her less than half a second to pick up the men (sometimes two or three at a time) and carry them back to their starting point. The men don’t even manage to get halfway. And what is even worse: she is so fast that they don’t have the time to touch her when she carries them.

Kayra stands in the field, with her hands on her hips, emphasizing her extremely wide shoulders. She laughs and mocks them. The men regroup and whisper for a while, looking at the ground. Then, they all start running in the direction of the fire, some of them waving a branch. They all scream and yell, trying to intimidate and confuse their powerful opponent. But Kayra is not impressed. She runs up to a high tree and pulls it out of the ground. She runs back to the men and holds the tree in front of her horizontally, just above the ground. She roars even louder than the men. They have to stop, and as Kayra steps forward, they have to move back. Some throw their branch at her, but she doesn’t flinch. She just keeps pushing them back until they are back where they started.

Kayra carelessly throws the tree over her shoulder. It lands half a mile away. “That was a nice try. I wonder what you come up with next.” She turns around and walks into the direction of the other fire. The men have a great view of her wide back and round glutes. After some conferring, they all walk away in different directions, but they are all moving away from the bigger fire. One of the men is making a very wide outflanking maneuver, first moving away from the fires and then circling back to end up behind the bigger fire. But to his surprise, he stumbles upon a deep ditch only a few feet away from the fire. The ditch is too wide to jump. “What…?”

Suddenly, Kayra stands next to him. She scoops him up in her big arms and carries him back. This time, she does not seem to be in a hurry. “It took you guys so long to get to the fire, I got a little bored. So I decided to dig a ditch. It is now halfway finished, and covers the back side of the fire.” The man is only half listening. He is mesmerized by the big breasts and muscles he is leaning against. “Oh, and I also dug a ditch at your side of the field,” she adds. And she drops him into a fifteen foot deep ditch, where he sees his team mates again.

They have to cooperate to climb out of the ditch, but it takes time. In the meantime, Kayra has completed the ditch around the other fire. The men have to admit they are defeated. Kayra laughs and hits a double bicep pose. “I love winning! Shall we play it again? But then I have to reach the other fire and the twelve of you will have to stop me.”

The men have visions of Kayra walking through their ranks, pushing them away like puppets and reaching the fire with them effortlessly pulling her back, demonstrating them how weak they are compared to her.

“We are tired, and dirty. Maybe we better get a shower and some sleep. There’s more work to do tomorrow.”

“I wish we had time to go to the hot spring, so we could wash ourselves and relax a little,” says another man.

“What hot spring? I am not tired at all, I would love to go there!”

But the men explain to her that the spring is up in the mountains, about five miles away. As there is no road going there, it would take them about two hours to get there, and two more hours to get back.

“Maybe you’ve noticed that I am very fast. And maybe you’ve forgot, but I am very strong also! If you show me the way, I will carry you there in a couple of minutes.” The men make some torches and all take a seat on a log. Kayra picks them up and starts running. Because of the dark, it is a little hard to find their way and sometimes she has to be careful that nobody gets hit by trees or branches. So it takes her a little bit longer, but ten minutes later they arrive at the hot spring. Kayra jumps in first, the men have to undress. They all hurry, because everybody wants to sit next to her.

She says: “Hey! No arguing. Just relax, and everybody can sit next to me for five minutes or so. And you can do to me whatever you want!”

And so they spend a very pleasant hour in the hot spring. Kayra does some heavy lifting and posing. She lets the men worship her body, and she pleasures them.

Finally, all men are very satisfied and relaxed. They talk a little. “How did you become so strong?”

The question surprises Kayra, even though it is a rather obvious one. “I don’t know, really. As far as I can remember, I have always been this strong. But as you know the people from HumEnh have done crazy things with my mind. My memories seem to go back only a couple of years. Before that, there seems to be… nothing.”

“Don’t you want to find out about your past? Who your parents are?”

“It may sound strange, but I have never thought about these things. It is only a couple of days since my mind cleared up. Before that, I was only trained to be obedient. No need to think for myself.

It could be interesting to find out about my past. But at this moment, I don’t know where to start. I will think about it.”

After that, the men put their clothes back on and Kayra carries them back to the cars and trailers where they are sleeping for the time being. They say goodnight and Kayra walks into the woods to think.

After a couple of hours she returns and quietly picks up Josh’ trailer and puts it back down a mile away. She opens the door. Josh is still sleeping. In another bed, she recognizes Rose, the little girl she played with earlier that day. She whispers Josh’ name. He wakes up and is surprised that the muscle woman is next to his bed. They softly go outside. Josh is astounded that the trailer is now in a different place.

“I came here to apologize for earlier this evening. I did not mean to make a fool of you. Sorry for that.”

“Accepted. Did you come back just to say that?”

“Yeah. You know, after you left I had a good time with the other guys and I felt bad that I had not given you a good feeling. So here I am, to make amends for that.” She stares into the night for a minute. “Is it true what they said, that you never had a girlfriend?”

“It is true. But I don’t want to talk about it, really.”

“O, but you are such a nice guy! And it is clear that you do like girls.”

“Yes… yes I do! But…”

“You can tell me, Josh.”

“Well, you know… The girls in this village are nice. They really are. They are pretty, they are smart. I like talking with them. But… There is this thing… You know… I have always loved to watch pictures and videos of female bodybuilders. So when I look at the women round here, they all look so skinny. I am longing to have a girlfriend, but she must have big muscles all over her body!”

“Well, I can think of a solution,” Kayra says. She raises her mighty arms in front of him. “You love this, don’t you?”

“Oh, Kayra,” Josh moans. She smiles. She just loves it when her muscles have that effect! She takes a step towards him. “You can touch me, if you like.” Immediately, Josh puts two hands on her right bicep. It is absolutely gigantic. He has big hands, but they can’t even cover a small part of her muscle. She turns her wrist a couple of times, making the bicep dance. “I love having the biggest muscles in the world,” she tells him. “Just for you, I will make them even bigger.” She pumps her forearm up and down a few times, making his hands rise and fall eight inches. At the same time, she flexes her pectoral muscles, so her enormous breast touches his chest. He removes one hand from her bicep and puts it on her breast.

“Thanks, my breasts like to be appreciated also! How do you like them? They are big, aren’t they? Do you think they are too big?”

“No… no…” he stammers.

“Good. I sometimes think it is a shame that they are so big, because you can’t have a good view of my abdominal muscles. And they like some appreciation too. Look here!” With her hands, she raises her breasts. At the same time, she flexes her abs. It looks like they pop out of her stomach: six bumps which are clearly divided by inch-deep ridges. Josh swallows hard.

“I also like my thigh muscles. What do you think about them? I always like to stand next to someone else, so he can see how weak and small his thighs are when compared to mine. See? I haven’t even flexed my quads, and my thigh is already four times bigger than yours! I am so big! Now I’ll slowly flex it for you. Do you see how it grows? My leg is simply huge! I love it when it grows like this. I really need to touch it. Ooh, it feels so big and strong! Do you like my mammoth thigh? It is now easily five times as big as your skinny thigh, and I haven’t even finished flexing. Come on, feel it! So you know what a real big thigh feels like. Can you feel it is still growing? It is becoming really, really big now, isn’t it? Can you believe that it is getting even bigger? Yes! I am so huge! I love being huge! I am by far the biggest muscle woman in the world! I am the ultimate super woman! Oh yes!”

It is too much for Josh. His senses totally overload. His whole body is shaking, and he is panting loudly. When he is finished, he almost drops to the ground. Kayra catches him, and presses him against her body.

“Well done,” she whispers. “Well done, Josh.” She puts him down in the grass and lays down on her side, facing him. Because of the size of her chest and shoulders, her head is much higher than his. So Kayra rolls over and picks up Josh with one hand and lays him down on her massive body, so his face is touching hers. “Are you comfortable? Good. Now, you can do with me whatever you like, and that is just okay. You can’t hurt me. Got it?” Josh can only nod, overwhelmed by the feeling of her body below him.

“Okay. Are you ready?” She lifts his body up in the air and guides him down again. “Oooh, this feels so good! I want more!” While she is doing all the work, he has the opportunity to enjoy the great view of her broad upper body. He can see every muscle, huge and veiny and striated. He moves his hands over her muscles and breasts, as she increases the speed. “Oh yes!” she pants. “Oh yes!”

He comes once more. Kayra stops moving him and hugs him while he is shaking. After a while she says: “That felt so good. I never understood why people liked to have sex so much. Now I know my feelings were numbed back then, I could hardly feel anything. But now… This was so terrific. Thank you for that!” She kisses him.

“But you didn’t…?”

“No, you came too quick for me. Don’t worry, it is not your fault. I know the effect I have on people. Everybody has an orgasm in one and a half minute or less when they are close to me.

I felt something build up inside of me, and it felt good. I am sure I’ll have my first orgasm very soon.”

“What? Do you mean…”

“Yes. I told you: I didn’t feel much the past years.”

Several minutes later, Josh heads back to the trailer. “I didn’t know Rose is your little sister.”

“I can imagine, I am thirteen years older than her. We are together since my father and stepmother died in a car accident. I take care of her now.”

When he has gone to bed, Kayra carefully picks up the trailer and puts it back where she found it. Then she lies down for a couple of hours of sleep.

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I opened the door, and found that the doorframe was completely filled with naked skin, huge muscles and enormous breasts.

I had been a little annoyed when my doorbell rang that afternoon, because I was about make a breakthrough in proving that the Nakai conjecture is false; but I completely forgot about that and could only stare. After a while, I discovered a small bikini with the characteristic H on it.

I like the capital H. It is one of the four letters that is line symmetric to both the x and the y axis. The only capital letter I like better is the O.

“Hyper Girl?” I stammered. It doesn’t happen every day that you come eye to eye with the most powerful woman in the universe – well, eye to breast to be precise, because she is much taller than me.

“Yes Daniel, it is me. We have a date, me and you,” she said in her sexy voice. She rested her hand against the doorpost. The thick oak wood snapped. “Oops!”

Don’t make her angry, I told myself. Remember Switzerland. So I smiled and said: “No problem. I wanted to replace it anyway.”

She closed her hand, splintering the wood like it was made of popcorn. “You should build a stronger house,” she told me. She pulled away the remains of the doorpost. She set it on fire and moved it across her abdomen.

“I will,” I said, trying hard to keep smiling. “Did you come here to give me building advice?”

She looked up and tossed the burning wood over the horizon. “Oh. No. I am here because you deserve a reward. Let’s go!” She scooped me up in her muscular arms and flew away.

“Hey, wait! Where are you taking me?”

“Somewhere we can be alone, just me and you.” She winked at me. “Are you comfortable? You can hold on to my breast if you’re scared of falling. Yes, like that, don’t be shy! Is it big enough to get your arms around it? I can make it bigger if you want to. No? You’re good? Perfect! Now, don’t be afraid, you’re perfectly safe with me.”

I made a mistake by looking down. We were flying incredibly high at an enormous speed – I could see the world turn below me. So I was more or less forced to look at Hyper Girl’s body. I had of course observed her body in newspapers and on the internet, but I never had the chance of studying her in real life.

I studied her breast. I love everything about Hyper Girl, but I love her breasts the most. Very often, they look like perfect circles. The breasts of other women often look like ellipses. Especially when they are the size of Hyper Girl’s breasts. Of course, a circle is better than an ellipse. More perfect.

I turned my head a little, so I could see her bicep. It was clearly bigger than my head, her soft skin tight around the muscle, so I could see the tendons and striations and the myriad of veins. It was incredible.

As I was so close to her, I could smell her scent. It was delicious and a bit intoxicating; it reminded me of strawberries, spinach and chocolate.

Then I remembered something and I snapped out of my daydream. “What did you say about a reward? A reward for what?”

“For iBrain of course!”

“iBrain? But the government forced me to abandon that project because the subjects couldn’t handle all the information from the internet that was fed right into their brains. Brains got overloaded, people went crazy and some even died! I don’t deserve a reward for that.”

“Maybe that’s what happened to your primitive human brains, but it works perfect for me. My brain is of course so much bigger and more complex that your tiny little brain cannot comprehend it.”

“Of course,” I agreed. For a split second I had considered mentioning my MSc and PhD and my publications in scholarly journals at the age of 19, but I was afraid that would make her angry and drop me. “But I still don’t understand why I deserve a reward.”

“Of course you don’t, you need all your brain cells to goggle at my fantastic body. Yes, I know: that’s the effect I have on you people.” She sighed. “But with your iBrain device I can track all the internet traffic in real time.”

“But… but that’s about 100 terabyte every second!”

“A little bit more, to be precise. 114.76 terabyte in the last second. But that only keeps a very small fraction of my mind busy. And it is an excellent way to track criminals – I can now often catch them before they have committed their crimes. All thanks to your device!

You may want to hold on a little tighter, I am going to land.”

I happily obliged and cushioned my face against her breast. It felt so soft, yet I knew it could easily withstand bullets and grenades.

“If you want to stay there for a while, that’s okay with me,” Hyper Girl said. We were back on earth and she was carrying me with just one arm now. “If you’d like to play with my breast a little longer, I will admire my hyper muscles.” She bent her free arm a couple of times, pumping her bicep larger and larger, until its peak rose higher than her head. “Ooh,” she moaned. “I can never get enough of this. I am so big!”

I think I was staring at her. “What?” she said, and dropped me to the ground. “O, I’m sorry. Did that hurt? I always forget how fragile you are.” She hooked her little finger into my collar and put me back on my feet.

I looked around. “Where are we?” We were in a valley surrounded by high mountain peaks. Except for the two of us, I couldn’t see a living soul.

“I could tell you, but you wouldn’t know the place; your geographical knowledge is too limited. We are somewhere in Asia. Do you know Asia?”

I didn’t say that I could tell her the names of all the countries in Asia and their capitals. I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be impressed.

Suddenly, a car, a tank, a train, a submarine and an aircraft carrier materialized in the valley. The submarine and the carrier were dripping with water. “What…? How…?”

“Well,” said Hyper Girl, who was all of a sudden standing at my other side, “in your internet history I saw that you like stories about super strong girls with unlimited strength who crush vehicles and bend steel, so I thought that would be a nice reward for you.”

“But… but where did all those vehicles come from?”

“You really aren’t very bright, aren’t you? I put them there, of course.”

“But they materialized out of nothing!”

She sighed. “Well, you may have noticed that I can move a little bit faster than you can. So those little things didn’t materialize, I just brought them here faster than your slow little brain could register. Poor brain!” She tapped on my head.

“Where do they come from?”

She frowned. “Why do you keep asking ridiculous questions? Does it matter? I picked them up from all over the world. I also brought you some useful stuff.” She pointed to the ground besides me. There were a welding helmet, professional ear muffs and a box of tissues. “Just sit down and relax, I will tell you when you need to protect yourself.” She walked away, swinging her hips and giving me an excellent view of her strong glutes. Which weren’t perfectly round.

She turned around. “Do you like studying my backside? What do you think? You like girls with big muscles and big breasts, don’t you?”

I am not very eager to tell women about my weird preferences, so I considered denying it. But then I remembered Switzerland. A few weeks before, Hyper Girl had become angry because she thought that the Swiss were keeping a secret from her. So she lifted the whole country and relocated it to the Antarctic. Fifteen minutes later, they had told her all their bank secrets and she carried Switzerland back to Europe.

So I just nodded and she gave me a smile. “Good. Then I will use my big breasts and muscles to destroy these tiny toys! Are they big enough for you, or would you like me to make them a little bigger? Or much bigger? You just tell me, I will do anything you want!”

I had to swallow hard before I could tell her she was just perfect. “I know,” she said. She walked up to the car. “I’ll start with my breasts,” she announced. She lifted her breasts and put them on top of the car. For a second, it seemed that nothing was happening. But then I noticed that her breasts were growing. It looked like two large beach balls were being inflated. From 2 feet in diameter they grew to 3 feet, 4 feet. The car groaned as the weight increased.

When her breasts were almost larger than herself, they stopped growing. It was a weird sight: two huge globes of flesh lying on top of a car. Then, she bent backward and forward again, so her breasts smashed down on the car.

It didn’t stand a chance. It was flattened immediately, parts of metal flying into all directions, the tires blowing. She swung her breasts from the left to the right a couple of times, until the car was nothing but a smear on the ground. Her breasts shrunk back to their original size and she wiped off the dirt. She started massaging her breasts.

I reached for the box of tissues.

“I’m glad you liked it; so did I!” Hyper Girl said. “Now I’ll flex this tank apart with my muscles.” She picked up the tank and spun it around on her index finger.

“You what? Flex apart?”

She put the tank back down. “You never heard that expression? Of course not, because I invented it. I am the only one who can do that. Please put on those ear muffs, it may become a little noisy.”

As I did so, all the sounds disappeared. As Hyper Girl climbed on the tank, I suddenly heard her voice. “But I’ll make sure you can still hear me. Believe me, this is going to be fun!”

I tried to figure out how she managed to talk through the muffs, but I soon gave up. She tore off the turret hatch and lowered herself into the tank. Her upper body was too big, so she had to widen the opening with her hands. When she had completely disappeared, I heard her voice again.

“It is a little narrow down here. This tank was surely not built for someone as buff as me! I am now as comfortable as I can be in here, so I will start flexing my muscles. I’ll start with my legs, as they have the most room at the moment. Yes, my thighs and calves have started growing! They are now twice as big as they were when I started and they are pressing against the walls. Good. Now my upper body. I always love it when I flex my biceps and they grow bigger and bigger. You like that too, don’t you, Daniel?”

I grabbed another tissue as I tried to picture her in my mind.

“Now this room is full of muscles. I will keep on flexing and show you that my muscles are far stronger than this weak little tank.”

She stopped talking to me, so I watched the tank. It started moving. Tears appeared and on several spots, the metal started to deform. On the surface below the turret, the metal quickly started rising on two spots, about four feet apart. After a while, the metal gave way to the peaks of the biggest biceps in the world. The peaks kept on rising, making the holes in the metal bigger and bigger.

I also noticed that the wheels were moving outward, as they were being pushed away. The front of the tank moved forward. It was like the metal was pushed away in slow motion. And I knew it were Hyper Girl’s muscles that were slowly exploding!

The front tore open to reveal her breasts, which were being pushed forward by her growing pecs. The sides of the tank fell apart as her thigh muscles kept expanding.

After a while, she had created so many holes in the metal that the tank was sliced in half. She stood there with her glorious body amidst the ravage she had caused. Her head was still the same size and her muscles were ridiculously big, her biceps rising four feet above her head, her thighs easily six feet wide.

“Did you like me flexing apart a tank?” She shrunk back to her usual size. “Now, what shall I do with this train?” With one hand, she lifted the engine. “How about some classic bending and tearing? How does that sound to you?”

“Good,” I stammered.

And that was just what she did. The next five minutes, she lifted the engine and its carriages, she tore them apart with her bare hands, she bent metal and turned it into a hot liquid. She pulled the vehicles towards her and crushed them against her breasts and abs. When she was finished, all that was left was a huge pile of metal and wood.

She picked up the submarine and planted it into the ground, pointing to the sky like it was a rocket. “You can take off the muffs and put on the helmet. I will destroy this submarine with heat.”

When I was ready, she aimed her heat vision at the top of the submarine. A small section melted in a fraction of a second and the top fell on the ground.

“Not quite what I had in mind. I’ll try something else!”

She disappeared and I saw a large hole gaping next to the vessel. A second later, she came out of that hole, carrying a large, red hot lump. She held it next to the submarine, but it only melted a little.

“I fetched this from the center of the earth, but I guess it isn’t hot enough.” She looked up and disappeared again, before I could ask her how she could go to the center of the planet so quickly. I wanted to go to the hole in the ground and look into it, but she reappeared.

She stood between me and the submarine. Even with her large body and the helmet protecting me, I could feel intense heat for just a second. Then the submarine had completely disappeared. “Oops.”

“What? What happened?”

“I stored a solar flare in my lungs, but I guess it was too hot. The submarine vaporized when I breathed out. Are you okay?”

“You did what??” My head was spinning. “But solar flares are extremely hot!”

“Yeah, several million degrees. Nice and warm.”

“Kelvin or Celsius?”

“Does it matter?”

“Uh, no.” I realized I was babbling. ”But you were away just a few seconds. You can’t have gone to the sun!”

“Why not? I just did!”

“Because that is impossible! It would have taken light almost seventeen minutes to travel to the sun and back, and you can’t go faster than the speed of light!”

“Says who?”

“What? Well, Einstein said so.”

“He was wrong then, wasn’t he? You people make mistakes all the time.”

“But it’s a law of nature!”

“Oh, come on! You know and I know that these so-called laws of nature are replaced by other laws all the time, with every new discovery.” She sighed. “Daniel, why don’t you just accept that I can travel faster than light? It will make your life easier. And besides, we have been flying earlier today. Do you think that mister Newton would approve of that?”

I kept on muttering for some seconds, but then I was distracted as Hyper Girl walked in the direction of the aircraft carrier. She looked so tiny next to it, and still I knew she was capable of lifting billions of carriers. In what insane way would she destroy that?

She grabbed the keel and lifted the enormous vessel into the air like it was a box of chocolates. Then she blew at the bottom of the ship and it started floating into the air.
“You can take off the helmet,” she said. How could she blow and talk to me at the same time? I decided just to accept that.

When I put the helmet down next to the ear muffs and looked back up, I saw that the aircraft carrier was back on the ground. Hyper Girl started growing. Within a second, she was already half the height of the carrier. She picked me up between two fingers and placed me on her hand.

She shot up, surpassing the aircraft carrier, growing faster and faster. When her head almost touched the clouds, she stopped growing. I looked down and estimated that she had grown into a giantess of two miles high!

She raised her leg and crushed the aircraft carrier beneath her foot. She wiggled her toes and I could hear a low rumbling. When I looked down, I could see the mountains shake. She was causing an earthquake with just her toes!

She lifted her foot, so I could see she had completely flattened the ship. She bent her head down, puckered her lips and sucked. Her breath caused a hurricane. Everything in the valley moved upward. She caught the remains of the aircraft carrier with her hand, rolled it into a ball and tossed it into her mouth, chewed and swallowed. “Aah,” she said. Despite her size, her voice still sounded the same. She rubbed her tummy. “That was a nice snack! Are you hungry, Dan?”

I realized I was. She dropped me and caught me just before I hit the ground. She had shrunk back to her usual size. “Hi! Just sit down. I’ll be back in a sec!”

Before I could blink my eyes, there was a fire burning in front of me and a table with the finest food besides me. She served me, and sometimes held the food in the fire for a moment when it had cooled too much.

I ate till I was stuffed. I tried to impress her by talking about the Nakai conjecture but she just waved her hand. “Don’t bother about that. There is this woman in Singapore who is five steps ahead of you. She will be the first.”

I stared at her. “I just can’t believe it. You just do things that seem to be impossible!”

She smiled at me. “Yes, I like to do six impossible things before breakfast.”

We were quiet for some time. The sun had gone down and I stared at the sky. The stars were coming out. “New moon,” I murmured.

“A night looks better with full moon, don’t you think?”

I agreed and she disappeared. Only seconds later, I saw the moon move across the sky at an enormous speed. When it moved over my head, I had the impression that I was a bit lighter than usual. And was the moon bigger?

Some moments later, the moon was at the horizon, clearly shining down on me.

“Better?” she asked. But I couldn’t talk.

“Just a moment, I have to neutralize a dozen tsunamis.”

My head was still spinning about everything that had just happened when she reappeared, dripping wet. “Done! I just saved a couple of million lives.” She looked at me. “Are you trying to imitate a fish? That doesn’t look very charming, you know. You better close your mouth now; you shouldn’t swallow too many insects here.”

I managed to talk again. “What did you do? Did you move the moon? That’s impossible!”

“Is ‘impossible’ your favorite word? You are using it quite often. And it isn’t impossible at all. In fact, the moon isn’t heavy at all, so it is very easy to move it. After all, these muscles aren’t just for show!” She flexed her bicep and its peak shot up until it disappeared in the clouds. “And for your information: I have moved objects that were much heavier!”

“Like… like what?”

“Oh, you know. Planets. Stars. Galaxies. You name it.”

My mouth fell open.


“You can’t move stars! They are made of gas, you can’t hold them!”

“That’s why I use black holes. The gravitational field of a black hole is excellent for moving gas objects.”

“No! Nothing can escape from the gravitational field of a black hole! It is a law of nature!”

“You are a very law-abiding citizen, aren’t you, Daniel? You seem to like laws a lot. Well, let me tell you: all your so-called laws are rubbish. There is just one law. Hyper Girl’s Law.”

“Hyper Girl’s Law? What’s that?”

“It is very simple. EIP.”

“EIP? Energy Inducted Power? Extreme Interstellar Particles? Electro Interference Pulse?”

“No Daniel, those are abbreviations, not laws. Come on, you are kind of smart. I am sure you can figure it out.”

I tried some other things but then I gave up. I just watched the starry night and enjoyed the warmth of the fire.

“Wasn’t this a perfect day? I crushed several vehicles for you, I showed you my big breasts and muscles, I gave you the sun and the moon. Is there anything else you would like?”

“Well…There is. I just don’t dare to ask.”

She gave me a knowing smile. “But of course! I will turn my body into one big erogenous zone, so you can touch me everywhere you like and I will immensely enjoy it.” Her bikini disappeared and I had an excellent view of her perfectly round, naked breasts. Hyper Girl leaned backwards and beckoned me with her finger. “Come here,” she whispered. “Tonight, everything is possible.”
Hyper Girl's Law
Geek Daniel meets omnipotent Hyper Girl, who gives him a day beyond his wildest dreams.

This story was sparked by a request by :iconmasterminder241: who asked: "could you perhaps create a story based on a geek and a super strong girl with unlimited strength who shows her appreciation to him, for helping her for something heroic (up to you), by carrying out feats of strength like crush vehicles from small cars to massive vessels or even bending steel and I-beams/girders?"

I liked the idea and started working on it. I wrote the first pages of the story, but then turned to other stories. But when the Female Muscle group had "Female Muscle vs. Monsters!" monthly theme, I returned to Hyper Girl and wrote another story about her:  Hyper Girl vs the monstersA small yellow star in the spiral arm of an average galaxy. A tiny object falls with enormous speed into the star and emerges on the other side a moment later. It rushes towards one of the small planets that circle around the star. The planet is blue, green, yellow and white, with fluffs of condensed water floating around it.
As the object approaches the surface of the planet, it bursts into flames. “AAAAAAAH!”
With a tremendous bang the object collides with the planet, devastating an immense area and sending massive amounts of debris and dust high into the air. The ground shakes, tidal waves rush across the planet.
When the dust settles a bit, a small figure stands up and dusts itself off. “Ah, that felt so good! That yellow star was nice and warm, albeit not as warm as that red giant I dove into some time ago. And I suppose this planet has an atmosphere, because I felt some nice warm friction when I moved through it. And landing on my breasts felt even better!

I finished the original story and asked :icondevmgf: for a commission and he made a wonderful illustration of Hyper Girl. I hope you like it!

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The next morning, Kayra returns to the two trunks. She picks them up and her powerful thighs propel her more than two hundred feet into the air. She lands next to the spot where their car missed the turn, so many days ago.

She jogs back down the road and within half an hour, she sees a black plain between the trees. She is back at the place where the village once stood. Parts of the plain are still smoking, but on other parts, she sees several people and even some trucks with building materials.

As she approaches, people start yelling. “She is back!” “Go away! You have left nothing to destroy!” “Leave us alone, devil!”

But she also notices a group of young men, who stare at her with lust and awe in their eyes. She looks down and realizes that she is still completely naked, so everyone can see her huge breasts and enormous muscles.

Some people start running away, but quickly realize that it is no use against this super woman, so they slowly return.

When all the people have gathered, she speaks to them from a distance. “Yes, I am back. I have come to tell you I am very, very sorry for what I did to you. I know it is unforgivable, but I hope I can ease your pain by offering you my help to rebuild your village.” Her audience is baffled. Everyone looks at her in disbelief. Nobody speaks.

“O, and I also brought you this,” Kayra says and points to the two trunks. “There’s money in it. Several millions, I think.”

“What?” One of the men finally breaks out of the daze. He walks to one of the trunks and tries to turn it around, but it is too heavy for him. And the locks and chains are still intact.

“O. I’m sorry.” Kayra picks up the trunk and crushes the locks with her free hand. Then she opens the trunk and shows them the money.

Some people start to cheer, but most don’t dare to believe this is happening for real.

Kayra and the people of the village sit down together. She explains what had happened to her and that she wasn’t herself when she destroyed their village. She notices that the group is much smaller than it was back then.

“Yes, there were hundred and eighty people living here,” one of the older men says. “But after your … visit many decided to move to another place. They did not have the money to rebuild their houses, or did not want to be constantly reminded of that horrible hour when you destroyed everything they and their parents had been working for, for all those years.”

Kayra apologizes once more, but the man keeps on talking.

“And of course, we didn’t want the men who assaulted you and started all this. Now we are only left with forty of us. Mostly men, a couple of children. Some of us had saved some money and we put that all together to rebuild our village. We wanted to start with ten houses, but with your money and your help we can build more. And who knows, maybe some of our former neighbors want to return now we have more money.” He sighs. “We are thankful for your help, but there are some serious problems we are facing. The nearest place where we can get our building materials is more than a hundred miles away, and the road is narrow. So it is difficult to get those materials up here. And we have very little time, as the winter starts early here in the mountains.”

Kayra smiles. “Well sir, you may have noticed that I am pretty strong.” She flexes a bicep to emphasize this. Most of her audience is mesmerized by the huge muscle. “I am sure that my super body can be of great help, but we have to find out what will be the best way.”

“I can think of some things that body could do,” says one of the young men. Some of the others start laughing.

“Shut up Josh,” the older man starts, but Kayra interrupts him. “No, it is okay. I will be happy to explore every aspect of my body with Josh. I am all yours!” She winks at the young man.

Already the next day, they have figured out what to do. Several villagers drive back to buy their materials. That is no problem anymore, they have all the money they need.

Meanwhile, Kayra helps tackle the biggest problem: the shortage of concrete. They need so much of it, that it is very inefficient to buy it elsewhere, so they have decided to produce it themselves. That should be possible, with Kayra’s strength.

Ten miles out in the forest, there is an abandoned limestone quarry. When the quarry closed, there was still a lot of limestone left. Three men accompany Kayra on the way to the quarry. She is still nude, because they don’t have clothes that fit her. And, Kayra has told them, clothes would only be in her way when she starts the heavy work.

The gate of the quarry is locked, but Kayra jumps out of the car and simply marches through the gate, which can offer her no resistance. Then, she grips the metal doors she has deformed so easily and tears them off their hinges. She folds the doors together like a newspaper several times and tosses away the piece of metal.

The three men just gawk at this new demonstration of her superior strength. “What?” she says. “Didn’t you pay attention when I visited your village a couple of weeks ago? I am ultra-strong! Look.” She steps towards them, puts her hands on her hips and flexes all her muscles for them. The men swallow hard at the sight of the muscle goddess in front of them. “O come on, don’t be shy! Touch me! I know you want to.”

Slowly, the men approach her. One reaches out to her deltoid, which has the size of a cannonball. The second one crouches down and touches her thigh. It is easily four times as big as his own thigh. The third man walks around her and examines her back. Kayra looks over her shoulder and again encourages him to touch her. Finally, he puts his hand on her firm butt.

She keeps flexing her huge muscles for them until one minute later, they all have had enough. She giggles and they move into the quarry. Just for their pleasure, Kayra lifts some heavy equipment that is still standing there. When they arrive at the place where the limestone was excavated, the men have trouble walking.

One of the men, who used to work in the quarry, finds a spot where the limestone is of excellent quality. They will need about 50 tons of the stone. Kayra tells them to back up and goes to work. She remembers seeing some empty containers, so she runs back to fetch them. When the three men see her carrying a huge container on her outstretched arms, they are in heaven once again. Kayra smiles at them and leaves to get another container.

She places one of the containers in front of the limestone wall and picks up the other one at the small side. She tries to scoop the stone out of the wall with the container, but the stone is too hard. The metal of the container starts to buckle. She puts the container back down and shrugs her shoulders. Her delts rise high above her head. “Well,” she says. “We will need something stronger than this puny metal!”

She steps up to the stone wall and sinks her arm deep into the wall in a smooth movement. She flexes her immense arm muscles, just to feel the hard stone crumble under the pressure. Next, she moves her arm to the front, and big chunks of stone fall out of the wall. She tosses them into the container and proceeds.

After fifteen minutes she has filled the first container and decides to try something different. She walks up to the wall and doesn’t stop. She simply walks through the stone, like walking through an evening breeze. She enjoys the feeling of the stone rubbing against her abs and her breasts.

When she has walked about ten steps, she makes a long turn. Still standing deep in the stone wall, she spreads outs her arms and starts to push with her whole body. She moves out a huge block of limestone. Behind her, big pieces of stone fall down. The block fills most of the second container. She adds some smaller pieces and then dusts off her hands. “Well, that was easy. Shall we go back now?”

She takes a corner of each container and sinks one hand deep into the metal. Then, she lifts the two containers high into the air. The three men cannot believe their eyes. Kayra is carrying two containers full of limestone at an impossible angle, and she makes it look ridiculously easy. They walk back to their car. While the men drive back to the village, Kayra runs after them with the two heavy containers in her hands. She has no problem keeping up with them.

Everyone in the village is surprised they have returned so quickly and with so much limestone. Kayra just smiles and turns the containers upside down so they have a pile of limestone and two empty containers. She hurries back to the quarry and is back ten minutes later with two more full containers. A group of fifteen persons is looking at her, doing nothing. “Hey,” she says. “Didn’t you guys start with the limestone yet?”

They tell her the stones have to be crushed, but they do not have the machinery to do that. “I am more powerful than hundred machines combined,” Kayra boasts, while she does some flexing. To emphasize her words, she walks over to the pile of limestone and picks up one of the biggest pieces with just one hand. With her free hand, she motions the people to follow her. She steps into one of the empty containers and lays down on her back, still holding the large piece of stone.

She flexes her abdominal muscles and says: “It is great to have washboard abs like these, but now they are useful too. Watch this!” With her both hands, she rubs the limestone over her stomach. The stone is no match for her far harder muscles, and a heap of limestone powder forms in the deep ridges between her abs. As she continues rubbing and applies more pressure, the big piece of limestone quickly disappears. She now lies in a hill of powder.

She stands up to fetch another piece of stone. She notices her audience, who look at her in disbelieve. “Do you think that was spectacular? You haven’t seen anything yet!” she promises.

Back in the container, she lays down again. “My solid abs have done the job, but my breasts can do the same,” she announces. Without further ado, she starts rubbing the stone over her huge breasts. Her nipples respond immediately, by growing a couple of inches and becoming much harder than the stone. She moans as she is getting more excited.

In the audience, some people get excited too. They see that the stone is quickly shrinking, while the hill of powder rises. Some men start to carry the smaller pieces into the container. They pile them up next to Kayra, and make sure that they are getting a good view of her naked body. She smiles in appreciation and reacts by increasing her speed. She becomes a blur.

To her audience, it looks like the heap of stone is vanishing all by itself, while the heap of powder is growing visibly. “Keep those stones coming!” Kayra shouts and all the people start running and carrying stones. Very soon, the stones they can carry are all gone. The container is half filled with limestone powder. Kayra stands up and dusts the powder from her body. “O, can you guys help me? I think there may be some powder left on my breasts, but I cannot see. Give me a hand please?” Several men rush up to her and closely examine her breasts. “I’ll put my hands behind my head to give you a better view.” She also flexes her pectoral muscles, so her big breasts bounce up and down. The men brush over her breasts, even the spots that are perfectly clean. “Well, it is a good thing that my breasts have such a large surface, otherwise some of you wouldn’t have the chance to touch them,” she teases.

After a minute of touching and fondling, she goes on with her work. In a couple of minutes, she has filled the first container with powder and she continues with the second. She is done in fifteen minutes.

“Wow, you are so fast!” one of the older men says. “Maybe you can start with the next project? We had planned to start with that the day after tomorrow, but we are way ahead already. Or do you need some rest first?”

“I am just getting warmed up. Tell me!”

“To make the concrete stronger, we need coarse sand and gravel. We already started to collect that ourselves, even our children can help us with that. But I am sure you can do that faster.”

“Of course I can! Let’s have a competition: all of you try to fill container number three, while I will fill the last container all by myself. Okay? Go!” The men, women and children run in every direction, to collect sand and gravel and pebbles. They throw it all in their container.

Meanwhile, Kayra has rushed into the forest. In a couple of seconds, she has discovered a very large rock, about the size of the container. It is buried half under the ground. Without straining, she pulls it out of the ground and lifts it high into the air on one outstretched arm and carries it back to her container. The other people stop collecting gravel and stare at her in awe. She basks in their admiration and once more flexes her other bicep. She puts down the rock in front of her container. She hits it with her fist and the rock breaks down in two smaller pieces. She continues to do so until there is a pile of smaller rocks in front of her.

Then, she carries the rocks one by one into the container and crushes them. She really enjoys the crushing. She uses her whole body. Once more, she rubs the rocks over her breasts and stomach, but she also uses her fists, thighs and feet to break the rock into much smaller pieces. The crowd stares at her awesome display of power, until they realize that there is a competition going on. They rush away to collect pebbles.

But of course, they are no match for Kayra. Several minutes later, she steps outside her container and shows them it is full of sand, gravel and pebbles. She walks over to their container and laughs when she sees that it contains a very small amount of pebbles. “You are so weak and slow! It could take you weeks to fill up that container, while one super woman can do it in ten minutes. O, how I love these guns,” she says, while she flexes one of her huge biceps and strokes it with her other hand. “Mmmmm! You all wish you had big muscles like me, don’t you?” She bounces her muscle a few more times. Some people nod, others can only stare at her.

Kayra quickly fills the other container and asks if there is anything else she can do. They show her several spots where they have planned to build their new houses. All the building sites are rough, and covered with trees and rocks. Kayra tells the people to back up a little.

She first removes the bigger obstacles from the building sites. She uproots trees, sometimes two at a time. She makes a neat pile of the trees and she tosses the rocks far away. It takes her only one minute to clear each of the sites.

She goes back and picks up one of the containers which is filled with limestone. She pumps it up and down a few times, making sure that everybody gets a good view of her muscles. Then she does the same with a container which is filled with rocks. “Yes, this one is heavier,” she says. “But of course, it feels like an empty shoebox to me!”

She carries the container to the first building site and uses it to level the ground. First, she slams the container down on the ground a couple of times and then she moves it from left to right and back. When she lifts the container again, the ground is perfectly level. She repeats this fifteen more times and then she brings the container back to the other three.

When she puts down the container, all the people start applauding. She singlehandedly has done more work in a couple of hours than a whole team with machinery could have done in more than three weeks. Kayra smiles and bows and flexes her muscles once more.

As there is nothing left to do, she takes a stroll over the terrain. Two girls and a boy are playing with small sticks near the pile of trees that Kayra has uprooted. With some effort, the youngest girl breaks a stick over her thigh and declares: "I am Kayra and I can break a tree!” The real Kayra smiles and she picks up one of the trees from the pile. “Like this, you mean?” She raises her gigantic thigh and smashes down the tree. It breaks into two pieces.

“It’s Kayra!” The children rush up to her and look at her. The little girl says: “Your breasts are really really big and your muscles are also really really big and when I grow up I want to be just as big and strong as you are!”

“Aw, that’s sweet! What’s your name honey?”

“I am Rose and they are Henry and Jane.”

Kayra plays with the children, lifting and breaking some more trees and rocks for them. They cheer and clap their hands.

They stop when the other group of villagers returns. They bring several trucks with building materials. They are stunned about the amount of work that has been done in their absence, so it is a very satisfied group at dinner.


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